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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Dinner at Restaurant

This is another late post. End of May, Mamarazzi saw a deal advertised at 

The deal was for RM76.90(for two pax), we could get Fatty Crab's Salted Baked Dong Guai Crab + Yellow Emperor Bean Fish Head + 2 scoops of house vegan ice-cream. On top of that can have as many mantao and satay fish that we want as the two items were categorized under eat-all-you-want.

Mamarazzi purchased 3 vouchers. She saw that they have an online table reservation service.  She immediately made a booking. Very efficient service. She got the reply on her online reservation almost immediately.

On the chosen day, Papa drove us there.

Oh ya...this Restaurant is not related to the P.J. Fatty Crabs

Saw a car on the road with two "balls" hanging under it. Hmmm...

When we arrived, we were famished. Walloped a lot of satay fish. I didn't eat coz it was spicy.

Mamarazzi went and took a plate full of Mantou

I had the Mantao. Mamarazzi ate the Mantao also say sedap. Papa said no need to go and take the Mantao so many rounds la. Just bring over the whole container kau tim lo.

While waiting for the others to arrive, Papa browse through the Menu and said maybe order fried rice for me to eat first.

Initially Mamarazzi thought, no need to order la. RM21 fried rice portion for two person is expensive to her leh. But then think again later I makan what? Moreover it's seafood fried rice wor. Once in awhile okay la.

Papa ordered the Seafood Fried Rice for me. Taste not bad.

We had 3 coupons which caters for 6 person dinner and all include Salt Baked Dong Guai Crabs. 

The Lady Boss was very kind. She offered to change it for us. We can use the other two coupon for two other type of crabs

In the end Mamarazzi opt to have half the crabs to be cooked as Salt Baked Dong Guai Crabs.

The crabs were large and a lot of meat. Auntie Siew and Mamarazzi liked this meaty crabs. Uncle Patrick preferred the crabs from RRI roadside . He said these are a bit old for his liking.

Mamarazzi opt the other portion of the crabs to be cook as Green Chili Sweet and Sour Crabs. Almost everyone agreed that this dish was delicious. Almost everyone means exclude me lah coz I don't like spicy food.

Hmmmm...Mamarazzi wondered whether we can order the gravy without the crabs or not. The gravy was great with the Mantao. Mamarazzi said the crabs were not as meaty as the Dong Guai Crabs but the rest said it's okay.

The Yellow Emperor Bean Braise Soong Fish Head. Mamarazzi didn't eat this coz she was scared of the many fish bones. 

Papa ordered Kerabu Baby Octopus. Forgotten the price but it was delicious.

Last but not least...comes Vegan Ice-Cream

The staff there was very helpful. Too tissue paper and put it on my baju so that I won't dirty my baju. 

I did not like the Ice-cream. I preferred the normal Ice Cream. Mamarazzi and Papa also did not finish their Ice-cream. But the rest of the gang finished theirs. Guess, this vegan ice-cream depend on individual taste. 

Personally, Mamarazzi felt the price was a bit pricey as compared to others restaurant selling crabs. However, there is no denying that this restaurant have some interesting method of cooking the crabs which made the crab dishes special. Mamarazzi is still dreaming of the gravy ...yum.....

If you like to have a try, here is the address:
No. 62-2, Jalan Bukit Raja,
off Jalan Seputeh, Taman Seputeh,
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2273 3100
Delivery Hotline: 1-300-22-2100


  1. Hi SK, what is 'Dong Guai' crabs? They from China?
    I have always love crabs and lobsters, shrimps....
    And love chillie, or steamed crabs.

    The dishes look real good.....
    Is the cook fat? Or his wife?

    Psssst, where's a good place for banana leaf rice?
    The last time we balek kampong, first stop Singapore....arrived 1am.
    10am, I had banana leaf breakfast....and it was sinfully, delicious!
    Add oh chien and poh pia too....and ice kachang....

    I sure know who to tell me where to eat these good foods....will call you, ha ha.
    Have a nice day.

  2. eh? I thought I saw this fatty crabs post somewhere before, blame it on my memory but can't remember who posted it.

    oh wait, just saw you write, this not related to PJ fatty Crabs. haha, so many fatty crabs, no thin ones ka? :P

    Looks really yummy though

  3. sweet sour?? salted egg??? mana satu?

  4. So cheap! This coupon thing really nice hor... Can get great food bargains. No such things in Sibu. Sobssss!!!!

  5. Wah, eat tong kwai, summore with crabs habis lah......super aphrodisiac.....that's why hellucinate liao....see 2 balls....ha ha ha

  6. At 1st I also thought it was the PJ Fatty Crabs. I bought the promo from Groupon a few months ago too (home delivery one) at only rm37, got one whole crab, fried rice for 2 and 10 mantao. Not bad la, if got promo it's really worth it.

  7. Wah, very worth it lor the meal...sum more with crab....

  8. what is vegan ice-cream ar? O.O

  9. Been here before, they are surely famous for their crab dishes, the mantou is yummy dipped into the crab sauce.

  10. awwww, my first time seeing kerabu baby octopus!! looks yummy, and i actually love baby octopus very much..


  12. Lee

    I didnt go intai the cook wor. Better not see the kitchen when makan time coz we'll never know what will find there :p

    For me, I would say Kanna Curry House in SS2. Hey! can have blogger gathering there leh for your fans in KL/Sgor.

  13. Isaac

    ya it's not related to that fatty crab

    Thin one ah...hmmmmm....wait ah...I go again and ask the boss :p

  14. LG

    Sweeet sour la...asked the Lady to kurang cili mah. The Salted egg one tarak gravy. So ordered this one have gravy to eat with the mantao mah

  15. STP

    Hey...why not you open one such company in Sibu. become agent to all those great food restaurant.

  16. Pete

    The two balls were before eat la LOL

  17. Chloe's Mommy

    waaa....your deal is much btter than ours wor....

  18. Sharon

    too bad they dont deliver to Singapore :p

  19. Choi Yen

    Ice Cream that tarak susu lembu. all from soya milk product

  20. Nava

    Really amaze on how they make the gravy. Love the gravy with mantao

  21. A nice treat. The book club selection has been posted, please add your name to the book club page. Hugs!

  22. The baby octopus kerabu looks so mouth watering SLURPS

  23. Hilda

    Ya seldom sees this type of kerabu at restaurants


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