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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Best Char Keoy Teow In Brickfields relocated to Restaurant Yit Sieang, Jln Thambipillay

Many thanks again to SK.Last round he informed Mamarazzi that this CKT stall have relocated to Restaurant Hing Ang.

A month or two ago, SK once again informed Mamarazzi that the stall going to relocate again. This round to the corner shop on the opposite road. Ya, the new place is across the road from YMCA. 

Papa's plate of CKT. Ask for small size but it turns out to be quite a lot.

Mamarazzi's plate of CKT. Don't want egg don't what chili.

CKT like this one baru got "punch" mah!

Finish taking photos or not? May I eat now?

Papa saw someone ordered Roti Bakar. Looked nice. He also ordered. Kena 'hijack' by me.

I eat first ah...mmmm...yumm yummm... like this not syok....must 'tenggek' baru syok.

While trying to google up the address of this restaurant, Mamarazzi saw some blogs praised the Pork Noodles here. That would be her next aim. 

Here is the address Restaurant Yit Sieang, Jalan Thambipillay, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.



  1. Thx for directing...mesti cuba ni!!! YUM!

  2. thanks for sharing! I might try there one day!

  3. Papa ordered small one? Adoi! Wonders will never cease! Apahal? Dia demam kah? Muahahahahaha!!!

  4. my fave..char keoy teow with prawns!!

  5. yeah, i went to their old venue just before the moved and they explained the reason they move is because of the ventilation..

    hey, the pork noodles is quite nice and they actually have another "branch" stall in another coffee shop at the end of the road.. i also like the wantan mee and the YTF noodles there, chicken rice also not bad.. :)

  6. Is the CKT one of the very best?

  7. Really a food searcher ah... good.. next time when i go KL, first person i will search for is u! :)

  8. I go KL, u bring me go eat ya, hehe...

  9. Why the Penang Ah Pek comes to Brickfields also wanna be Ah Pek with two legs on the chair now..haha. Presume the CKT prices here would not beat the ones in Penang or higher hehe. tQ for the info might drop by one day.

  10. tempting. Looks good. :)

  11. u boy so cute! Love kids who likes to eat alot! :) BTW the noodle look worth a try. Too bad I am far away :(

  12. Sedap sedaps :). Hahaha, your son is so cute.

  13. My hubby will love the keay teow as its his fav one. However Brickfields and the traffic plus lack of parking holds me back from going here.

    Another place I grew up during my younger days for staying here for about 15 years, somewhere around Jalan Thambypillai.

  14. STP

    The portion quite big here for a small plate. If big one will melimpah out

  15. SK

    wa so many good stuffs there ah? Must really go there again

  16. Che-Cheh

    To Mamarazzi this is one of the best ones in KL

  17. jFook

    Must have punch baru sedap

  18. Venie

    The next time you are in town then can try la

  19. Nava

    We parked at YMCA. Just need to cross the road

  20. Haha your son really damn cute... all the action he do... :P

  21. Ooh looks good but... CKT without egg nice meh? :p

  22. Just wanted to stop in and say hello, and thank you for coming by and supporting Mommy LaDy Club! Love all of the food photos...makes me hungry:)
    Cheers for now,

  23. didn't know Brickfields also have nice Chinese retaurant. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Pete

    hard to find parking but you can park at YMCA. A bit more expensive la

  25. Chloe's Mommy

    Mamarazzi likes it that way lor. Papa likes with eggs

  26. Caca

    Brickfield got a lot of nice chinese food. Kinda hard to find parking. Try YMCA or use monorail


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