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Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Children's Life of Christ- The Tale of The Shepherd and The Lost Sheep

I found a lost kitty at KFC the other day. Poor kitty was hungry. 

Poor must have been very scared just like the lost sheep in Enid Blyton's "The Children's Life of Christ- The Tale of The Shepherd and The Lost Sheep" book.

Some people had commented that Jesus should not go about with sinners. In order to show these people of God's love, Jesus told them a parable.

He asked the people to think supposed that there was a Shepperd with a 100 sheep. If one of the sheep wandered off and got lost in the hills where it may come to harm, would the shepherd not go looking for the sheep? Of course he would. He would seek out the sheep and lead it back to the fold. When he found the sheep he would rejoice.

It's the same with the Kingdom of Love. There is more joy over one sinner who is brought into the Kingdom of Love.

Just the same like the Shepperd , I wanted to bring the kitty home and feed it but Mamarazzi said no. Maybe the kitty Mama and Papa is looking for it.

Instead of bringing it home, I fed it some of my KFC burger.
Nobody was at the Playland. So Kitty and me went and play in the Playland for a short while before going home

We played slide

We played tunnel

We bounced.

We jumped.

But pretty soon it was time to go home.


  1. These pics are so adorable. Thank you for stopping by Espanol para Ninos. I appreciate your comments. I post book recommendations every week so keep visiting. Many of the titles can be found at Amazon or your local library. For your convenience, there are links at the bottom of my posts. Thanks and love to hear from your blog.

  2. LOL... ur Alien kor kor sked of holding a kitty liao... cuz always kena Meow Meow bully. =.= That lost kitty so sweet, din bite you or scratch u. See... even kitty oso knows how to sayang sayang and show their gratitude, something that human should learn from them.

    Sometimes, animals are better than human... they are more grateful, they are good to you as long as you're good to them and not to mention, you can tell them secrets cuz they wun back-stab you or tell others about it. =D

  3. Aiyor...stray cat you also touch. No wonder your papa vampire said you're sick. Take care, get well soon.

    P.S. The lost sheep...already jadi lamb chop, rack of lamb, lamb shank... Yum! LOL!!!

  4. that a stray cat or that princess's cat? Joshua really not scared of dogs and cats, hor...

  5. cute kitten, perfect for small kucing :P

  6. Your son loves the cat very much ya, keke...

  7. Poor Kitty....but nvm,at least kor kor get to play with the kitty

  8. Yes, it's good to teach young children compassion for animals.

  9. What a great thing to do although cannot give shelter to the cat.

    Wonderful time with your kid.

  10. sometimes, there's a joy by just giving a stray kitty a pat on the head, or give its meal of the day.

    Beruang did that too...sometimes even talk to the kitty (LOL!) that her driver geleng2 kepala...

    Someday might own one. =)

  11. Angel

    Ya maybe someday will have a cat


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