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Friday, 15 July 2011

Durian at SS2(Behind The Police Station)

Uncle STP post about durian, Auntie Claire also post about durian. Mamarazzi gila durian. Papa's colleague from Indonesia also gila durian.

That was how we end up at SS2, looking for durians. many. It's the season now.

Papa said let's try the good ones. Durian Musang King. This one cost RM35/kg. Very thick pulp and taste a bit bitter. Just the way Mamarazzi like it.

Don't worry as these have guarantee. If tasteless or unripe they will replace for us.

Durian Udang Merah(Red Prawn), RM15/kg. Also thick pulp. This one taste sweet. Mamarazzi preferred the bitter tasting durian.

Confirmed these durians are authentic ones coz after having these durians Mamarazzi had a hard time sleeping that night. Serves her right for not drinking coconut water to cool down the body earlier. This stall also selling young coconut water. 
While they were busy having durians, I was busy "kacau-ing" the Kor Kor and Jie Jie there.

The Jie Jie gave me a Rambutan.

Mamarazzi spied some pre-packed durian. The Kor Kor said it's Udang Merah and another species which Mamarazzi forgotten the name. RM25 per packet. Buy one free one.

The top one were Udang Merah and the bottom were of another species. 

All taste good except for two pulp which does not have any taste in them. Sorry, this tarak guarantee. No replacement allowed. 

These "branded" durians are a bit pricey to eat but once in awhile it's worth it.


  1. Buy 1 free nice! Expensive kah? Here, sometimes 1 biji RM10...but when a lot, can be much cheaper - depending in the season. They don't sell by the kilo here...

  2. Angel Bear

    Come to KL now. Durian at every corner

  3. STP

    here normally if want the good ones, it's by kilo.

  4. What a lovely heart shape "Durian Musang King". Like sweet and yellow.

  5. oooh I LOOOOOVE durien! I'm originally from Vietnam, so I just love, love love them. Too bad in the U.S. they are super pricey!


  6. Yalor, my husband also prefer musang king or D24...

  7. hey.. if can get quality durians, then eat!! hahaha..never mind the money.. they are meant to be spend long as satisfied and contented with the durians!

  8. I use to stay at SS2 for 20 years of my life, not only the attraction is the durians sold here but all the illegal VCD and plenty of mamak stalls for supper.

    Btw, the durians looks delicious.

  9. ur boy take durian or not? kesian him if he dont...cos he has to bear with u n the daddy eating durian...

  10. Duriansss, my favourite :). And the price is affordable too. The best part is the guarantee. In klang, most of the sell you, you take home, 1 or 2 fruits lowsy.

  11. Yum yum,, can't eat durian right now....sore throat and flu....sobs sobs...

  12. I think if you'll be crazy if you're living at my place. I have Free durians everyday. hahaha.... Jealous or not???? Frankly,I don't eat much. Mostly I give them away to neighbours. I don't owned an orchard but I can enjoy all kinds of fruits everyday. You just name it....dukong, langsat, durians, rambutans, mangoesteen...etc.
    Lukcy me!
    Happy weekend.

  13. DP

    ya i know. Over here are very cheap if compared to US

  14. Claire


    come..we got durian feast

  15. Nava

    now not that many illegal dvd/cd stall already.

  16. Prince and Princess Mum

    then it's time to heads to the nearest durian stall

  17. Thristan

    Mamarazzi kena many times already. So now when she goes durian hunting she would bring a large container and tell the taukeh to open the durian and put into the container. Can straight see which are good and which are lousy

  18. Pete

    No wories wor...i know you have a lot of home remedies one

  19. Kristy

    you so bad time i go your area and i will drop by your hse okay or not? Then I but muka tembok and ask for fruits la


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