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Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-Jesus and The Madman

Females! A very mysterious and 'mah farn' species

The other day Mamarazzi and Kaw Kaw went shopping at "Midvalley".

We "men" nothing better to do so we hang out at Starbucks. Papa had some coffee while I had some Hot Chocolate

The Hot Chocolate made me real sleepy. When I woke up an hour or two later, you know what I saw?

One came back empty handed while the other came back with two books.

Gosh! Walk so long and came back empty handed? They must be as mad as the Madman in Enid Blyton's "The Children's Life of Christ-Jesus and The Madman" book.

Ya, It was said that there was once a Madman who lived in a caves till he met Jesus one day. Jesus was passing by when the Madman rushed out screaming and scaring nearly everyone.

Jesus asked him his name and the Madman told him that he have a thousand names as he is being possessed by a thousand bad devils. They made him do bad and evil things. Jesus helped the Madman by banishing the devils from him.

The Madman was so happy and grateful that he declared that he will follow and serve Jesus.

At the same time, the was a man nearby the cave who herd a big flock of pigs for the villagers. 

When the Madman came rushing out of the cave, he did not only frightened the people but also the pigs. The pigs ran off and fell off the cliff.

The man went and told the villagers and they thought Jesus had banished the devils from the Madman and made them go into their pigs. And now their pigs are dead.They were angry and afraid of what Jesus could do to them. Maybe bad things. Hence they asked Jesus to go away from their country

The Madman had wanted to follow Jesus but Jesus advised him to stay on. Help him by spreading good words about Jesus and preparing for his return. The Madman promised to do that.

Hmmm....come to think of it..could it be that Jesus silently doing some "banishing" that day at Midvalley? Maybe Jesus banished the Shopping Monsters from Kaw-Kaw and Mamarazzi hence they did not came back with trolley ful of stuffs??


  1. good night mamarazzi..have a sweetdream :)

  2. Hot chocolate makes me sleepy too... Will not be able to open my eyes. LOL!!!

  3. the madman... was possessed.. then after reaching out to Jesus, no more mad.. :)

  4. really interesting way of telling the story :)

  5. *roll eyes* Aiyo, smallkucing... MV only got MPH... and MPH is expensive... try putting ur Mamarazzi in BX or a warehouse sale and see... auntie can guarantee u that there will be no such miracle. ROFLOL!

  6. I respect you for the Sunday's with god, very good upbringing for your son.

  7. STP

    mahal lo this hot choc. Kenot always have

  8. Isaac

    Haiz...Mamarazzi wanna be author ma..but english become tukang cerita enough lo

  9. Aunti Cleff

    That books tarak in BX wor...


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