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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Bak Chang Fever Again

You believe or not? Mamarazzi nearly forgotten about Bak Chang Festival this year. 

Lucky for me, Papa reminded her on Sunday. He told her Bak Chang Festival is next week. Some more she dares to reply "I thought next month". She didn't realise it's already "next month" now.

Lucky at that time, we were on way to the Pasar(market).

She managed to buy some dried up "Brains"(Chestnuts). 

Next she bought some "Kidney Beans". Gosh! Got dried brain and now kidney???

Then we "rush" home and Mamarazzi starts "work".

At home we had some Bamboo leaves, dried shrimps, dried oyster and salted eggs in hand.

For first round, she just made a few Pork Chang and a few Chicken Chang.

Half a day later, she managed to make 10 Chicken Chang and 15 Bak Chang. 

These four Chicken Chang are for a Special Visitor. Another 6 more I think you can guess where it went to. If you don't already know, a little birdie can tell you.

And the rest are MINE!! All mine...

Nah...shape not that nice but edible lah. First round always like that. Once got use to it then it will be better.

Hmm...where did the salted eggs gone to?  Hmm.."melt" into the Chang?

Papa walloped 4 straight from the pot. Commented that the taste is not enough.

On Monday he walloped another 3 while Mamarazzi shared 1 with me. That means how many more left in the fridge ah?

Mamarazzi didn't count coz by that time she came down with fever. Too rush maybe. At the time of this posting she is fine already. Only left with a bit of sore throat.

Weird. As Papa said the Chang tasted better on Monday. Could it be due to the Chang have been left over night?

We met up with our Special Visitor with Auntie Little Bird that night. Guess what did that Little Bird gave Mamarazzi?A box of 50 Salted Eggs!!

La~la~la~ looks like there will be another round of Bak Chang making marathon this weekend loh.


  1. Keh keh keh keh! Ur mamarazzi kasi auntie the chang chang... fuyooo... the chang chang really power wan... eat one liao will jadi like phython. Very sedap and very nice la... who say tarak taste? tsk tsk tsk....

    50 eggs cukupkah? Tarak cukup tell auntie... auntie go tempah summore...

  2. wah... salivating loh... your mummy so "pun see" la :-)

  3. Oooooo...ur mama's chang look soooooooo nice. I wish I could try one. jeles of that Aunty Bird!!!

    Adoi! Kesian...make sampai sick kah? Hope she's ok now.... Tambah 50 salted eggs, now have to make some more... LOL!!!

  4. All that unusual ( to me) food sounds so delicious wish I could be a special visitor.
    You asked if it was very cold here now, well, it is getting colder but still not very cold, only a couple of tiny frosts so far, but soon they will be harder and colder, so we have booked ourselves a lovely tropical holiday, this year in Bintan, Indonesia, a small island off Singapore, we will go to Club med for the first time - luxury1 maybe we shall try some of the lovely foods you talk about or at least some similar things,

  5. wow!!! mamarazzi knows how to make "bak chang" woh, so unexpected, hahaha.. i like to eat "bak chang" and can wallop two at the same time, but of course not those with dried oysters lor..

  6. So fast one year hor? i remember going to KL around this time last year to collect my dues! hahaha...

  7. nice...home made bak chang. I will have to head to the pasar not to buy brains and kidney but the bak zhang itself! :)

    Nice swap....bak zhang for eggs.

  8. By the way...hope mummy is feeling much better now. Take care.

  9. I also nearly forgotten.. so this week also marathon..

  10. The 'hou si' is very big lor...ahahhahha...

  11. eh, the dumplings are nice!!! =) thank you ya!

  12. Chicken chang? Never eaten before. LOL!

    And if you did not mention, I also don't remember the festival is coming.

  13. Make some Lamb Chang also lah.....I like..he he he!

  14. Auntie Cleff

    Thanks for the eggs..50 biji...pengsannnnn

  15. Boey joey

    Mamarazzi saja L-Licence

  16. STP

    ya lor have to make some more LOL..Tomorrow have to go pasar buy chicken and oink oink

  17. Glennis

    i heard Bintan is a very nice place to visit too

  18. SK

    Got "google" mah. The "liu" is sendiri hentam lo. Suka what liu so taruk what liu lo

  19. Claire

    coming again this year or not?

  20. Ann

    Mamarazzi is much better already. Now only left with bit sore throat. LOL

    Home made ones easier as sendiri wanna put want ingredient also can

  21. Yee Ling

    Mamarazzi cut half LOL

  22. Angel Bear

    Hope u ok after eating coz got a bit f dried shrimp..mamarazzi lupa warn u.

  23. Chee Yee vampire that dont eat pork

  24. Pete

    Lamb ah? mamarazzi dont know how to get rid of the smell. Can make beef chang ka?

  25. Not to worry so much on the shape and its so appetizing, told you that your cooking skills is getting better than mine.

  26. I love bak chang too, I can have it 3 meals a day, but it's fattening!!!

  27. This looks have a lovely blog...I am having a giveaway in my blog..Y dont you check and join that

  28. hahahaha! brain and kidney- yum yum

  29. Aarthi

    Thanks and congratulations on your 100th posts

  30. Ramona

    want me to courier some to you :D


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