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Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-The Story of the Boy Who Went Away by Enid Byton(adapted)

Mamarazzi read "The Story of the Boy Who Went Away" from Enid Blyton's "The Children's Life of Christ" book. She thought of telling me that story but it seems to be very similar to the story which she read to me last year
Hence, she went and "modify" the story a bit for me.

She said there was once this rich man with 2 sons. The younger son was bored with staying home and doing farming so he asked his father for his part of his future inheritance and went away to jolly.

Very soon all his money was gone and he had to take a job. He work and work  but yet not enough to eat. Then he think back of his father's farm who treated the workers well. 

He decided to go back and ask for a job from his father.

From far away, one of his father's servant saw him and went to told his father. His father was overjoyed. The father quickly told the mother to cook the son's favourite dish. 

So the mother went to the fridge and found a Talapia fish. Dug in the kitchen cabinet saw got Steam Paste. The mother is not an expert cook. She read the instruction behind the packet of Instant Steam paste. Seems easy. To steam the fish for a few minutes, then throw away the water. 

Then spread the paste onto the fish. Again steam the fish for a few minutes. Hmmm...seems easy. Result came out not bad.

Then the father went and bought some Big Big Prawns which the mother cooked for the younger son to eat.

All these made the elder son angry and jealous. He was the one who stayed home and take care of the folks while the younger brother went to jolly.  To him, the father was showing favouritism. 

Then the father explained to his elder son. He told him that he know that the elder son have been loyal to him all the years and he assured him that all that he have will be the elder son's. Thus the elder son do not have to worry. 

He further explained that they should rejoice for the younger son coming home coz they thought that he had gone forever and dead to them but now he had return. 

Won't you rejoice if the family member which you thought is dead come back alive?....errrr...unless you wanted the fella dead la...


  1. LOL!!! You have a great future as an actor... The steamed fish paste- for Portuguese steamed fish one,is it? Had that at restaurant a couple of times, nice!

  2. Oopsss....should kesian which fella?

  3. but y let him go at the start knowing he wont be able to survive out there?

  4. great food, esp the prawns. Waiting for more recipes.

  5. Haha! Great modified Story! XD

  6. STP

    Taste not bad. Should buy more

  7. Medie 007

    some times we have to let go in order for them to come back to us. Tie too tight the 'string' will end up breaking.

  8. Nava

    LOL..Mamarazzi L-licence recipe

  9. Isaac

    LOL ....wait til you have kids.

  10. the Ipoh mali sauces boleh kah? haven't tried yet

  11. Mamarazzi, you have very good sense of humour and the story is very, very well adapted to the scene of Small Kucing and Mamarazzi. :-)

  12. Hahaha they are lucky the youngest son come back after learn his lesson, and not asking for more.

  13. ALice

    running out of idea have to do some bluffology lo

  14. Chee Yee

    Ya lo...if only nowadays more ppl like that then world peace lo. Nowadays a lot are more demanding. Will come back again and again mintak and mintak again


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