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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Mystery of The Big Head Prawns

Papa brought home 3 kg of these Big Head River prawns the other day. See...all fat fat and and full of "eggs".

Mamarazzi tried making Soya Sauce Prawns but the taste turns out weird. Papa said the head taste bitter. Maybe these Big Head Prawns are not suitable for that type of cooking

Then Mamarazzi remembered that Auntie Little Bird gave her some Asam Pedas Paste. Hence, she tried making Asam Pedas.

The Assam Pedas turns out looking good but the taste was still horrible to Mamarazzi. 

There is still that weird taste. Very strong smell. The prawns were not rotten. Uncle Patrick, Auntie Florence and Papa ate and said taste alright. Nothing weird. Papa commented that the head tasted bitter.

But Auntie Siew said she also smelled strong smell. Mamarazzi suspected that it's due to the prawns "eggs".

Till now, the mystery remained unsolved.

Auntie Florence cooked Curry Prawns. Taste much better than Mamarazzi's Asam Pedas Prawns. Too bad not enough curry else Papa can dip in bread and it would taste heavenly.

Pity me...can't eat those prawns as its spicy. 

 Mamarazzi steamed eggs for me to eat with rice. Chicken + salted duck eggs. 

She also boiled some Kai Lan with oyster sauce for us.

After the "spicy" lunch, Mamarazzi asked who wants "ice cream". Of course I was the first to arrived to the fridge.


  1. Funny, my little one also says that she loves ice cream too. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from voiceBok.
    have a Great awesOme Day!!! Barbara,

  2. big owh...!

    never had prawns with eggs before...anyway, angelbear prefer use the head to make prawn stock to cook tomyam~~~

    however, the food still looks nice... =)

  3. hmmm, really mystery huh?? by right fresh prawns won't taste bitter woh.. maybe you should post a forum to discuss this will experts, ahaha..

  4. I'm not sure why it turned bitter as well cause I don't like taking the head. If not mistaken, you need to wash away something from the head which caused the bitterness. Asam should be perfecto for this kind of fresh water prawn. Enjoy & have a great day ahead.

  5. No leh? We always fry with soy sauce, ginger and wine... Dunno fresh or not and some say they use electricity to catch...not good those prawns. How much 1 kg there?

  6. the asam version looks appealing wor.

  7. Yum. I love big headed river prawns. They're so juicy. Haven't had one since a long time, so I can't remember if I ever tasted the bitter awful taste before. Asam pedas or simply sambal prawn is the best style.

  8. the prawn eggs turned rotten perhaps?? not so sure..just now bought lala.. tonight will cook them.. hope no chow!

  9. The dishes look good to me! About prawn head tasting bitter, unfortunately I also don't know why leh.

  10. lovely cooking and surely looks delicious, wow, what a major improvement in cooking, love the veg.

  11. i always find it cute when reading the word "mamarazzi".. why papa is not "paparazzi"? lol..

    love prawns.. but i cant have it spicy too :P

  12. Hmm, the prawns fresh or not??

  13. Hehe, must teach little kucing to enjoy some spicy food :)

  14. If it is freshwater prawns like those from Tg Tuallang, I like to eat them with the eggs and suck the roe from the head. We steam the prawns with ginger, some salt and wine. We even drink the juice/gravy. I'm not sure why yours is bitter woh but do be careful in case it is due to pollution. Some toxins in food cannot be eliminated even after cooking. Otherwise can use the heads to cook prawn mee ;>)

  15. That sweet face in the "pity me" picture is just too cute!

  16. omg..the asam pedas is drooling!! yummy,!!

  17. Barbara

    Thanks for dropping by :D

  18. Angel Bear

    The heads so big. Heavy also

  19. SK

    found out from STP that should be the black sac on the head. Must remove. Mamarazzi did not remove

  20. Kristy

    Papa loves the head. Found out from STP that need to remove the black sac.

  21. STP

    duno how much...Papa bought one.

  22. Yee Ling

    But got funny taste lo...must be the eggs

  23. Gus

    partly sucessful "cooking" lo

  24. ALice

    found out the reason jor from STP

  25. Nava

    Ya Mamarazzi like to put a lot of vege into the kari

  26. Ken

    Coz Papa tarak gila follow me around and curi curi snap my photo mah

  27. Isaac

    naughty naughty....later Mamarazzi sumbat me eat cili again

  28. Autumn

    That was what Papa said. Use the head to make Prawn mee soup LOL

  29. Mars Mell-o

    Looks nice but taste kaput :(

  30. Fuyoh, I was drooling even the prawn is uncooked. :-)

  31. Joanne

    Be carefulllll.....later your PC rosak from the drool :p


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