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Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-The Tale of The Good Samaritans/I Need a Good Samaritan

Help! I need a good Samaritan to intervene on my behalf with Mamarazzi. A good Samaritan like the one in Enid Blyton story book "The Children's Life of Christ".

Jesus said we cannot simply judge people. Like in the story. A  man was robbed and injured. He was so happy when he saw a Priest coming his way. He thought the Priest would help him but the Priest did not

Then he saw a fellow traveller, a Levite. He saw this man often go to the Temple and pray. Must be a good man and would help him. But sadly, that man did not help him.

Poor man. Next he saw a Samaritan coming his way. He said to himself, Samaritan are known to be bad people. He won't help me. To his surprise, the Samaritan stopped and helped him.Not only that the Good Samaritan cleaned his wound for him but also the Samaritan brought him to an inn where he paid for the man's boarding too.


Now is there any good Samaritan out there who can help me?

(Recycled pic)
When we were at Penang, Mamarazzi bought this car for me.

Now, she won't let me play with it. 

She put it up the shelf so high that I could not reach it. Said wait till I am older first.

Some more scolded me. Said I don't take care nor appreciate the cars that were given to me. Minor scratches are still acceptable.

But THIS! This is not acceptable. Said I played with the car too roughly. One of the front wheel bend out of shape.

The antenna to the remote control also broke off.

(recycled pic)
Said she bought this for me in Penang end of June. Not even 2 months old yet. Already broken till like this. 

If let me play some more, maybe that car will also become like this. Bought in April. Wheel broken within 1 month. 

Not my fault ah. The car quality lousy only mah.

Or like this. Bought on my birthday. Now, all the rubber to the tyre are missing except for one.

Not my fault ah. The manufacturer should have glued the rubber tyres securely mah.

Or maybe even worse. Whole car plus remote control might go missing like this one. Left only the cover. 

Where got hilang? I "put" it under your bed ma. This just shows that you sweep floor never sweep properly. Tarak sweep and clean under the bed!

She said there was another one which was so broken that she had thrown it away.

Sure or not? Maybe Papa or Mamarazzi were the ones who play and broken my car then say I break it leh.

But those cars bought are for me to play with mah. Am not the destroyer. *merajuk* Now I have no car to play with. 

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Kuih-Muih at Chicken Cuisine Noodle House, Subang Permai

Papa was "craving" for Nasi Lemak. He remembered that Chicken Cuisine Noodle House have Nasi Lemak in the morning. Hence one of the morning we went and makan there.

Wah....Sambal on top wor....I don't wanna eat la. I eat other things can ah?

Errr...what's the name of these two Kuih ah? They taste great. There are others Nyonya Kuih also but Mamarazzi didn't buy. Scared cannot finish.

Must come again to try other types of kuih 

Haiz....don't know why..I think am am hooked with Kopi-O already. Papa ordered Milo for me but I preferred to drink Kopi O.

Update 29/4/2015: changed owner

Friday, 29 July 2011

Fun at Genting Highland


 Next stop Skyway Cable Car. 

Wa..human mountain, human sea. The lady said have to wait at least 45 minutes using the regular lanes which cost RM5/person. Papa bought the express tickets at RM15/person. No need to wait.

Errr...I no need to pay la...I squeeze in enough la.

 Scared? Me? worried? Me?

No la...I climb here and there one la..Pretty soon I climbed over the Uncles side of the car.

 Ya...sampai Genting liao....cooling weather.

 Manja Manja a bit with Papa first.

 Then "cekik" him for $$ to go for the Theme Park.

My eyes went blink blink with all the games there. I can be F1 drive or Mat Rempit and won't get "saman"
Alamak! The gun too heavy for me la. I better ride horsey. Fight with the girl-girl see whose horse faster.

After an endless walk, we finally arrived at the Indoor Theme Park. Mamarazzi purchased an All-Day-Pass for me at RM28 .

Hmm....I want to drive the Ambulance leh...someone got to it first.

Saw Papa drive car. Must check and adjust the mirrors first before start car.

Finally after don't know how many rounds, baru got to drive the Ambulance.

Mamarazzi said she pening already from all the cars rides and dragged to to play Carousal pulak.
After playing at the Carousel, I wanted to play some more cars. This round I wanted to drive the Train. A boy was already sitting in front. I got on to the back.

Alamak....mana tau got a big girl girl climbed in next to me pulak before the rides  starts. Aiyo...penyek la aku. Helllllllllllpppppppppppppppp......

After a few rides, I am expert already. Went in...straight wear seat belt by myself and even put on the chain before the Kor Kor come and check.

 Am now ready to go

Bye bye

That day I also had another "FIRST". First time I tasted Cotton Candy.
We hang out at Coffee Bean while waiting for Papa to fetch us by car. Mamarazzi was worried that I'll be cold. Made me wear this ugly baju.

Not bad lah this place. Must ask Papa to bring me here again although Mamarazzi said she scared already. Tired from chasing after me.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sweet Sanctuary by Sheila Walsh & Cindy Martinusen Coloma

