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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Batu Ferringi, Penang

After makan, Papa drove us to Batu Feringgi. Mamarazzi said there got "Pasar Malam" wor. They went down to walk around while I accompany Papa in the car. Papa was not feeling well. He was having fever.

They came to this Golden Thai Restaurant. Mamarazzi was surprised. Wasn't this used to be Eden Restaurant? Hmm...maybe Mamarazzi remember wrongly.
You can see the fresh seafood being cook here.

 Wah lau eh...scary looking big.

Ahem...rather funny looking "duck". Wonder how it taste like.

 I wonder how this taste like.

Australian and Boston Lobster

Such big Grouper.
Kaw kaw told Mamarazzi the fish name in Chinese is Unforgettable. Of course lah "unforgettable". Just look at the price. Nearly RM500 a kg. *pengsan* Anyone wanna sponsor us?

There were a lot of stalls selling knick knacks and clothing along the road. But this stall attracted Mamarazzi's attention. Remote Control Cars.

She end up buying two for me. The front wheels on this one can flip over.

While this one is more of a glamourous car.

I love the first car the best. RM50 for two. Not bad la.


  1. I went to the pasar malam once, so kesian. Lots of sellers...almost no buyers. Maybe I went on the wrong night. Maybe that place was Eden bankrupt liao...change towkay...

  2. The crab also what...almost RM300 a kg. Here 35, I already complain mahal! Big succelent fresh mud crabs some more... RM300...can have 1 table full-course Chinese dinner here...

  3. U know why the fish called 'UNFORGETTABLE'? Bcos after u eat jor, for sure u will not forget the price u pay for the fish...ahahahha...eii...i heard this fish eat fruits only...that's why the meat is superb smooth and tender...very sweet wor...not sure leh....

  4. oh, i've heard about that fish "forget me not".. i guess it's named after the tastiness of the fish that people will never forget after eating.. didn't know how the fish looks like, so they are just very normal looking fish woh, did you try them??

  5. Wah two cars in one go..lucky you. Yeah prices in those tourist spots are sure to be unforgettable lolz. Really Eden is gone? Perhaps he went looking high and low for Eve so let Golden Thai take over.

  6. Wah the remote control car brings back memories! Used to be a prized possession during my childhood days.. hehe

  7. STP

    The time we were there also the same. More seller than buyer. Heard some seller said very "tham". Means slow.

    Maybe Eden moved or maybe Mamarazzi remembered the name wrongly gua

  8. Empurau.....expensive fish, like eating 'gold', he he he!

  9. STP

    Those crabs are special ones wor. That's why expensive by our standard la.

    Would love to have a taste...if only there is kind soul would would "sponsor" LOL

  10. Yee Ling

    Me cannot afford to eat that fish. For poor ppl like me the unforgettable part would be the price la but for those rich people it might be the taste lo. Taukeh Niang...wanna sponsor me or not :P

  11. SK

    Orang miskin like me can only look lo... Ya the fish looks ordinary. For the price, the taste must be heavenly gua.

  12. Bananaz

    Can bargain lower price some more for the cars but Mamarazzi lazy to bargain lor coz Papa called said I was making noise in the car.

  13. Ya, I also remember the restaurant used to be Eden, am I right?

  14. Last week when I was here on a weekend, the place was almost dead, in fact the traders were closing so much earlier.

    Even eateries were practically empty and one of the staff working at a restaurant told me that there is a major drop in the number of tourist at Batu Ferringi.

  15. wah....kucing happy two new toys. Give uncle one can anot?

  16. I love seafood, crab and shrimp are my favorite. Big Hugs!!

  17. what is the "funny looking "duck""!?!?

  18. pardon my yellow mind hor... but the 'duck' looks very reaaaal lor! hahahahha

  19. I love walking at the Batu Feringgi pasar malam, a lot thing to see and to buy.
    Empurau fish, I had it last year during my grandpa birthday, taste so so only la, if the restaurant people don’t know how to cook it. Last time I think the price not so expensive, now the price is killing.

  20. Lenglui Witch

    Ya everywhere also have and getting cheaper

  21. Shaorn

    am wondering how it taste like

  22. Choi Yen

    Mamarazzi thought so too. Maybe moved already? or changed name?

  23. Nava

    I think we were there the same weekend. Wondering what happen. A few yrs ago the whole place was blooming.

  24. Chris

    Errr...what you give in exchange :p

  25. Ramona

    It's called Geoduck. Dont know how it's cooked

  26. Medie

    Mamarazzi also "yellow minded". But dare not put in blog. Nanti kena sue leh LOL

  27. Annie have to depend on the Chef too. If Chef dont have the expertise then it's a waste.

    Last weekend we went Batu Feringgi not many people. Heard some seller grumble the business slow. Guess it's just after school holiday gua.

  28. Pete

    Me orang miskin. Cant afford lo.

  29. They said the taste of the "unforgettable" is really great. Of course lah, see the price, hehe.

  30. Joanne

    LOL....i think should taste good la


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