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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Medan Selera Kuchai Lama, Old Klang Road

We pass by this place a few times. Always saw a lot of cars park along the road. It's located opposite the Rockwill Office and Old Klang Road Police Station, at the junction turning to Puchong.

Wondering whether this is the Food Court from Kuchai Entreprenuer's Park which have moved here.

Quite a lot of things to eat. Not sure what is good. No recommendation from people

Hence we simply tembak. Lime with Asamboi drink and Teh Si Ice.

 Mmmm......nice nice. 

 Papa round and round and round...this was was he end up with. Taste. Okay lah

 Am hungry. I want noodle. I have money to pay.

 Mamarazzi ordered Claypot Noodle with Chicken for me. Mamarazzi said taste ordinary only but I was very hungry and I walloped all.

Papa was still hungry so he ordered the Fried Keoy Teow. Taste also ordinary. 

Hmm...anyone been to this food court yet? Any recommendation?


  1. hey..try pete's post place .. that one quite cheap?

  2. LOL... I hv no idea whether I hv eaten at ths place or not(is ths place new), but the drinks sure look good!

  3. becoming fat kucing like dat!

  4. Never been. But Old Klang Road - kopitiam right beside Pearl International Hotel (to the right) - food there quite nice...

  5. hey, KLFC!! i've just been there two weeks ago.. quite impressed with the place because of the vast food array, but then i'd say the food so-so only lor~~

  6. long time din heard from you edy hor?

  7. I also pass by this place regularly. But yet to try..

  8. Sometimes I think we just have to try and taste to find out ourselves on the taste of the food.

  9. this used to be n Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, but later kana demolished for new development.. I was there with my family members earlier, and things don't seems to be the same anymore... nothing really worth to shout about like what it used to be...

  10. Claire

    Ya that one is in Kota Damansara

  11. Chris

    Then can audition to be "Garfield" lo

  12. STP

    Old Klang Road ahave a lot of good food. Next time if got luck will bring u eat dry BKT at Old Klang Road

  13. SK

    Means you also have not discover any good food there yet la?

  14. Nava

    ya differnt people have different taste buds

  15. Wah, I didn't know that the old Kuchai Lama's medan selera has moved to that part of Old Klang Road. I remember it was demolished but don't know where the hawkers have moved to. Last time when still at old location, hubby and I would go for the o-chien and spicy bamboo lala stir-fried with kacang botol. Sedap! But now at new location, don't know already lah....things may have changed.

  16. ALice

    ya lo now moved already. Parking susah a bit.


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