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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A Degil Restaurant and the Long Journey.

Time flies. It seems that we've been busy makan, makan and more makan. So fast it's time for the next stage pulak.

We came to Penang using Penang Bridge. This round, we left using Ferry. It's free ride if going ou from Penang. It was my first Ferry ride.

Bye bye Penang.

When the Ferry started to move, we went to the top deck.

Saw some BIG big "boat".

Farnee "chair". I flip "open" one "chair" , the other "closed" pulak. Really like playing catch pulak. The journey was very short. In a blink of an eye we arrived Butterworth.

Kept looking for food stall along the main road. Haiyo....Sunday all shops not open ka? Unknown to us, there were many Chinese shop open at the residential area. We just didn't know where to look.

Since we didn't know that, we end up having breakfast at Mamak shop.

I "ordered" Milk
But when Mamarazzi's Kopi O ice came, I wanted to drink hers pulak.

This fella ah...very degil. Mamarazzi ordered Nasi Goreng and specifically said NO CILI, NO CILI PADI, NO CILI POWDER, TAK MAU PEDAS.

I think you can guess what happen when the plate of rice arrived. 

Degil! Not enough with the Cili powder, they added Cili Padi some more. Returned the plate of rice to them and again it came with cili powder. Degil.

Mamarazzi end up going to the bakery nearby and bought some "roti".

Papa and Uncle Patrick had Roti Cannai. Said the Curry tasted rather salty. Not sure it's his taste buds gone haywire or too much salt in the curry.

After our breakfast, we part ways with Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence as we proceed to K.Trengganu to see Ah Kong and Ah Mah.

It was a very LOOooooooooong journey.

We pass by a Dam ..over mountain and hills(Exaggerate a bit lah)

Pass by Paddy  Fields

Stop by some stalls to buy fruit. Buah Salak and Pineapples.

Stopped and had a horrible tasting  "lunch" at a restaurant. Mamarazzi didn't bother to snap photos of the horrible food.

It took us nearly 9 hours to arrived Ah Kong's house. Much longer time than going there through KL but arrive we did.

That's another story.


  1. Really degil ! Lucky u guys didn't get diarrhea.

  2. hrm...degil indeed.

    anyway, beruang loves buah sabah, if a friend go to Sandakan always ask them to buy a kilo or two, because the salak there is nice, sweet and cheap (the only place i knew got kebun salak) =)

    first time makan pickled salak in JB, sakai ni...hahahahahaha....

  3. Geram with the degil restaurant o..

  4. wow mamarazzi went to penang ek? hehe tak sinngah LINE CLEAR , for nasi kandar? :D

  5. You look scared... Frightened kah, naik ferry? LOL!!! Food looks good leh...

  6. So next trip coming Singapore? hehe...

  7. gosh..9 hours!! can go singapore liow.. but then own driving ok lar.. if sit bus, our punggung sangat flat already! another makan spree in KT? no wonder u were so tired..

  8. Haha I thought what you meant by Degil Restaurant, now I know! Too bad they really cannot take instructions! And your journey to Terengganu took 9 hours! SOOO long!! Salute u!!

  9. That's y when i go mamak, i wont gip them special request...else lagi special it turns out to be....

  10. 9 hours is really a long journey. But now I get to see how it looks like on the east west highway. :)

    Looks like all the way also not so good food. But sure reach KT will have much much glorious food. :)

  11. I try to take the ferry ride too when at Penang, its such a nice feeling while on the ferry.

    Waiting for the next post on Kuala Terengganu.

  12. Kucing mama, good aftenoon. I saw you & your boy this afternoon at KLCC. It was nice seeing you!

  13. Hi SK, love this posting, brings back memories to me.
    Wow, you took the long way round to KT.....
    I love Trengganu.....
    I sure miss going on that ferry.....
    Have fun, eat nasi dagang, ha ha.

  14. hahahahaha, maybe it's compulsory that there must be some chili in the fried rice leh?? :p

  15. Chris

    diarrhea no la coz the stall was quite clean. Only the 'cook' degil. The one taking order already repeated the order say no cili and dont want pedas. But maybe the cook biasa already the hand and put cili padi etc

  16. Beruang any friend from Indon? Last time Papa buy back from Indon also very sweet wor. But Mamarazzi dont eat la. Papa eats

  17. Prince and princess mom

    more geram at the cook

  18. Mars Mell-o

    no la...didnt singgah there. Maybe next round la

  19. STP

    not scared la....but was hungry at that time mah

  20. Sharon

    lol....might be might be

  21. Claire

    LOL...ya lo......bum bum also no more jor

  22. Lenglui Witch

    LOL...salute got prize or not? :p

  23. Yee Ling

    force to lo coz mamarazzi sore throat ma and i tarak eat pedas one...if tarak give instruction sure become pedas. Mana tau this one so degil one.

  24. Ann

    Dont know what highway lo...i know is sit till bum bum also no more feeling jor....if go from KL would be nearer la...

    haiz...saw the map like from Penang go KT is just ober the mountain. Looks much nearer than KL to KT. Mana tau....jeng jeng jeng....

  25. Nava

    just too bad the ride was quite short.

  26. Caca

    where in KLCC? LOL.. ya was there with Papa and his friends. Papa become tour guide for half day

  27. Medie

    Ya loooo..have to sing Sudirman's song already

  28. Uncle Lee

    Just too bad I didnt get the hance to fish out the ring you threw into the sea many years ago :D

  29. SK

    Maybe lo....the hand on auto mode jor lor

  30. I didn't know that the ferry ride from Penang to Butterworth is free. thanks for the tips :) I think same like the bridge also... we only pay the toll once (when entering).

    Wah, 9 hours is really no joke! I thought with the East-west highway, it should be quite near.

  31. Chloe's Mommy

    Ging in by Ferry have to pay but going out no need to pay


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