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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Pan Ki Dim Sum, Seri Petaling

Last weekend Mamarazzi woke up dreaming of eating Pau. Since we were heading to Seri Petaling, we decided to makan Dim Sum at Pan Ki Dim Sum.

 Very long time have not been to this shop already. Papa and Mamarazzi used to makan here a lot.

 It was nearly noon. Not much crowd. 

 Mamarazzi ordered some dim sum. Not much variety left as it was late already. Taste not bad la.

 The one was Mamarazzi's favourite. It have herbal taste and a lot of Goji in it. Yummmm....

Mamarazzi ordered two Sang Yuk Pau. Taste quite good.

Papa ordered a bowl of Century Egg porridge for himself but kena sabotaged by me. I wanted his bowl of porridge. He had to get another bowl for himself. 

Papa said the porridge taste okay but Mamarazzi did not like the porridge coz to her it was too gooey. I didn't finish my bowl of porridge. Papa makan all.

Address :84a Jalan Radin Tengah, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


  1. you made me miss Loh mai kai esp those wrapped in lotus leaves (most shop only put in plastic containers)...used to have it first thing before ngap the rest....


    *looking for her makan2 friends*

  2. Aha! Typical KL dim sum! We have something like that here too now... Annie-Q took me to Sri Petaling but the best one was closed...and we ate at another one. She said not so good but I thought it was nice. Good enough for me!

  3. Thats some really delicious looking dim sum.. think I want some now. *heads off in search of dim sums nearby my company*

  4. Kathy, where about you're staying? Are you staying around the new Jusco between Klang/Shah Alam? They're actually pretty close, right! My brother is staying at Klang about 3km away from the Klang Express bus station. I'll have to say Klang's food is still not as good as the Northern food. *wink* The food around Ampang & Setapak are still OK...much better than Klang. What do you think?

  5. aw. i miss dim sum in M'sia.

    they look tasty!

  6. great food for a light meal, esp the Dim Sum.

  7. That dim sum looks great. Thank you for always leaving kind comments on my blog. I appreciate your blog friendship. Hugs ♥

  8. hahah...dreaming of got lau hau sui or not? i also took pau and dim sum today.. in shanghai something.. here in penang..

  9. Ohhh... should give it a try, we always patron the other shop!^^

  10. siu mai with herbal taste, nice wor... never see b4 :)

  11. Wah....paiseh-lah, I stayed in Sri Petaling recently also tak pernah makan from this shop! Hehehe! The one my hubby took me to oe is in Kuchai corner lot.

  12. Angel

    Hard to find la the ones wrapped in Lotus leaves

  13. STP

    Next time come Sg Buloh Dim Sum. Sedap and cheap

  14. Isaac

    hahahaha...dont eat too much...there is lunch still

  15. Kristy

    at Shah Alam. Price of food everywhere is going up

  16. Richard

    Not only look tatsty but it's tasty too

  17. Katherines

    Hope to see you here more often.

  18. Claire

    wah makan till Penang ah?

  19. Alice

    This one is one of the pioneer

  20. Choi Yen

    There is one in Sg Buloh also sedap one.

  21. Alice

    Heard so much about the Kuchai one . Yet to try


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