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Monday, 4 July 2011

Chowrasta Bazaar & Seng Thor Coffee Shop, Penang

Next stop was Chowrasta Bazaar.

The famous Nutmeg. Fresh and dried ones.

The Bazaar are full of stalls selling these pickles. 

Wah lau eh...can see Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence bought a tonne of these. Said its very cheap. 

Mamarazzi didnt buy any as she is not fond of pickles.

Saw a stall selling Keropok Brinjai. Hmm...Auntie Elin sure love this. Too bad we are not going back thru Ipoh.

For me, I managed to bodek Mamarazzi to buy me this Flag. It got candy in it. 

Mamarazzi told me not to open yet. Wait till in the car then open. I didn't listen to her. The candy end up tumpah all over the roadside...sobs...

Then we went to the famous Fried Oh Chien(Fried Oyster Omelette) stall nearby. It's located at Seng Thor Coffee Shop on Carnavon Street

Eat at Kopitiam must act like Ah Pek one. One leg must go up and away with the shoes.

I saw Uncle Patrick having Wan Tan Mee. I wanted some too. I quickly run to him and have him feed me.

Seeing that I wanted to eat Wan Tan Mee, Mamarazzi ordered a plate to share with me. But I didn't want to eat with Mamarazzi. 

I wanna eat with Uncle Patrick. I end up finishing half of his plate of Wan Tan Noodle.

Here is the famous Oh Chien. This one is spicy one. 

Another plate which is non-spicy for Papa and Mamarazzi who were not well.

After having Oh Chien, there was just one more place Mamarazzi wish to go. She wanted to get some of the Bak-Kut-Teh spices which Auntie Chen Chzan gave her last time. 

The place was rather hard to find and hard to turn in but Papa managed to find it. It's at No 90, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Penang. Tel : 04-2298130

This box of BKT spice cost RM48-90. There are 6 packets of spices in it. The spices was really aromatic. Certainly worth it.

After that we went back to rest at the apartment.


  1. lil boy look so serious in this pics :D

  2. The food looks very good but for one thing, the coffee shops in Penang are really dirty. The authorities should do something about least, make sure it's presentable and clean. I hate pickles too...but I love going to browse around the market...

  3. hey u.. pandai cari makan ye! i also never been there before.. went to penang road to eat the famous laksa and cendol only...

  4. oh, i love all those colorful pickles, really make people drool right?? and the fried oysters also yummy woh..

  5. i missed penang oh chien..i must visit pg again.

  6. Go pg eat yummy food.. syok lo..

  7. Hello Ah Pek you are learning the bad habits pretty fast..haha. You didnt go to the porridge stall opposite Traders Hotel? Shall see all the Ah Peks squat and eat their meals on a bangku on top of a bench. Next time when Bananaz go to Penang must snap a photo else when they moved or upgrade then no more such typical Ah Pek pose to capture.

  8. waiting for your bak kut teh recipe after seeing you buying the packs.

  9. So sad the candy went all over the road, little ones must listen to their Mother when told not to open the flag pack.
    Still lots of good food made upp for it all.

  10. The "ah pek" imitation is so cute...

  11. too, am not fond of eating pickles. Small Kucing, hahaha...better listen to your Mamarazzi next time because she can foresee many, many more things you cannot see. ^_^

  12. What is keropok brinjai? Made from what fruit?

  13. Aiks... miss Penang food. >.<

  14. waseh, mamarazi really pandai jalan hor, i think 1 penang sudah conquered abis lah...

  15. I LOVE different cultures and beliefs !! I love all types of food too ! It looks like you all had ton's of fun ! Wish we had vegetable stands like that here. We do have farm stands ( I guess they would be the same thing ) though we only have them in the summer.


  16. Haven't tried that brand of bak kut teh...

  17. I like the way he sit, so "big boss" look:-0)

  18. STP

    Like Mamarazzi's ex-boss said, big germs eats small germs mah.

    We went there in the afternoon. Not much spices shops open. But a lot of those jeruk. Mamarazzi preferred to make jeruk sendiri coz can adjust the taste

  19. Claire

    LOL...still not puas yet leh. Whole trip Mamarazzi didnt get to eat any CKT at all. :(

  20. SK

    Not me. I dont like those pickles but the oh chien was really sedap

  21. Wenn

    Your plc to Penang is so near ..jealous

  22. Prince and princess mum

    ya...a lot of good food there

  23. Bananaz

    Trades Hotel? mana? Went to the Sunway Hotel a New Lane got la

  24. Nava

    will have to wait coz Mamarazzi still garu kepala on how to clean the oink oink stomach and intestine

  25. Glennis

    Yup...scattered all over...:(

  26. Alice

    Mamarazzi also not fond of pickles from stalls. Preferred to eat own home made pickled coz can adjust the taste

  27. Choi Yen

    Duno what fruit but found this type of keropok a lot on trengganu and Indon

  28. Chee Yee

    Time for a visit to Penang.

  29. Kirsten

    In future if you are thinking of a vacation. do consider Malaysia . :D


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