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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Pan Mee at Restaurant Red Teahouse, Taman Sri Sentosa Old Klang Road

The first thing we saw when we sat under the tree was this "KUKUNUT" sign. Hmmm...interesting.

Mamarazzi said this shop have very delicious Pan Mee. Came out in "Ho Chiak" show before and she had ate here back in 2007. Check out the post here.

Looks like not many people today. Mamarazzi said the last time she were here, she had to wait quite long for table.

Service quite fast. Yummy bowl of Pan Mee

What's so special about this Pan Mee is that it's hand pulled Pan Mee and they can pull it very  LONG. Can see in the photo?

Taste delicious.The Cakur Manis vegetable was very young and sweet. The Ikan bilis was very crunchy. 

Mamarazzi discovered something different this round. The last time she was here, a small bowl of Pan Mee consist of about 5 slices of Pan Mee only. 

This round, she was pleasantly surprised to see a small bowl of Pan Mee have a lot of noodle when compared to previous visit.

Hmm...I really "drop spectacles" loh...price of things increased but the portion of noodle increased too? Usually it's the opposite.

Conclusion? Must come again lor. 

Here is the address in case you wish to have a try No 28 Jln Seri Sentosa 9A/133, Tmn Sri Sentosa. Tel : 016-2883911. Open Tuesday - Sunday from 8a.m. to 3p.m.


  1. Whoever the writer of the signboard is... definitely qualified for auntie's creative writing class. KUKUNUT. ROFLOL.

  2. lol kukunut ar?

    nice to see they increase the portions as well when they up the price :P

  3. Kuku punya nuts, dua bijik kah? Muahahahahaha!!!! Nice panmee! Yum!

  4. It's probably hard to pull out the noodles without breaking them, huh. Looks delicious, and love the cutie with the sunglasses;)

  5. Wonder whether the KUKUNUT is purposely spelt wrongly so as to promote? :)

  6. Mamarazi, now I no need to make available for the Ah Xian 'ren chin wei' show already, I just need to be a frequent visitor to your blog is good enough joh.

    so many makan place.

  7. Wow! Small kucing *hoe yau yeng* with the sunglasses. Long pan mee and pengsan with kukunut, its a great gimmick to catch our attention.

  8. Pan Mee, one of my fav food.

  9. Wah...Pan mee!! darn hungry now.

  10. If price increase, serving size also increase, means they "force" us to eat more, indirectly they trying to increase their sales but not really increase profit. :)

  11. he he he, can't stop laughing....ku ku nut....ha ha ha!

  12. haha, what is that "kukunut", coconut or something else?? wow, the pan mee really long lor, but then how to eat?? one shot finish all?? hehe~~

  13. I love PAN MEE! :D Especially the one at chowyang.

  14. LOL about the "Kukunut"! That's Chinaman's English for you! ^_^

  15. There is one Pan Mee shop in Chow Yang SS2. It seems it is the branch from Batu Road, quite delicious!

  16. Have to agree with you that the Pan Mee looks so yummy and its my fav too.

    The fried ikan bilis just oozes out the taste added inside.

  17. Kukunut is just too farneeee! LOL! The panmee is so special. 1st time I see big and long slices like that. Looks good wor.

  18. Auntie Cleff

    LOL...will pass them your phone number

  19. Isaac

    ya last time portion was quite small

  20. STP

    Pengsan or not with the sign

  21. Courtney

    yes, it's very hard to pull like that and they wash it a few time in hot water to make it tastier

  22. Bananaz

    Dont think the sign is by that shop. Maybe one of the hawkers outside the shop. But it's very eye catching :P

  23. Angeline

    do come this shop and try.Sedap

  24. Chee Yee

    at least least now no need to order two bowls lo. Last tme mahal and noodle a bit only. Now better

  25. Pete

    dont get locked jaw enough

  26. SK

    If you dare to one shot finish all :p

  27. iriene

    Heard of that but never try before

  28. Nava

    The Ikan Bilis was very crunchy.

  29. Chloe's Mommy

    Memang special lo.


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