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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

New World Park Food Court @ Swatow Lane, Penang

After bum bum nearly gone, we finally arrived.

I had a nice nap 

Two weeks before that, Papa booked an apartment near the beach. The Agent told Papa, okay okay no problem. 

The day before we set off, Papa called the Agent again to enquire about collecting keys to the apartment. 

That #$@*&% agent then told Papa the apartment is not available. He gave some nonsense excuse. Said the owner could not find the keys to the apartment. 

Really...what kind of excuse is that? Can't find the keys after two weeks and he had to wait Papa to contact him to say that? What would have happen if Papa had not called him?? How the heck he do business like that? No sense of responsibility at all.

In the end, Papa got fed-up with the nonsense excuses by the Agent and we booked into Vistana Hotel apartment.

Well, it looks like a blessing in disguise.

The Apartment at Vistana was very spacious and rather comfortable.

Accomodation kao tim. It's time for the next most important thing in the agenda...MAKAN.  

Mamarazzi heard so much about this "New World Park Food Court" at Swatow Lane.

We lost no time and head to the Food Court. Was looking forward to the great food.

She ordered Asam Laksa (RM3-50). Very disappointed. The fish meat was minced and the Asam Laksa taste not strong enough for Mamarazzi.

Papa was looking forward to having Char Keow Teow. 

We had a real shock when the CKT arrived. What the....Taukeh got kasi wrong or not? Fried Crab Filament as toppings? Must be a new fusion type of CKT for new generation of diners. Mamarazzi preferred old fashion CKT. 

Portion was small. Price was RM4, if not mistaken.

Fruit Rojak. Taukeh! We are not dead yet need to poke 3 sticks like that making it look like "joss-stick" on the plate. I kid you not. The plate of Rojak really arrived with the 3 sticks poking out like that.

Mamarazzi order Keow Teow Th'ng for me. 

Taste ordinary. Nothing to shout about.
Oh Chien..same..nothing to shout about.

Uncle Patrick's bowl of Curry Laksa. He wanted yellow noodle with Bihun. The Vendor said they run out of yellow noodle. Uncle Patrick then told him he doesn't want and walked away. The Vendor then called Uncle Patrick back and said no problem. Can have yellow noodle. 

In the end, this bowl of Curry Laksa arrived with a lot of bihun but just a few strands of Yellow Noodles and the soup was as bland.Then Vendor must have "borrowed" a few strand of yellow noodle from other stalls in order not to miss the sale.

RM18 plate of Lobak.

Cendol (RM2-50) for Papa. Taste ordinary.

I had ABC Special(RM4). What's so special? coz it got 4 types of fruits in it. I didn't finish it coz I didn't like the mixed fruits.

After the unsatisfactory meal, we went jalan-jalan around the Food Court.

I bodek-ed Uncle Patrick to treat me for Kiddy Rides

Saw some "horses" and I had "rides'

Got gaya or not?

Wa..this one looks like Papa leh. Sayang..sayang...

Later Mamarazzi contacted her pal who is a native of Penang that she got to know that her pal seldom goes to that food court anymore. But the good thing about the place is that it's clean. 

Her friend told her the Food Court mainly cater for Breakfast and lunch crowds. As we went during dinner time, most stalls were closing. Maybe that was why uncle Patrick bowl of Curry Noodle was water down

Maybe we should have gone during lunch time. Saw some real nice comments in other blogs. You could go and have a try during breakfast and lunch.

Note : This review in this blog is our personal comments and may not represent the truth.


  1. hehehe... this Nov i'm going to Penang for the Penang Bridge Run :)

  2. Ish ish ish... so irresponsible! Excuse aje lah... that feller oredi rented to another person la... den did not say! Another of those asshole who susahkan hidup orang lain aje!

  3. oh no you really had a bad experience at this eatery :( sorry.. But when we were there, the food was ok, probably different stalls?..

  4. Hey! The cendol nice lah... Where can get any thing nicer in KL? Melaka, I've had nicer ones...but this one's good enough.Never had all the other things there, so no comment! I liked the pasembur...the steamed yam cake...the Penang-style nyonya otak-otak...and can't remember what else there. Anytime, a million trillion zillion times better than that Gurney Drive place....@#$%^&*!!!!!

