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Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-The Tale of The Good Samaritans/I Need a Good Samaritan

Help! I need a good Samaritan to intervene on my behalf with Mamarazzi. A good Samaritan like the one in Enid Blyton story book "The Children's Life of Christ".

Jesus said we cannot simply judge people. Like in the story. A  man was robbed and injured. He was so happy when he saw a Priest coming his way. He thought the Priest would help him but the Priest did not

Then he saw a fellow traveller, a Levite. He saw this man often go to the Temple and pray. Must be a good man and would help him. But sadly, that man did not help him.

Poor man. Next he saw a Samaritan coming his way. He said to himself, Samaritan are known to be bad people. He won't help me. To his surprise, the Samaritan stopped and helped him.Not only that the Good Samaritan cleaned his wound for him but also the Samaritan brought him to an inn where he paid for the man's boarding too.


Now is there any good Samaritan out there who can help me?

(Recycled pic)
When we were at Penang, Mamarazzi bought this car for me.

Now, she won't let me play with it. 

She put it up the shelf so high that I could not reach it. Said wait till I am older first.

Some more scolded me. Said I don't take care nor appreciate the cars that were given to me. Minor scratches are still acceptable.

But THIS! This is not acceptable. Said I played with the car too roughly. One of the front wheel bend out of shape.

The antenna to the remote control also broke off.

(recycled pic)
Said she bought this for me in Penang end of June. Not even 2 months old yet. Already broken till like this. 

If let me play some more, maybe that car will also become like this. Bought in April. Wheel broken within 1 month. 

Not my fault ah. The car quality lousy only mah.

Or like this. Bought on my birthday. Now, all the rubber to the tyre are missing except for one.

Not my fault ah. The manufacturer should have glued the rubber tyres securely mah.

Or maybe even worse. Whole car plus remote control might go missing like this one. Left only the cover. 

Where got hilang? I "put" it under your bed ma. This just shows that you sweep floor never sweep properly. Tarak sweep and clean under the bed!

She said there was another one which was so broken that she had thrown it away.

Sure or not? Maybe Papa or Mamarazzi were the ones who play and broken my car then say I break it leh.

But those cars bought are for me to play with mah. Am not the destroyer. *merajuk* Now I have no car to play with. 


  1. training to become the next F1 driver? :D

  2. aiyor....had to get some more durable toys for u la like dis...

  3. lol, kids always like this one. Destroyer #1!! :P

  4. Mammarazzi, let's say we give you 3 days before small kucing figures out how to reach the car that you put on the top shelf?? Fair??

  5. destructive! Why all spoilt like that? No need to buy you anything anymore lor... Wasting money, better go and eat some nice stuff. Hehehehehehe!

  6. This is common one esp for small boys. I think 90% of the small boys love to become mechanic. So don worry la. Or else buy those like the KFC's toy Mini copper

    This for sure is UNBREAKABLE hie hie hie~

  7. Happy Sunday to you. I don't know whether its the quality of toys these days or the kids are too rough that it does not last.

    My nephews are better - one hour and all the parts of the toys gone.

  8. Tell them you are taking them apart to see how they work. So when you are grown you can put together the biog ones. Giggle. Treat your things well, sweet little one. Hugs!

  9.'s like that lah. Too young to take care of their toys.

  10. Hah... dun look at Auntie Clef ah...u padan muka urself... who ask u dun appreciate what mamarazzi beli for u. Tu la..mamarazzi dah beli for u, u pulak main sampai rosak. Padan muka. See next time u still dare to make it rosak or not? Teruk la u Smallkucing. Make it rosak liao still wan cari excuse sana sini! Tsk tsk tsk! See la... now mamarazzi take back ur privilege liao... padan muka.

  11. Angel Bear

    where? you gonna get me some? I want cars please :p

  12. Isaac

    Correct! Me still kids so I should get to play with that car right? right?

  13. LG

    Now 2nd day....still yet to figure out

  14. Venie

    sorry to say that the KFC car was dismantled withing 24 hrs.

  15. Nava

    Mamarazzi said am definitely too rough. Told me many times not to let the cars drop from tables and play on the floor only but i kept letting it drop

  16. Katherine

    LOL...Mamarazzi said am hopeless and careless. :(

  17. Mummy Gwen.

    sobsw..I got put away my toys ah.....

  18. Auntie Cleff

    Dont wanna friend scold me :(

  19. *roll eyes* Dowan to friend auntie u rugi oni, cuz auntie plan to diam diam beli toy car kasi u for xmas, tak mau kasi tau mamarazzi. LOL!

  20. Auntie Cleff

    Now u annouced here...sure kena Mamarazzi tahan :(


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