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Monday, 27 June 2011

Foh San Dim Sum, Ipoh

Hello! Missed me? I am back. Sorry to have made some of you worry. Yes, I was ill for awhile. Then followed by Mamarazzi and then Papa too.

My Kaw-kaw came back from New Zealand and we drove up north for a Makan-Makan Trip. Can you guess where I went to?

 Hint hint...

Anyone recognised this place? Sure Auntie Claire recognised. Came here for the Dim Sum.

It was a week day, hence there were no crowd. Parking was rather hard to come by.

Mamarazzi ordered this Double Skin Steamed Milk(RM3-80) for me. Taste good. There was a hint of ginger syrup in it. A bit too sweet for Mamarazzi's taste buds.

 Fried Yam Pastry (RM3-20). This one manyak sedap oh.

 Siew Mai (RM3-80). Taste a bit salty.

Fish Dumpling (RM3-50).

 Fried Prawns Dumplings (RM4). Yumm..

 Fried Wan Tan (RM3). Hmm... rather expensive.

 Char Siew Pau(RM3-20). Love the fluffy skin but the meat in it was rather too sweet. 

Nam Yee Pau (RM3-20) .

 Steamed Pork Rib(RM4). Good. Heavy taste of wine.

 Errr...forgotten the name. Taste average only

 Black Pepper Siew Mai (RM3-50). Taste good.

Phoenix Dumpling. Forgotten the price. Taste average. The skin was rather thick.

 Same goes for the Har Kow 

Auntie Florence really enjoyed the Xiu Long Pau

 Steamed Beancurd Rolls(RM3-80)

Supreme Prawns Siew Mai(RM5-50) Taste ok-ok but rather expensive.

Mmmnnnmm.....perut kenyang already....

To Mamarazzi, the Dim Sum here tasted average and rather pricey. But this is her sole opinion. Each person's taste buds are different. 

Well, at least now when people asked if I have been to Foh San, I can say that I have. Here is the address just in case you wish to have a try.  

Address: 51 Jalan Leong Sin Nam, 30300 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia
Tel: (605) 254 0308
Fax: (605) 253 5432

And a special Thank You to Auntie Claire for purposely drove to meet us and gave me a bag full of Enid Blyton's book. Thank you!!!


  1. haha, recovered from sickness and cannot wait to go for good food again huh?? oh wow, look at those dimsum, so super duper yummy..

  2. i think the dim sum is not value for money especially for Klang Valley people like us. We need to drive 200+ Kilometer to take the expensive dim sum.

  3. Yalor...stay away so long! Next time you go some place, come back quick, quick! Wah...I see you've grown a bit bigger already... LOL!!! This dim sum looks quite good...but still a bit kasar - not like the hotels' Chinese restaurants' ones...but certainly better than many places in KL that I've seen. I bet the taste is great - best in Ipoh?

  4. Didn't eat Dim Sum for quite some times...

  5. hahahaa.. i was wondering why the bag so familiar one! hey, those are old bookies.. u r helping me in a way, now i have more space in my racks! hahaha..
    yes, the dim sum are not that nice in foh san.. expensive too.. i prefer the one opposite.. Ming Court or Yoke Fook Moon next to foh san.. next time u must try them...

  6. I think this restaurant is over rated everyone go Ipoh must gip a try. Next time, we shud try Ming Court..

  7. SK

    The Dim Sum some suits our taste, some not lor.

    Ya recovered jor. Papa still coughing though

  8. TZ

    Since drove up north lo might as well try out the Dim Sum lo. So many people puji. But as usual, there are sure to be some hits and missed

  9. STP

    next time come Sg Buloh. The Dim SUm nice

  10. Sharon

    Hmm......dont like dimsum ?

  11. Claire

    Have been yook Fook Moon. Didnt really like it also. Maybe next round try the Ming Coyrt and China one. ..well..that would be another story right hahaha

  12. Yee Ling

    Ya least can say makan there before hahaha...ya next time try ming court pulak. jom go together?

  13. omg omg omg the food is delish!!!! yums...n glad u r bk!

  14. Take care of your health!! :)Dim Sum, me likey! :D tHE YAM PUFF LOOKS DELICIOUS! :D

  15. long time didnt eat there edy.. :)

  16. the yam pastry is my fav at dim sum.
    Looks like you had a glorious time with the many varieties.

    Am glad to see you again here and waiting for your next recipe.

  17. I find FS very expensive too, esp after moving to their new premise... more high class now compared with their old shop last time. I'm not crazy over the food there too but my in-laws suka.

  18. Welcome back! Now can roar out loud purr-fectly recovered. Agree Dimsum aint cheap nowadays. Once in a while should be OK but not daily.

  19. Hahaha....sembuh already, so now can go for long distance makan-makan trip! Good to hear that you all are now up and running already!

  20. Alamak you made me drooling for dim sum now.....

  21. Yummyyy, tasty dim sum. I used to love Enid Blyton books during school. Not sure whether I still have them at home.

  22. Welcome back... now u make auntie drool... but not over the food... over the Enid Blyton books. Haihh... u kno rite auntie punya kawan damn jahat? Pinjam buku auntie tak kasi balik. Dah la tu... ask her go and cari the buku, she pulak dilly dally there and kasi so many excuse and try to push responsibility to other ppl. Auntie HATE THIS KIND OF PPL! If rosak... or hilang, just say la...terus terang wif auntie so that can arrange for other compensation or wud... ini tidak... tak mau terus terang, buat bodoh aje. Cilaka betul! U grow up liao dun be like this kind of ppl... or else auntie dowan to kawan wif u.

  23. Hrm... overall your verdicts for this Dim Sum restaurant weren't nice, mayb I should not patron it if I ever visit Ipoh again!

  24. Double Chin

    Some of the dim sum suits us some not la :P

  25. Ken

    LOL...there are many other shops there

  26. Lindy


    Ya the Yam Puff was fresh so nice to eat

  27. Nava

    Ya..It's nice to have Dimsum with a lot of people. Can order more variety

  28. Chloe's Mommy

    Never been to their old shop. Next time you bring your in-laws to Khee Way Sg Buloh la. Cheaper and nicer

  29. Bananaz

    Ya once in awhile is okay. Too much Dimsum also boring and burn a hole in the pocket

  30. ALice

    Die die also have to sembuh fast fast lo...went see doctor and jab jab bum bum leh

  31. Chee Yee

    one of the morning come here la..the Khee way dim sum very nice

  32. Thristhan

    Enid Blyton are classic..dont throw

  33. Auntie Cleff

    ayam ayam...dont cry...Auntie Claire got give duplicate. Will pass the duplicate to you okay..dont cry...

  34. ALice

    It depends on your taste buds la. WHat we dont like, you may like leh.

  35. Foh San restaurant is so nice already ah! Haven't been there for ages.

  36. So lucky of you, got to have Enid Blyton's books. Can you recommend me some of the Enid Blyton's books that you think suitable for my 5 year old girl? I plan to order from amazon.

  37. Caca

    Ya they moved on 2 july 2008 or something

  38. Caca

    Do try the Wishing Chair series, The magic Faraway tree series and the red/blue/yellow/green storybook series. I love them when i was younger.

    Then when she is a bit older maybe you like to let her read The St Claire Twins series and The Malory Tower series. Teaches about responsibility and getting on with friends.


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