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Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-On The Way To Jerusalem

Mamarazzi read Auntie Litte Bird's yesterday blog post on how her dad was cold shouldered by his one of his friend at the company Annual Dinner after the friend was promoted. 

What made it worse was, that day was also Auntie Little Bird dad's birthday. Auntie Little Bird was very hurt as she sayang her dad a lot. 

It's similar to what happened to Jesus when he was on his journey to Jerusalem as told in Enid Blyton's "The Children's Life of Christ-On The Way To Jerusalem" . 

Jesus and his disciples came to a little village in Samaria. The people there are call Samaritans. Jesus' disciples asked for shelter for the night at the village but the villagers refused to grant them shelter coz Samaritans does not like people from Galilee

His disciples were angered and asked Jesus to punish the villagers with misfortunes. Jesus was sad that his disciple could think of such thing coz He came to save people, not to destroy people. This gives Jesus an idea on another parable - The Good Samaritan.

Auntie Little Bird, please don't be too sad. Things like this happen but there are still many good people around.

Cheer up! Do you still have the Pears Mamarazzi gave you the other day? How about cook some soup? Soup or sweet dessert? It will make you feel better.

Just in case you are wondering, Mamarazzi cooked "Pear Soup" the other day.

Here are the ingredients. Pear, a bit of meat, some water crestnut(peeled), dried longan,dried red dates, dried goji. Throw everything into the pot and boil.

Mamarazzi boil it for around 1 hour.

The soup tasted delicious.  Very sweet.

 (recycled photo)

If you don't want to make soup, maybe make Thong sui like we had at Yin Her Restaurant. Just add Pear + Sugar. For nicer taste can add dried longan, red dates and water crestnut.

A SWEET weekend to everyone!


  1. morning mamarazzi :D have a nice day :D

  2. If food be the food of love, eat on... LOL!!!

  3. The soup look very nice & nutritious :-)


  4. Getting very creative in cooking, I like that. Will prefer the sweeter version with the dried longan and dates.

    Thanks for you info on changing the password on nuffnang, appreciate it very much. You take care.

  5. pear soup? wow thats unusual... :P

  6. I think this is a good herbal soup. I'd like to try this recipe.

  7. good nite mamarazzi :D sweetdreams

  8. Medie

    All kinda of fruit can made into soup

  9. Autumn

    Good luck :D Hope you will like

  10. Mars Mell-o

    sweet dreams to you too

  11. never tried pear soup with meat before..makes me wanna go supermarket and get some!

  12. Angel Bear

    Next time Mamarazzi wanna try apple soup pulak

  13. i love how every post leads to food lol!!

  14. Good idea and suggestion!! But cannot get water chestnut in my area here.. must go to the bigger market..

  15. Tarak sad liao... tum tum full wif domino pizza. Happy liao.

  16. What a great lesson on forgiving and not holding grudges. Thanks for sharing this post. I'm a new follower from voiceBoks and looking forward to your future posts!


  17. What a great lesson on forgiving and not holding grudges. Thank you for this post. I'm a new follower from voiceBoks and I'm looking forward to your future posts.


  18. Roz

    Thanks for dropping by and following me. Hope to see you here again

  19. Auntie Cleff

    Tarak sad anymore good la

  20. Claire

    no need the crestnut also can

  21. Ramona

    Thanks for dropping by again :D


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