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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Taiwan Blogger Fined $7,000 Over Restaurant Review

Mamarazzi was blog hopping this afternoon when she came across "Cindy's Lovely Life" Blog

The title of her post which captured Mamarazzi's attention was "Taiwan blogger fined $7,000 over restaurant review".

Mamarazzi googled and found the following from Here is the reproduction of the news.

A TAIWANESE woman was ordered to compensate a noodle shop $6665 for defamation after criticising the store as unclean and its food as "really bad" on her blog. 
Liu Ying-hui escaped a 30-day jail term, with the high court deciding to grant her a two-year suspended sentence after she agreed to compensate the shop, according to the verdict released by the court today.

Liu was convicted of defaming the shop in February for commenting on her blog in 2009 that its food was "really bad ... too salty" while the owner was a "bully" and the shop was "unclean with cockroaches", the verdict said.

A district court in central Taiwan ruled that her remarks "crossed the boundary of an appropriate review" since she had failed to prove her allegations.

It was the latest of a number of controversial rulings involving Internet commentaries, after a teacher was ordered to pay her dentist for calling him a "rat's dropping" in March, according to local media.

Scary. Does this means even bloggers not allowed to give negative reviews?  Everyone knows each person taste in food is different. What you like, I may not like. That is what makes us human.

She posted the link in her Facebook and got a reply from a friend who is in the legal profession. The advice was " If you want to do a 'personal' review when you are not a recognised expert, remember to cite or convey the message that the review is your own personal comments and may not represent the truth..'.

Thank you very much Mr Low for the advice. Hutang you 1 cup of Kopi, okay.


  1. Yup, should put a note in our post.

  2. thanks for the info, so next time will keep in mind dont suka2 review,mana tau end up kena saman...ish, ish, ish ,ish..

  3. Yes..i read about this news too..Scary hor. One bowl of noodle cost RM4.50 but after some comments, kena compensate 7000..chamzz

  4. Wow, tht was really a earth quaking news among bloggers!! Yalor, gonna be extra cautious about our review, better recite it's personal opinion!

  5. lagi tukang komplen nih...hahahahahaha...anyway will put that as a reminder for my disclaimer.

  6. Already commented on your link on Facebook. Malas want to repeat here...

  7. eh..i have done it.. phew.. that is close.. i have put up negative remarks before..

  8. fuiyooooO! scary lor lidat...

  9. Wyson

    Just have to be extra careful lo

  10. Yee Ling

    You google some more la. It seems there is cerita behind the cerita one

  11. Angel Bear

    kenot complaint so much lo

  12. STP

    already replied in FB too :P

  13. I saw this too- on the UK paper.

  14. My Quay Lo said in U S, restaurants owners sue people who write bad reviews all the time but seldom win the case. I feel sorry for the lady.

  15. Hah... must be sth wrong somewhere... I tellu, in the UK and the US... those who win is usually not restaurants owners.

  16. how's mamarazzi ? glad you've recovered and back blogging... :)

  17. wah, always have to be very careful, luckily i don't write food review, mamarazzi better be extra careful lor, hahaha!!

  18. Lucky to escaped a 30 days jail and unlucky that beef noodles was her most expensive meal in her whole entire life. Foodie bloggers will have to be careful with the choices of words.

  19. Ancoo

    The news is everywhere now.

  20. Mars Mell-o

    yes, when will you be back?

  21. SK

    ya lor have to be extra careful with words though my tiny blog tarak much readers.

  22. Bananaz

    AGree have to be careful with words. hmm...if we give positive comments which resulted in increase of business, I wonder whether we can claim part of the profit...

  23. Thanks for sharing this, I think I see this from the TV news. Sound scary ya, now whenever we do food post, better don’t simply make judgement or any review. :P


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