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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

35th Bon Odori Festival 2011, Shah Alam Matsushita Stadium.

A forth night ago, Mamarazzi said bring me go "dancing". Saturday Night Fever?

Uiks! Not Disco dancing ka? It's Bon Odori festival at Shah Alam.

I don't know what is Bon Odori. Mamarazzi was saying it's something like our Ching Ming. The festival is a celebration to remind ones about being grateful to our ancestors.

This year's theme "Arigatao Malaysia" is also to highlight the Japanese gratefulness to Malaysian for helping them during the recent Tsunami Disaster.

 Wow...a lot of stall selling Japanese Food and drinks everywhere. 

Sakae Sushi and Sushi King stalls were crowded to the max when we arrived.However, the crowd were good. Did not push around and all that.

Aiks!? Fei Lou Steamboat also Japanese food ka?

Papa bought a jelly ABC for me. Yummm....saw a "cat" waving at me.

 The Show starts at 7p.m. 

 Wah lau eh...Live Steaming???

There was a Japanese lady that came asking permission to snap Papa and me photo. Mamarazzi also saw some people snapping my photos while I was on Papa's shoulder. Hmm...maybe they thought we are Japanese?

Here is a short video clip. I saw the girls in Kimono dancing, I can't help and 'dance' a bit too. Don't you just love the girls in Kimono?

Mamarazzi really ganas. Sapu home so many hand fans. 

Jahat some more. She was shy to take so many herself. She pushed me to the Lenglui and Lengzhai that were distributing the fans. Then asked me to take the fans from them.

 But she also sapu two packs of Yakult Low Sugar drinks for me lah. RM4 each. Cheap?

Very interesting designed fan.

Came home, I told Mamarazzi I wanna go "dancing" some more


  1. So happening and so much of food to eat... Too bad i missed the chance again this year. :(

  2. many fan ah....can go and make report..mamarazzi is using u for child labor hahahaha...'s common la if ppl thought you and papa not local...the beruang also kena that very often (suda la kulit also hitam already, yet ppl thought me a filipino...even in KK! In KL, there are some ppl thought I was aunty here thought I was singaporean...haiyo) nasib baik tadak kena tahan polis for IC so far...phew~~~

  3. japanese kucing!! :) you went! I had friends who went, but i think that day I had something up. It looks like fun.

  4. U dun perasan. LOL... mebbe they tot ur papa is a Sumo Wrestler and is a star, that is why snap ur papa's photo.

  5. Ah! You were there too? Things important from Japan kah?Safe from radiation or not?

  6. happening one in Shah Alam too.. miss all the fun staying in Ipoh..

  7. oh.. it recall my memory here... used to join in with Kimono coz my mum was working with a jap firm.. hehe.. maybe next year I can bring Princess go liao..

  8. Cute. Too bad I'm no Nipponophile, I can't really appreciate these things.

  9. A lot of food out there to be tasted and am glad people wanted to snap the pics of the kid. Nice to hear this, I will also do the same as your son is so cute.

  10. I didn't know got such event..LOL. I'm eyeing on those Jap food.

  11. OMG, are you kidding me Kathy! haha... You brought home so many fans. I'm not daring to do that. lol! hahaha... Heads down.
    What a great event. I wish I were there too. And so many food to enjoy as well. Keep me inform next year huh! don't forget!
    Have a lovely evening.

  12. So nice the event, I seemed to have missed it. So much food to eat too :)

  13. wah gt free gift summore. nice hand fan ler. as souvineer ke? hehehehehehhe

  14. oh, Bon Odori!! i remember i've participated once, and that was like 15 years ago!! wow.. can't believe it's so long ago..

  15. We sapu-ed the Yakult too, thinking it was cheap. Tesco is having sales now. Yakult Light (less sugar) is only RM3.80. I just bought today :)

  16. The fans are nice, if free then take more also nvm.. hehe

  17. Wiot, sapu so many fans....want to sell at pasar malam kah?

  18. TZ

    Never mind there is always next year

  19. Angel Bear

    Mamarazzi kiasu mah LOL. Take so many fans

  20. Isaac

    not bad la...many people. Too bad the field a bit wet

  21. Auntie Cleff

    hmm...maybe should mintak commission from them for snapping photo :p

  22. STP

    safe or not safe so many ppl rushing to buy lo

  23. Claire

    this one once a year geh

  24. Synical

    It's our 1st time there. Saw many ppl go so we also join the fun lo

  25. Nava...

    ya...but the price not cheap also

  26. Mummy Gwen

    There was a huge crowd there. If you dont mind crowd then should be okay la

  27. Thristhan

    there is always next year

  28. Medie

    The fans for ppl to dance with one...but we kiasu take many lo

  29. SK

    LOL...not surprising . Mamarazzi heard about this long time already baru this year managed to go

  30. Chloe's Mommy

    sometimes Yakult at hypermarket RM4 something.

  31. Mummy Moon

    It's free. That's why Mamarazzi kiasu


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