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Friday, 3 June 2011

Wadi AL-Nile Restaurant, Platium Walk Setapak

Auntie Little Birdie have praised this restaurant for their delicious Kabsah Chicken with Rice. 

Hence, we decided to invite Angel Bear to this Arabic Cuisine restaurant for a taste of the food there.

I wonder what is good here apart from the Kabsah Chicken Rice?

Mint Tea(RM6 for Small pot).  

But Auntie Little Bird don't drink tea wor. I wonder if they have Coca-cola here.

Very cute. Naughty Papa kept teaching me to say "taste like ubat gigi". 

But Mamarazzi like this tea. Usually people drink with sugar but Mamarazzi drink it plain. 

Papa ordered Hummus (RM6). This"hummus" is not "fertilizer" but it's a blend of Chick peas with Tahina Sauce.

We didn't know that Hummus comes with these breads.

Thus, Papa ordered Mulawah Bread (RM4 Large)

Alamak! so big! How to eat leh???

Oh ya...the black dots on the top is not dirt. It's black sesame seeds.

Eat with Hummus...Mmmmm...I didn't like it much. But Papa and Mamarazzi like it.

Hmm...Ice Cream...Eat the Mulawah Bread with Ice Cream must be tasty. Just like Ice Cream Bread.

Papa put some for me. Yummm..

Two scoops of Ice Cream (RM5)

Put Cherry on top taste nicer or not ah?

Hmmm...what else next?

Auntie Little Bird had Fayrouz. It's something like Spritzer Pop.  

Mamarazzi also ordered one for me. If not mistaken it was RM4. 

They have 4 flavours -Raspberry, Mango, Pineapple and Apple.

Mamarazzi saw they have Barbican and thought wanna try but too bad they have run out of stock.

Here comes the soup that accompany the Main Dish. 

Taste a bit like "Rasam". A bit sourish with a hint of spiciness. Even I can take this soup. Yummmmm... 

Kabsah Chicken with Rice. Quarter Chicken. RM10. 

Portion quite big. If small eater, two person can share this rice.

Mamarazzi had a taste of this. Hmm...the rice have a hint of spiciness. 

Unlike Auntie Little Bird, Mamarazzi don't quite like the taste of the rice but she likes the Chicken. It was very tender and the taste absorb fully into the meat.

Angel Bear had this but she had Lamb instead of Chicken. The meat certainly looks yummy. Forgot to ask her if got "lamb lamb" smell or not.

Mamarazzi had Grilled Chicken. It's lemon flavoured grilled chicken with garlic and onion served with rice.

She ordered half a Chicken(RM15). She nearly fainted when the Grilled Chicken with Rice arrived.

Look at Papa's cheeky face! Noticed anything unusual? No? is Mamarazzi arm as compared to the gigantic plate of rice. Really pengsan  kao-kao!. 

Mamarazzi thought when she order "half" it means they will give her half a Chicken but the rice portion would remain the same. She didn't know the rice portion would also doubled.

To Mamarazzi, this plate of rice is ample to feed 3-4 person.

I ate and ate and ate and ate....still cannot finish. Some end up in my tummy and most end up all over the table. thing haven't finish another one came.

Papa ordered Lamb Akdah(RM14). Taste very yummy. The meat was very tender and juicy. Not smelly what-so-ever.

Aiks! It comes with some more bread. Beh tahan.....had to tapau back la. Maybe Auntie Little Bird can create something out of these bread.

Dessert. Banana Masoob RM8. There was another interesting dessert called Honey Masoob. 

Hai...Don't know what "yellow" brain Mamarazzi and Auntie Little Bird were laughing about.

Despite the not so attractive look, this dessert was delicious. A bit too sweet but I like it. A lot of Banana taste.

Overall, it this have been a good meal. Service and food were good. Price was reasonable considering the portion of food and taste.

The Boss came over to our table and chatted with Papa for awhile. According to him, this restaurant commenced business for about 3months only. So far so good.

Auntie Little Bird visited this restaurant a couple of time already and she said there was one time she saw the Boss rejected goods from supplier coz it's not fresh.

This is not a paid post nor an invite by the restaurant owner for Mamarazzi to go for food tasting and blog about the food there. All opinion express herein are solely Mamarazzi's personal view. Everyone taste is different.

Here is the address in case you wish to have a try Wadi AL-Nile Restaurant, No 72-0, Block J, Platinum Walk, No. 2, Jalan Langkawi, 53300 Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. Tel : 03-41312356. 


  1. Oh my! The portion of the chicken and rice is SO HUGE! So reasonably priced somemore..too bad it's a bit too far for me. Never even been to Setapak before!

  2. i'm trying to remember the name of the place hahahahaa...the lamb is good!!!! no lamb2 smell, so nicely marinated =p

  3. Tsk tsk tsk... auntie drink tea la... just dun take Chinese tea. Auntie drink angmoh tea... Lipton, Twinnings, Darjeeling teas, Black Tea, and usually take them pekat pekat with 2 cubes of sugar.

    Auntie's favourite is rose tea, peach tea and apple tea. Very sedap.

    Anyway, thank you for the GIANT dinner. All portion so besar~

  4. I've always wanted to tryout these mid-eastern shops - many along Bukit Bintang. Food looks great... Must get down to doing that someday.

  5. Good review.. yes, Wadi should read this.. hehehe...

  6. Portion was huge but price is lovely!!!!

  7. Arabic cuisine....not my type. perhaps too much of spices in each type of dish..some with weird taste...**shudder**

  8. Looks good and mine will be the lamb.
    Owners who come over and meet their customers really care about the service and quality of food.

    This is a great way of drawing repetitive customers.

  9. Mama mia that's a LOT of food! You're making me hungry! I don't know of an Arabic restaurant in my area. Sure looks good, though!

  10. errr, i've never been there before although i just stay nearby leh.. i like hummus with the pita bread, nice!!

  11. Always loved Arabian cuisian. the food here looks really value fr money!

  12. Wah.... the portion of food is so GENG one, thanks for the recommendation(just jotted down the address, hope we can find the place)!^^

  13. i found that the price of the food wasn't too pricey...nice post...

  14. Lenglui witch

    LOL....maybe they will have a branch at Puchong soon

  15. Angel Bear

    Now you know la LOL....ya must go and try other dishes

  16. Auntie Cleff

    Perut kenyang, hati senang can zzzz lo

  17. STP

    then ones at BB might be expense. Dont know la

  18. Claire

    LOL...then maybe ge free makan from there next time is it? :P

  19. Sharon

    sorry too far cant courier to u LOL

  20. Yee Ling

    Tarak much weird la..similar to nasi beriyani like that lo

  21. Isaac

    Kiasu punya pasal ordered Big..mana tau it's so huge

  22. Lisa

    No wonder people say Arab people takes a few hours to finish their meal

  23. thenomadGourmand

    Worth the money

  24. Kumfye

    am surprised to at the price

  25. The portions are really HUGE. So did you end up having to tapau things back?

  26. Tarak tapau hook and by crook we makan all LOL

  27. They're offering Ramadhan Buffet... i went yesterday... my mate n i enjoyed it alot. Food were yummy :D

  28. Misschickenkiller

    Ooo...will try to go one of these days before it's over

  29. oooh the foood is soooo good! no joke guys u must go to wadi al-nile restaurant... and the price is cheaper than your average arab restauran...
    better food for cheaper price...
    awesome!!! im there every week or two... hehe

  30. Hamman

    Yes the food there is very delicious


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