  5. Thank you so much for coming by my blog .. I decided I can no longer blog while half asleep ! LOL


  6. Awww, sounds like a bad experience for you there upon your arrival in Penang. First the accommodation, then the sad that you get to see Penang that way. Maybe you should consider other places in town next time :)

  7. LOL at the rojak that came with the 3 much of rantings over the food..chamzz...but luckily paparazzi managed to get a comfy apartment for u all.

  8. Yes, the food there is not that nice.. only the ang tau sar perhaps can be taken.. i opt for others like in penang road, mcalister.. ah ling famous ckt opposite federal hotel.. i m not so familiar but turn round and round, can find something.. hahaa..

  9. OH I Went there too last few weeks! the food is good! :)

  10. @Claire....since when i got CKT stall at Penang.....ahahahahhaha **perasan mode***

  11. your post on fruit rojak makes me LOL!

  12. TZ

    After the run can makan puas puas lo

  13. Auntie Cleff

    Ya lo...lucky we didnt end up sleeping on the street. I think he messed up la. Must have forgotten that we book already

  14. Isaac

    Ya lo...must have been different stalls. The good ones have closed for the day gua :(

  15. STP

    Got nicer cendol leh...and cheaper too. Less than rm2. Watch out for the post. Coming soon

  16. Kirsten

    LOL....Mamarazzi also always blog half asleep

  17. Christy

    No big deal. When on holidays there are sure to be some ups and downs

  18. Yee Ling

    ye lo....memang look like joss-stick.

  19. Claire

    No worries as the next day we found nicer food

  20. Henry

    Guess we ordered from the wrong stalls lo

  21. Yee Ling

    wahh u quiet quiet open CKT stall and become si tao por in Penang tarak invite me makan there ah? :p

  22. I still prefer to eat at old coffee shops in Penang.....

  23. Never mine about the food being not that great, but your son had a great time.

    Surprisingly I was at Penang last weekend too. I have to agree with you that not all the food here is that great as ppl claim.

    My hubby seems more happy with the food we get in Kl and Selangor rather then at Penang.

  24. Having some bad experiences with Penang..first with hotel and then hawker food. Hope you get some nice and satisfied meals after Sawtow lane.

  25. Although I have never eaten at the food court at Swatow Lane but have eaten in other hawker stalls/food courts in Penang, I still say (in my opinion lah), Klang Valley hawker food still tastes better than Penang hawker food! But again I may be wrong - maybe I didn;t go to the right stalls in Penang, or maybe I may be too used to the Klang Valley taste. I am one person who do not agree that the best food in Malaysia can be found in Penang!

  26. Pete

    Thought try out new things lo. Mana tau not suit our taste. Maybe we are old fashion la. Suit younger crowd and foreign tourist la.

  27. Nava

    Food everywhere also will have hit and miss. Some you may like but I don't like. It's individual taste.

    Like Mamarazzi preferred stronger taste Asam Laksa but to some people this bowl of asam laksa might be the prefect blend.

  28. Alice

    It depends on individual taste lo. Some like it this way some like it that way.

    But one thing to puji is the Food Court is clean la. And have things to entertain kids like the kiddy rides.

  29. LOL!! Where got people serve rojak like that wan!?!??! Funny!! Very unique ma. :)

  30. Wa,,, you came to Penang, also no contact me one ka,, how can? must let me got chance to buy you small and big kucing some makan ma..........sigh.

    next time you must come see me, i take you sure no regret one,,ok by the way thank you for spending money in Penang, on behalf of Ah Eng, i say thank you ,kekkekekekekeke

  31. OMG, the CKT *shaking head*

  32. the apartment looks very nice woh, clean and tidy and simplistic!! but then nothing beats the food lor, all look so yummy!! i want to eat!!!

  33. Choi Yen

    New style. Have a try. Maybe you will like it.

  34. Eugene

    The trip very rush lo. No time to contact anyone.

  35. Lindy

    maybe foreign worker that put la and they dont know how it looks to us lo

  36. Ah! The rojak, I thought you all put like that. Hehehehhehe.

    I don’t know actually we cannot put the stick like this, till I married, then my parent in law told me, cannot poke the stick or chopstick like that, very pantang.

  37. Annie

    My Po Po very pantang type of person so Mamarazzi know lo. It's not nice to poke the 3 sticks like that. Should put at the side of the plate like what the Lobak Seller did.


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