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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sucessful "Water Dogs" and Failed 1 Tonne Noodle

Puzzled about the title? "Water-dogs" is a slang for Dumplings coz the pronunciation for Dumpling is similar to pronunciation for "water" and "dog" in Cantonese.

As for the noodle, it's not as heavy as one tonne. The name is "Wantan Noodle". Well, it could have weight one tonne if it's massed produced.

Anyway, last month Mamarazzi posted about her "half-past 6" dumplings. Failed coz the soup was not tasty enough.

This round Mamarazzi copied the soup recipe from the noodle restaurant in Subang Permai.  Some meat, White Lobak(radish), Goji and dried red dates.

That's all?

 Need to be boiled overnight ah? Wow...
The next morning Mamarazzi prepared the same ingredient as last week. 

Chopped mushroom, water crest nuts, black fungus, smelly leaves, carrot, prawns and minced pork. All mixed together. Add some corn flour, salt and pepper.

Wrapped it up in the Dumpling skin. Put into hot boiling water to boil till cooked.

Wow! Chubby chubby "water dogs" . Hmm...these certainly not the mini Shih Tzu dog. It's more like Bulldogs.

It taste really delicious! This round, she put enough salt in the "Water Dogs" and the soup was simply out of this world. A delightful match with the "Water Dogs". 

Next time make "Water Dogs" have to make this soup.

 Papa likes "Fried Water Dogs". 

 No photo! No photo!

 Don't wanna take photo la every time I eat

Taste? Sedap lo...say not sedap next time Mamarazzi won't make pulak.

As for the Wan Tan Noodle to go with the "Water Dogs", it failed miserably. 

She boiled the noodle and let it go through cold water once before boil it again. Drained off the water and served with light soya sauce, dark soya sauce and fried garlic oil.

In the end, the noodle still have a strong smell. Mamarazzi suspected maybe the seller gave her old noodles.

Well, nevermind. Better luck next round.


  1. haha, of course the fried dumplings will taste nicer lah, they are more flavorful after deep fried.. sure most guys and kids will prefer that than soup ones~~ :D

  2. home made dumpling always the best can put whatever ingredients as much as u want!!!

  3. I love sui gao! dipped it in good chilli and it's yummy!!!

  4. the dumplings looks not bad at all. You can start opening a stall and selling these already

  5. The noodles looks real good. Too bad it did not taste right. Try again... Btw, what's the difference between sui kow and shui jiao? Look the same to me...

  6. are fast becoming a good cook...that water dog looks good. I am going to try on your recipe. I can imagine how good it is going to be when I was reading thru your recipe. Thumbs up. Shall try it soon. Thanks for the recipe :) I bet Joshua and hubby love them :) Better than eating out :p

  7. Hi SK, looks delicious. Not bad......Not many knows to make this.
    But regret I don't go overboard for these dumplings, nor dim sum.

    I guess reason being working days used to eat dim sum, or these won tan almost 3 times a week.....thus now I just avoid......I think past 25 years only eaten dim sum, or these dumplings maybe 3 times, ha ha.
    Have a nice day.

  8. Practice makes perfect hor! Very true statement.. i wanna try the water dogs too! hahaha... next time buy wanton mee from another staller.. maybe too much kan sui..

  9. The wantan noddle add a little sugar and sesame oil....

  10. 1 tonne noodle.....that's a witty way to refer to wantan noodle! LOL! For the water dog, so the secret to making it tasty is to put enough salt, correct? Otherwise the taste tak kena.

  11. Both the dumplings are lovely, seems like now I have to follow your recipes.

  12. at least the wate dog is successful...noodle maybe can try other type next time

  13. No outside food can compare to home cooked food. Whether it is dry dog or water dog, as long as not my dog, I will want to try. LOL!

  14. wow tak tahan la. semua sedap. i love dumplings

  15. SK

    Mamarazzi like the soup ones LOL

  16. Choi Yen

    Very true and can put as much liu as we want

  17. Isaac

    Sure? You come and eat or not?

  18. Mars Mell-o

    Good Morning to you too :D

  19. ELin looking forward to see how you improve this chiplak recipe. Sure ho chiak one

  20. Uncle Lee

    Lucky you. Din Sum so frequent and kept so fit

  21. Pete

    oo itu macam ka...okay will do that next round

  22. Nava

    do try it...I think you might like the fried version better.

  23. Veron

    hahaha...Definitely not your dog

  24. Tanakwagu

    time to make at home


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