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Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Children's Life of Christ- The Tale of The Fisherman/Cats Poo

Ohh! it's such a hot day. Very nice day for a dip in the pool.

Gosh! It's fun to play in the pool.

Paddle paddle paddle...

Papa said am getting too tall for the kiddies pool. I can sit in the pool with my head above the water now.

Playing in the pool reminds me of the bedtime story that Mamarazzi read for me from Enid Blyton's book "The Children's Life of Christ- The Tale of The Fisherman"

It was said that the Kingdom of Heaven is like a fisherman's net which he and his friends cast into the sea. When the net is heavy and full, the fisherman and his friends will pull up the net and  row the boat to the shore.

There, they will sort out those fishes that are good and and throw away those fishes that are bad. That is what it's gonna be at the end of the world. The Angels would come. Those people good people will go to heaven and those bad ones will be cast away.

Speaking of bad people....whose stinky shoes is that?

Yuck.....please don't put at the side of the pool. There are space provided for you to keep your shoes. 

Some people are really bad. Don't have common courtesy

Some neighbors here likes to rear cats. I love cats. I wish I can have a kitten as pet. 

But then the cats that the neighbor rear are very naughty. They likes to poo all over the corridor. The owner would pretend as if nothing happen and turn a blind eye on the poo although we very well know that the poo are from their cats. 

If you want to rear pets then at least be responsible to your pets and neighbors. 

Haiz...a visitor even commented to people that my home is stinky because of the cats poo at the corridor. whose stinky shoes is that ...better go and keep before Mamarazzi throw it away!


  1. Good boy ! Good boy!! Uncle sayang...!

  2. Your boy is so brave, my girl still hv to rendam with a cartoon float or hand bands!=_=

  3. They say sprinkle chilli powder. That will drive the cats away...

  4. nice to see your son having a great time with a great smile.

  5. Aiyo... cat poo wud can do? Not ur fault ma... it is the owner's fault, tarak toilet train. :(

    Den visitors complain ah? Say ur rumah got smell poo ah? Den dun go ur house lo...some things are not under ur control ma... bising ur house got poo smell... what can u do? Takkanla go cari pasal wif neighbour pulak kot? Tak baik bermusuh wif neighbours. Mana tau next time nid their help...

  6. do you send your kid to swimming class? :)

  7. Put a sandbox near the owner's house....let the cat pooh pooh there....

  8. he loves the water! and look at the nice pool! love the cat poo talk ;)

  9. STP

    tried already. WOrks for 1 day onlt then come back again

  10. Nava

    Ya playing in the pool

  11. Pete

    sigh...later the whole box also hilang

  12. @Cikgu... cannot sprinkle chili powder... some cats will lick cat makan pedas wan... if use this way not effective. The best thing ppl can do to stop cats from pooping is to feed them food. Cats will never poop near places that they eat. :D So... have to do good to them, and they will do good to u. I kasi some of the stray cats near my house makan, and they never, ever poop near my house.

  13. Auntie Cleff

    sure or not? Later feed the cats more cats come how???

  14. What cute pictures of your little one, looks like a fun day.

    Visiting from VoiceBoks!~Lisa
    I am all a twitter about life
    Find Me on Twitter

  15. Lisa

    Ya it was fun playing with water

  16. Oh, yes, there sure are a lot of inconsiderate people out there who think the world owe them a living....hai, what to to make them open their eyes to how they are making people feel?


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