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Friday, 10 June 2011

Restaurant Yuyi Bak Kut Teh, Old Klang Road mood. Sleepy ah. I was having a fine nap and Mamarazzi kacau-ed me. Eat again ar?

Okay, you guys order while I concentrate on pouring out the soya sauce.

Dried Bak Kut Teh. All agreed that this dish indeed was very delicious. In fact it's mouth watering as Mamarazzi is drooling all over the keyboard as she is typing up this post.

A bowl of "Tau Pok". Am surprised that the portion was quite big.

 This is one of Ms Siew and Mamarazzi's favourite dish. Claypot Chicken Wine. 

Wow...this shop put a lot of wine into it. One taste I feel like "floating" already.

 Xiao Bai Chai...hmmm...a bit old .

The Boss said this is "Soong" Fish Head. I don't know what is a "Soong" fish. Do anyone know what is a Soong fish?

There are a lot of meat in this piece of fish.

Another thing to praise about this shop is that they provided us with a bowl of Bak Kut Teh Soup to go with our white rice.

The soup taste very strong of BKT herbs. A bit too salty but goes well with white rice.

 Yumm...tummy full full already. Time to call for the bill.

Wow! surprising! Total RM60 only for 5 adults and 1 kid? Amazing


  1. Have not taste dried bak kut teh before, maybe its about time for me to venture on this.

    Surprisingly for someone who drink occasionally, I can't stomach the chicken wine dish although have tried a few times and gave up.

  2. I've always loved bah kut teh.. join you drooling :)

  3. Hey! What a coincidence! My post today - also 5 adults and 1 kid...but the kid's bigger than you. Primary 1 already.

  4. soon will be expensive jor lor... babi naik harga...

  5. though i find the dried BKT innovative, but then i still prefer the one with soup lor.. that's why it's call "Teh" right?? without the soup, maybe can called BK one~~ :D

  6. SmallKucing, your act on pouring the soya sauce looks so familiar cause Kit boy also loves doing this during almost every 'eating-out' meal.

  7. I always prefer this shop than the one at the corner near TESCO! I think this is better... btw, Soong fish is another type of garupa fish with the head got more meat than others..

  8. Luckily I just have my lunch. :D

    RM60 is very cheap. Hard to find shop giving such prices nowadays.

  9. Btw Soong fish is a type of fish.... don't know what it is called in English. It famous for its big fish head, so most people cook fish head with this type of fish. And it is not expensive.

  10. meat..RM60.where to get ler

  11. Why [SK] we got same taste would love to go for the soup too. Oh for those dried ones also called BKT but its Bak Kut Tar. Soong fish, no relation to Soong sisters eh. Sorry know how to eat dunno name in English, why STP no say one? Perhaps Pete may know the English name maybe even in BM too.

  12. Ah! BKT! I just had it two days ago, klang style BKT. We order one dried and one soup but the soup is those starchy type. I still prefer the soupy type.

    Skip my lunch today, i am so hungry by looking at the picture now.

  13. Bak Kut Teh ah? No tankiu for auntie. Wiwangwang later with all the herbs... summore auntie and ur kor kor alien will lausai if take pork! >.< Looks like we halal only punya barang baru boleh makan.

  14. Wow, reasonable price I'd say! Normally I hv 1 portion also cost about RM11 liao, exclude drinks some more!

  15. Dried BKT but gave separate bowl of soup... not bad wor.

  16. what? so cheap?! you guys full anot? worth it leh....

  17. Nava

    Not everyone can take Chicken Wine

  18. STP

    hahaha....same in KL one in Sibu

  19. Medie

    Ya lor everything naik harga

  20. SK

    There is one very nice in Kepong.

  21. Cynthia

    oh I see. Didnt know what is Soong fish

  22. Chee Yee

    Though buy outside is cheap but sampai shop and to the table the fish price increased lo

  23. Chloe's Mommy

    Ya lo...pandai make business. Can tempt us makan the soup one


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