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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

BB Ho Steamboat, Bandar Puteri Puchong (revisited)

Getting to big for my car seat already. *Hint Hint Papa*

Mamarazzi suddenly feel like having BB HO Crab Fried Bihun pulak. What about me? I want Cendol leh. Here tarak Cendol. Opposite at A Wet Thai baru have Cendol leh.

Papa pulak want Oh Chien. Bought from Oh Chien from Medan Selera Everyday.

Memang sedap. The amazing thing is that it's being fried by a teenager.

Mamarazzi saw the Fried Carrot Cake from the same stall looks nice so she bought some too.

Everything "tapau-ed" to eat at BB Ho.

Yay! Crab Fried Bihun. Standard remains the same. Taste good.

We had steamboat too. 

Alamak...I think we had a bit too much. How to finish oh......??


  1. hehe comelnya dia..sampai tertidur inside the car :P

  2. Oh no! Or chien everyday? *shakes head in disbelief!!! So big already no need to use baby chair lah!!! LOL!!!

  3. Ehhhhh.... I actually thought thy only hv steamboat! Nxt time must order other dishes liao, thx for sharing!

  4. that's a lot of food. And Oh Chien! My favourite, very unhealthy, but once in a while boleh hantam la.. haha

  5. I must try crab fried bihun one day!

  6. Luckily outside food are allowed hor :P

  7. Oh I remember you blogging about the Crab bihun before! Really that good eh? Too bad I'm no longer staying in Puchong.. quite far for me to travel there now.. :/

  8. goodness, making me hungry, esp the crab noodles, looks so delicious. Please buy more and sent over some to me.

  9. Gosh...Ah Pek pose again? hahaha. Yalor the kucing has outgrown the car seat already. Why tapau-ed so much food and how to eat BB Ho Steamboat? Must have a stomach of elephant not kucing leh!

  10. DROolinggggggg....crab beehoon! Better pray for MH for another big sales on airtickets :)

  11. now i think i can confirmed paparazzi likes to eat oh chien very much, almost 7 out of 10 post there will be oh chien featured, haha~~ :D

  12. fav whenever im in puchong!! Love the mee hoon!

  13. My boy (almost 2 years old) didnt want to sit in his car seat sometimes. Now he prefer to sit at the back (freely) with his sister; jumping and moving around. Headache!

  14. How to finish ah? Simple...just tapau and hand over to em loh! How much they charge per person for the steamboat?

  15. Small kucing no more small. Maybe change name to small harimau. Oh I would love to try the crab fried bihun

  16. STP

    Have to use 1st

  17. Alice

    They have ther things too

  18. Isaac

    If you missed the Penang Oh Chien. Try the Oh Chien at Evryday foodcourt in Puchonmg. It's great

  19. Yee Ling

    alamak...wait i see the indian auntie around or not ah

  20. Choi Yen

    ..or else we sit outside the restaurant lo...kakaka...

  21. Lenglui WItch

    aisay....memang that bihun sedap leh

  22. Bananaz

    Dinner time mah...tummy hungry know la...once tummy hungry ah...see everything also wanna makan punya

  23. LG

    Dec got sale. Can come back to Msia to welcome someone LOL

  24. Rose

    I had to sitin the Car Seat else will kena the tigeress bite. Only occassionally i get to sit out of the car seat

  25. Alice

    Cham...forgotten how much they charge for steamboat wor.

  26. Veron

    it's quite near USJ. The Bihun is worth the try


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