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Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Children's Life of Christ- The Boy With The Loaves and The Little Fishes/ Good Business Ethics

Mamarazzi went to Pasar Malam at Chow Yang, SS2 on Thursday. 

Saw a fruit seller selling these "Sugar Apricots". Others stalls were selling RM10 to RM12 per box while this man was selling it for RM8 per box.

At first, Mamarazzi was doubtful whether the fruits are good ones or not as it's cheap when compared to others. 

Glad to report the fruits were great. Delicious and juicy. Thank you, Mr Honest Fruit Seller.

I bet even Jesus will love it.

In Enid Blyton's book on The Children Life of Christ there was a story about a little boy who generously share his lunch of 5 loaves of bread and 2 small fishes with Jesus. Jesus made a miracle happen. The 5 loaves of bread and 2 small fishes were enough to feed 5 thousand people.

Well, that's the way the world should be. The boy was honest and generous in sharing his food. If only more people are like that.

Sad to say, it's not so. 

Mamarazzi's friend purchase a service online 2 months ago. They have been trying to redeem the service several times. Unfortunately, they were told that the dates they wanted the service to be perform were not available each time they called. This happen at least 3-4times. 

Yippee! They finally got an appointment for the service some time last week. 

As they were on the way to the business place, someone called up said they have to cancelled the appointment for the whole day. Said some thing happen at the shop. That they tried to resolved the problem the day before but unable to. 

This called received 30minutes before the appointment time. Mamarazzi and her friend were already on their way to the shop.

Mamarazzi's friend after a discussion with Mamarazzi tried calling the shop up to reschedule to another time. However, each of her calls rang one time and got disconnected. Suspicious. 

Mamarazzi tried calling using her number and the call was connected. Mamarazzi pretended to be a new customer and asked the shop whether they have appointment time for their service that day and was told they have time available for that day.

Another friend also helped out. That friend called and the line was connected immediately. The friend was also told their service are available for that day.

This got Mamarazzi and her friend very angry. They went straight to the shop to confront them. Then another story emerged. 

Mamarazzi really want to believe that the shop have a lot of business hence the difficulties in getting an appointment with them.

She really wanted to believe that the sudden cancellation of the appointment is really due to something happen at the shop.

She really wanted to believe that the conflicting excuses given when they arrived at the shop is just a miscommunication. 

And that all this have nothing to do with the near expiry date for redemption of the service. The reasons given are valid and not just excuses. 

Maybe, that is the truth. It's just a big misunderstanding. There is no scam. Just an over suspicious mind?

Meantime, I should try to be more honest and generous. Wanna share my Kacang? Like Jesus said, if people slap me on the right cheek, I should turn and let them slap the left cheek too.


  1. Haihh, must ban from buying all these online services liao lo...wanna redeem that time so susah... nid to serbu them baru reluctantly provide service. If ur mamarazzi&co did not go to the shop and confront them, entah apa cerita? They keep kasi excuse no slot and stuff la, den cancel appointment at last minute la... tau tau the time to redeem the service expired liao. If that one is not attempt of fraud and scam, auntie dono wud to call it liao lo!
    Miscommunication? TAK MUNGKIN. So many times miscommunication kah?

    Actually, u dun hv to conceal the identity of ur mamarazzi's friend la, smallkucing... u tak tau kah that ur mamarazzi's friend tengah boiling kao kao??? Ingat mau kasi mamarazzi nice belated bday pressie, mana tau all these nonsense crop up. Make ur mamarazzi's friend angry and embarrassed onli!

  2. Love apricots...but Iprefer the canned ones. Soft but a bit crunchy - nicer than canned peaches.

  3. I bought the sugar apricots too... very sweet and fresh, right? You got it cheaper tho... I bought RM9.90 from Tesco. So, did your friend get the service on that day? I would have gotten very suspicious and angry too, if kena such layanan!

  4. That shop really bad lar. If they really sengaja do like that, should bring it up to their management and complain. Or maybe the consumer's association

  5. My fav is the apricot too, that was worth the buy. Experiences are lessons we learn in life and move on.

  6. Aunite Cleff

    La...Mamarazzi saja ranting here only la..dont wanna kasi their name bad la. Kira as nasib malang only lo. Rant liao forget it and get on with life

  7. STP

    What brand you buy if Cans one? Mamarazzi finds it too sweet

  8. Chloe's Mommy

    Ya surprisingly sweet. Didnt thought it would be that sweet. Thought maybe like apple kind of sweet. This one sweet like persimons

  9. Isaac

    Maybe just Mamarazzi's bad luck la. No point complaining to consumer assoc. Takes time and money. With this type of behaviour, it would be hard for them to sustain their biz. Let nature takes its course

  10. Nava

    Now seems to be apricots season. 1st time buy apricots. nice.

  11. Wah so difficult to redeem? Then next time better don't buy. Not worth going through all those hassle and "emotional stress" just for paying cheaper.


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