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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

STP's Baked Prawns & Mamarazzi's "Sun Tanned" Prawns

In Mamarazzi post titled Prawns Prawns and More Prawns, STP suggested that she should try his recipe

That was what she did with the remaining Big Head Prawns. 

Thanks to STP, the mystery of the bitter taste was solved. 

It seems that Mamarazzi is supposed to use kitchen scissors, cut open the "Big Head" and pull out the black sac and throw away. It was that black thing which cause the bitter taste. That was what  she did.

Guai guai ah...all sit tight on a large piece of Chinese Cabbage leaf while Mamarazzi "Shower" you with chopped garlic and butter. 

Opps...don't have milk. Nevermind lah. Just tembak lah.

In goes the prawns into the oven. 

Jeng~Jeng~Jeng~ ..... "Sun tanned" Prawns.

Errrrr....sure can eat or not? Why not you try first ya, papa? 

Verdict? Not bad except that it's not salty enough. Mamarazzi had forgotten to add salt thinking that the butter is already salty.

Oh proud to announce that Mamarazzi had "Mastered" the art of making the Paku Pakis Cold Dish this round.

This round Mamarazzi just pour hot water over the Paku Pakis Vege instead of boiling them. She then quickly throw away the hot water and put the vege into ice water. Then left it in the fridge till it's time to serve. 

She added some chopped small onions instead of big onions. Then add some lime juice, sugar and fried ikan bilis and mixed them before serving. 

This round, the vege tasted just right.


  1. Got rub Coppertone on them or not? ha ha ha!

  2. Yummy...i wanna try too..

  3. Lucky auntie's mummy got sumbat auntie some sambal prawns... or else... auntie sure drool!

  4. See! I no play-play, bluff-bluff one. Memang I know what I'm doing and I know how to cook. I added cheese and milk...and sprinkled chicken/ikan bilis stock to make the gravy tastier... Never mind, Looks nice, good try....try again next time.

  5. Mmm...the steam prawn looks good. About the paku pakis, i love to cook it with sambal belacan...just like kangkung csambal belacan...

  6. hey kathy..i just bought 2 bundles of pakupakis yesterday.. why need to freeze them? i thought boil with hot water and stir fried with sambal... hehehe...

  7. Next time try cheese baked :p

  8. My favourite..steamed garlic butter prawn. Next time mamarazzi can consider adding 'tung fun' galss noodles in it...

  9. Looks really good!! Less salt also never mind, healthier! :)

  10. Hi Kathy, thanks so much for your visit. I just love prawns so this dish is mouth watering to me.. Hope I will see you back soon. Take care and have a good week. Diane

  11. The prawn looks yummy... but not for me... coz auntie don't like butter. Hehehe. :)

  12. Pete

    Habis wor...Mamarazzi lupa buy..the banana boat can ah?

  13. AUntie Cleff

    hahaha kempunan nanti

  14. STP

    Mamarazzi dont like cheese one s tarak put cheese lo

  15. ANgeline

    Great recipe from STP.

  16. Claire

    try make cold dish la,..nice

  17. Choi Yen

    ya ya try STP's recipe

  18. Yee Ling

    Not steam wor...bake. These big head prawn steam tak sedap :(

  19. Diane

    thanks for dropping by :D

  20. Paku Pakis Cold dish? I never tried it before.
    I wonder will it leaves strong and thick latex texture by eating it cold as compared to hot dish?

  21. Joanne

    Nope it doesnt have. It something like kerabu


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