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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Shopping At Yee Thye Biscuits & Dishonest Pomelo Vendor, Ipoh

What's the two ladies peeping at ? 

Got what inside there? Peep till can see bum bum. 

Wa...Asam Paste...steamed paste...sambal tumis... buy so much you sure you are going to cook or not? or saja wait till expire and masuk Tong Sampah?

 Special Sugar Free White Coffee for Papa.

And this Oink Oink Floss in Kuih Kapit is for me.

After that we headed to the Pomelo stalls to get some pomelo. This round the pomelo price have gone up. Cheapest are RM20 for 3. 

Mamarazzi saw one stall selling RM6 per fruit so she bought some from that stall. 

Unfortunately the owner was dishonest. Gave Mamarazzi fruits that are quite dried and over-charged Mamarazzi by RM4. 

Initially Papa wanted to turn back but Mamarazzi was lazy to go back and argue with the Lady. No point arguing with such dishonest person. 

Nevermind, once you are dishonest to Mamarazzi, she will remember punya. Once bitten twice shy. Don't think all is fine with  keeping quiet and sweep everything under the tilam. No more business to that stall.

Anyway, we continued our journey and pretty soon we all finished off the delicious Buah Jambu Air. Though its still green but it was very sweet.

At the next Rest Area, Mamarazzi went and bought some more Jambu Air. These were very sweet as well.
It was a very long journey. I spent the time playing with Kaw kaw and ate my way up north.


  1. Eh...small kucing also went Ipoh ah. Just went to Mommy Ling's blog and found out she also went Ipoh. teruk the vendor.

    We are planning to go Ipoh too this week. :)

  2. Once bitten twice shy, twice bitten never try. The jambu air is real huge..

  3. oh! bad pomelo sellers. Must whack backside! lol.

    Where were you heading to?

  4. Alot ppl is dishonest in this world wan la...suka suka telan ppl's money... den when they kena same problem, will cry foul. Cilaka wan la.

  5. Oooo...I would buy all those things too. Wanna try all. The green jambu - that's the variety lah. Green-green, can eat one. Just can't stand those dishonest sellers- they cheat once, people will never go again...see how long their business can last. In the end, sure bankrupt itu cilaka punya orang!

  6. 3 for 20rm is cheap already.. yeah, dont go to dishonest ones, boycott!

  7. Finally you are back!!!

    Gosh, how I miss Ipoh... we actually planned for a trip during last school break, but too bad my kids were unwell! At least I still can salivating at your post now! LOL!

  8. Mummy Gwen

    hahaha..looks like many people are heading towards Ipoh lo.

    Have a nice weekend. Hey, make sure sapu some of those sambal paste then can masak in Indon la

  9. Bananaz

    Bann that stall cukup cukup...

    Was rather surprised that the green jambu air was sweet also

  10. Isaac

    whack back side? naughty naughty

    Heading to your hometown :p

  11. Auntie Cleff

    Guess that vendor desperate for money gua. Maybe think we are from outstation so wont be coming back again.

    Mamarazzi was tempted to reveal the stall address here but not good lah. Maybe she got her reason

  12. STP

    Like that if you go Ipoh must bring a lot of $$ lo. They have all sorts of paste.

    Maybe the vendor saw our car plate and thought it's a one time business. Conn outstation people lo

  13. Claire

    already black listed that stall. Easy to recognise coz now the stall tarak tukar tempat like last time

  14. Alice

    AUgust coming soon. Long holiday. Can go lo

  15. Next time go Sin Eng Heong confectionary...Buy their kaya puff....damn nice!!!

  16. Finally u r back, hope u r OK now :)
    I love the jambu air too :)

  17. don't we all learn from mistakes on buying something and then realizing that its not good in quality.

    BTW, have not tried the green jambu before.

  18. Oink Oink Floss!! HAHA So CUTE. :)

  19. Wow, food looks so diff there! Even the fruit!

  20. i always buy biscuits and snacks from yee thye :)

  21. Sharon

    Not that far la..take flight lor. faster that way

  22. Yee Ling

    aiyak...should have ask u early early

  23. Choi Yen

    Much better already thank you. Only Papa still coughing :(

  24. Nava

    Ya learn from mistake. That's life. The green ones were surprisingly sweet

  25. Ramona

    when you have the time, do come visit Msia.

  26. Yup, agree, next time dont want to buy from that seller anymore. I passed by those fruit stalls in Bidor before but found the price to be exorbitant, so didn't buy any fruits there. I wonder whether Ipoh's price is cheaper than the fruits in Bidor? How much does the cooking pastes costs? I pernah buy assam pedas paste, Mak Nyonya brand, serving size for 4 people, price cheapest ever in Tesco was RM3.50. Tastes good. Then one day I found assam pedas recipe from internet, tried it and it tasted so, so, so much better than ready made paste punya. So from that time onwards, I never buy paste anymore, sendiri tumbuk the chilli, onions, etc to cook assam pedas, but of course more kerja lah....hehehehe.

  27. Alice

    Tumbuk sendiri one is of course taste better than paste la. I forgot how much already the price of the paste. Have had Tean brand before. Taste good.

    Fruit bought from rest area. Price not that expensive

  28. Ken

    Ooo....i thought the famous one in Ipoh is Yee Hup


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