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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Change of Plans Author Ambushed!

Last Friday, the author of Change of Plans, Shattered Hearts and Royal Masquerade author was "ambushed" at one of her favourite restaurant. 

We ordered some of her favourite foods.

Butter Prawns.Hmm... must remind me to ask the Chef to put more "hair" coz the author loves it.

Next, Fried Sotong.

Last but not least, Kangkung Belacan. 

Ya, this author is easily pleased. Simple food will do for her. She doesn't need Sharkfin Soup nor Buddha Jump over the Wall.

But then, of course we ordered other foods also. Like Sizzling Taufu

Sweet pea with Mushroom

Don't know why that night Papa crave for Sweet Peas, so we ordered one more plate of Sweet Peas.

Some Hokkien Mee

Last....we "sweeten" her mood with some Pear & Longan Dessert

After perut kenyang, hati senang... The Author was "ambushed". sign autograph before she can 'depart'.

Auntie Little Bird! Remember to sign my copy ya...I wanna buy durian orchard.
Any thank you very much for the goodies

Here is the photo of her latest book. Photo taken from

This book is currently not available in the market but will be launching soon. Check out her blog for the date and time of the launching.


  1. Ishhh... make auntie really shocked la the other day. Betul betul terkejut beruk. >.<

    Anyway, yeah... the prawns needs more hair... not enuff hair la! =.=

  2. looks good.Yum! Yum! Iwant! Books? Zzzzzzz...... Muahahahahaha!!!!

  3. I would like to know ur author friend la. How many has the surname like me????

  4. wah, how many of you there?? ordered so many food!! but since you are trying to "ambush" the writer, have to order more lah hor?? i like the squid, looks good~~ :p

  5. good for you... me still waiting for my turn.. *taking queue number*

  6. wow..looks like my favourites too! if i stay in KL, sure my waistline will double up!
    hey Cleff, over here near my house, they cook with lots of hair on top one.. covers the whole plate nearly.. u dont believe, u come and see.. that day i thought u would come by in the evening.. sayang, wasted!
    kat, arrange a rombongan to IPOH!

  7. ei...when i can get a copy!!

  8. Wah, Aunty Cleff famous liao....Congrats Cleff!

  9. The veges all look so healthy and cooked in a very simple style, nice choice to pick.

  10. Auntie Cleff

    Beruk or gorrila or godzilla, I don't care. Make sure you don't forget to sign my copy with signing pen ya. Ball pen not very laku.

  11. STP

    wakakakaka...good la....after book can zz

  12. Venie

    Thank you and thank you for following

  13. Litte Lemb.

    Senang...go her blog and kacau her for a copy of the book

  14. SK

    We all kuat makan one mah...kakaka

  15. Claire

    wakakaka..Christmas we serbu your hse la.

  16. Angel Bear

    U ask Cleff la. Me still waiting for Royal Masquarade...sobs

  17. Pete

    She famous, gua good. Mamarazzi asked her make sure to create some scandal so that Mamarazzi can buy durian orchard LOL

  18. Nava

    This restaurant not bad la. Food not that expensive.

  19. LOL, I must plan my Ambush whn her book arrive at my house too!^^

  20. wahhhhhh....

    i wish to become a writer too... if only ppl wanna read my broken englsh. hahahahhaa

  21. Medie's not impossible. People may love manglish


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