Book Description By

"Without the storm, how would we know the sweetness of shelter?" -Ruth 
Out of the clear blue, Wren’s Grandma Ruth arrives on her doorstep, dreaming of a grand party to celebrate her 95th birthday. Wren and her young son Charlie love the idea, but it quickly gets complicated: Ruth wants Wren’s estranged siblings to attend and she wants Wren to sing her all-time favorite song: “His Eye Is On The Sparrow.” It’s the very song Wren sang one fateful day during her childhood . . . and Wren hasn’t sung a note since.
Though she’s glad to have Grandma back in her life, Wren’s sleeping on the couch in her own house now . . . and worried about the expenses piling up. After all, her job at the community library is in jeopardy after budget cuts, and the fancy music program she wants for her son is getting farther and farther out of reach. What’s more, Paul—the guy she's drawn to yet avoids—ends up being a major part of an important library project.
With family arriving and old wounds resurfacing, Wren’s about to fly when she discovers something special—a gift of grace beyond her wildest dreams.
My Comments: 
This is a sweet book on love, forgiveness  and family relationship
Wren is a single mother. To Wren, Charlie is her whole world and she wanted the best for Charlie. She wants his dream to come truth. Even though it means uprooting them from Maine and move to Boston where  Charlie can get the best education in music.
Charlie also wanted one thing for Wren. And being a child, he make known his wish to his Heavenly Father. Yes, an innocent child's prayer is that powerful. You still remember what Jesus had said? He said those who wish to enter the Kingdom of Heaven must have and be innocent like a child. 
God works in mysterious ways. Out of the blue, Wren 95 years old grandmother appeared and wishes the family to gather one last time. Gosh! It sure bring up a lot of skeletons from the closets and opened up old wounds. 
In order for old wounds to heal,I guess the reason and misunderstanding that had occurred years ago need to be clear up. Many years had passed. It's not easy to do that.
What I love about this book is that, Wren and Charlie had faith in the Lord. No matter how much hardship and bad things that happen, their faith were with the Lord.
Some how things  were mended. My only sadness about this book it's that this is just a fiction. How I wish things are as easy and orderly in reality as in fiction.
I rate this 3 stars out of 5.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book  from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com  book review bloggers program.  The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm, Genting Highland

On 9th July 2011, we thought of bringing Papa's overseas colleague to jalan-jalan at the City but then there were road blocks everywhere. Mamarazzi said it got something to do with "cleaning" wor.

Since we can't get into the City, we went up the hill instead.

Found the much talked Strawberry Leisure farm.

Aiks...not only being greeted by giant strawberry but also by the King of Fruit.

Found something I love...W.A.T.E.R. Am gonna splash Uncle AntOON , Uncle CD and Uncle DVD.

Mamarazzi had yet to puzzle out why I called them Uncle CD and Uncle DVD. 

While I was busy splashing the Uncles, Mamarazzi was surprised to see Lemon Tree being planted at the compound. 

Gosh..the lemons from the plant was larger than the palm of her hand but surprisingly light. Hmm...not much juice?

This "Buddha Palm" fruit was spotted among the Lemon Trees. Hidden. Near the ground.

Yay! Free entrance . 

Hmm..spotted some funny shaped Strawberries. 

One looked like Mitten, one like pendant and another was like....hmm...don't know how to say.

 There was a stall selling fresh strawberries and its related products

Papa bought a pack. RM15. Unlike in Cameron, here they did not provide icing sugar and cream. 

Ha! Ha! I managed to bodek Uncle Anton to buy me something. Mamarazzi said am getting good in bodek-ing people to buy things for me.

TA! DA! I managed bodek him into buying me a giant Lollipop!

 Then we proceed on. Saw some real fierce looking bees.

Saw a Cafe. A lot of strawberry products. But I asked for a Kiwi Ice-Cream instead of Strawberry Ice-Cream pulak.

Don't know why I gila Kiwi pulak. There was once when I kept asking Papa and Mamarazzi to "Kiwi", Mamarazzi went to the Pasar Malam and bought a whole bunch of Kiwi fruits for me to eat. Padahal I was asking for her to "CARRY" not "KIWI"

 Fuiyo...this place quite big also. Got place planting flowers, organic vegetables and mushroom too. Like that no need to go Cameron Highland already la.

At the exit, a kucing met with a little bird. I tried to catch it but it kept 'sing' "Good morning! I Love You" to me. many Lollipops and candies. Cannot buy coz got big Lollipop from Uncle Anton already

Adoi....come Genting Highland, Mamarazzi also gila durian. Bought one durian at the exit. RM12/kg Kampung Durian. A bit expensive considering in the city it's selling RM8/kg.  But this one taste not bad la. Got bitter taste.

Next be cont'd

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

35th Bon Odori Festival 2011, Shah Alam Matsushita Stadium.

A forth night ago, Mamarazzi said bring me go "dancing". Saturday Night Fever?

Uiks! Not Disco dancing ka? It's Bon Odori festival at Shah Alam.

I don't know what is Bon Odori. Mamarazzi was saying it's something like our Ching Ming. The festival is a celebration to remind ones about being grateful to our ancestors.

This year's theme "Arigatao Malaysia" is also to highlight the Japanese gratefulness to Malaysian for helping them during the recent Tsunami Disaster.

 Wow...a lot of stall selling Japanese Food and drinks everywhere. 

Sakae Sushi and Sushi King stalls were crowded to the max when we arrived.However, the crowd were good. Did not push around and all that.

Aiks!? Fei Lou Steamboat also Japanese food ka?

Papa bought a jelly ABC for me. Yummm....saw a "cat" waving at me.

 The Show starts at 7p.m. 

 Wah lau eh...Live Steaming???

There was a Japanese lady that came asking permission to snap Papa and me photo. Mamarazzi also saw some people snapping my photos while I was on Papa's shoulder. Hmm...maybe they thought we are Japanese?

Here is a short video clip. I saw the girls in Kimono dancing, I can't help and 'dance' a bit too. Don't you just love the girls in Kimono?

Mamarazzi really ganas. Sapu home so many hand fans. 

Jahat some more. She was shy to take so many herself. She pushed me to the Lenglui and Lengzhai that were distributing the fans. Then asked me to take the fans from them.

 But she also sapu two packs of Yakult Low Sugar drinks for me lah. RM4 each. Cheap?

Very interesting designed fan.

Came home, I told Mamarazzi I wanna go "dancing" some more
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