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Friday, 29 July 2011

Fun at Genting Highland


 Next stop Skyway Cable Car. 

Wa..human mountain, human sea. The lady said have to wait at least 45 minutes using the regular lanes which cost RM5/person. Papa bought the express tickets at RM15/person. No need to wait.

Errr...I no need to pay la...I squeeze in enough la.

 Scared? Me? worried? Me?

No la...I climb here and there one la..Pretty soon I climbed over the Uncles side of the car.

 Ya...sampai Genting liao....cooling weather.

 Manja Manja a bit with Papa first.

 Then "cekik" him for $$ to go for the Theme Park.

My eyes went blink blink with all the games there. I can be F1 drive or Mat Rempit and won't get "saman"
Alamak! The gun too heavy for me la. I better ride horsey. Fight with the girl-girl see whose horse faster.

After an endless walk, we finally arrived at the Indoor Theme Park. Mamarazzi purchased an All-Day-Pass for me at RM28 .

Hmm....I want to drive the Ambulance leh...someone got to it first.

Saw Papa drive car. Must check and adjust the mirrors first before start car.

Finally after don't know how many rounds, baru got to drive the Ambulance.

Mamarazzi said she pening already from all the cars rides and dragged to to play Carousal pulak.
After playing at the Carousel, I wanted to play some more cars. This round I wanted to drive the Train. A boy was already sitting in front. I got on to the back.

Alamak....mana tau got a big girl girl climbed in next to me pulak before the rides  starts. Aiyo...penyek la aku. Helllllllllllpppppppppppppppp......

After a few rides, I am expert already. Went in...straight wear seat belt by myself and even put on the chain before the Kor Kor come and check.

 Am now ready to go

Bye bye

That day I also had another "FIRST". First time I tasted Cotton Candy.
We hang out at Coffee Bean while waiting for Papa to fetch us by car. Mamarazzi was worried that I'll be cold. Made me wear this ugly baju.

Not bad lah this place. Must ask Papa to bring me here again although Mamarazzi said she scared already. Tired from chasing after me.


  1. little kucing really looks like his papa. Glad to see you guys had so much fun in Genting XD

  2. it's ok la...once in a while ask mamarazi bring you pusing2 until she pening~ hehehehehehe

  3. Next time I go KL, you bring me there, k? So long I've not been to Genting liao...

  4. looks cold up there, huh.. got mist!

  5. Quite long didn't go Genting Highland liao...

    7 hours journey for me to go there...

  6. Wah so much fun at Genting Highland! Eh that baju says "smart" - not ugly la. LOL!

  7. both father n son look so cute..

  8. my Sam don't have patient to q for those rides >.<

  9. Isaac

    Of course la look like Papa LOL...anak bapak ma :p

  10. Angel Bear

    next time ask you bring me pusing pulak

  11. Claire

    day time not too cold . Evening cold

  12. Chee Yee

    Not my baju..I mean the sweater that Mamarazzi made me wear

  13. prince n princess mum

    it was fun

  14. Why now no need to wear jacket? Small kucing merely just a T? Global warming? Small kucing is have great fun and rides.

  15. I betul betul like the bapa and the anak pictures, don't know why, they give me such a sweet feeling,, may be bapa also botak and the anak also very cute cute, dua campur together,that's so lovely

  16. like father, like son. Both sama-sama botak! ^_^ The cable car is sure a pleasant experience for young kids! Juan Or enjoyed it too last time.

  17. Hey, organize a blogger meet in Genting lah,,,,,, anak happy, orang tua pun happy, kan tu bagus?

  18. Din know there is an express lane for cable car ride! Genting full of entertainment. My family loves that place.

  19. Wahh SK sebiji like his papa!! And I didn't know got express lane for Genting Skyway now! What a smart way to make money..

  20. Sure looks fun! Chloe is crazy over this Genting themepark too. Every year must make a trip there haha. I din know you can pay for the express lane for the cable car. That place memang forever long queue one... see also sien. That's why we prefer to drive all the way up.

  21. run ar run ar run ar!

    kecik kecik susah nak catch... some more got more energy haha.

  22. Choi Yen

    Really? saw many kids were very excited when queueing for the rides.

  23. Bananaz

    Ya lo Glabal warming. Now Genting Highland day time also no longer that cool

  24. Eugene

    LOL...both also botak head :p

  25. Alice

    Ya ..Genting is fun for kids but tiring for Mommies coz have to chase after them

  26. Eugene

    Oh no.....Mamarazzi rather blogger makan party or what coz blogger gathering in Genting will be very tiring for those with kids. Wanna pengsan just imagine chasing after the kids. No time to borak at all

  27. mNhL

    Maybe it's a recent thingy kot. Expensive at RM15 but the good thing is you wont have to wait lo

  28. Lenglui Witch

    ya lor smart way to make money coz they know nowadays everything also need to be fast. Where got so senang wait 45mins for the cable car rides. Might as well drive car up

  29. Nice to see your son having so much of fun. You are a great parent.

  30. Aiya, didn't go casino....smallkucing can strike jackpot lorrr...

  31. wah... so fun hor... actually me also can go this weekend one lor. but hor... guilty lor... :(

  32. Nice clicks. Looks like you had a great day.

  33. Chloe Mommy

    yalo. Drive up much better. Papa's friends never been on a cable car before so bring them up using that lo. For experience :)

  34. LV

    Ha! Ha! You cant catch me! :p

  35. Nava

    Yes, great "tired out" parent kakakaka... getting too old to chase around

  36. Pete

    Mr Policeman at the casino door dont let me in wor. Said my IC is red IC

  37. Nishana

    It was tiring but nice day :)


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