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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A Wet Thai Food Cafe @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

That night we were looking for "Hot Soup" in Puchong as advertised in some blogs but it was no open. Hence, pusing punya pusing Mamarazzi just simply shoot one restaurant to have our dinner. And it happens to be this Thai restaurant.

First and foremost..coconut for me. Eat Thai food must drink coconut drink to cool down.

The waiter very fast placed 3 cups of chilled plain water for us. Hmmm....very special as the water have a the fragrant of Pandan leaves.

Wow..they have pork ribs. Don't be frighten by the photo. It's actually very nice. Just that Mamarazzi photography skill not that good.

In fact, it's pretty tasty. Well marinate an fried perfectly

Come Thai Restaurant must order Tom Yam lah. sure made Papa sweats a lot.

What you mean, Mamarazzi? No way am I going to have a sip of that soup although you say it taste better than the Tom Yam Shrimp at Coconut Grove in Teluk Gong. I'll stick to this delicious Pork Rib.

Siakap Fish. Forgot what style of cooking already. Think it's steam. The sauce/soup really super duper tasty. I think the restaurant got accustomed to customer asking for additional soup as they automatic provide us with an additional bowl of soup.

It's very special the way the put the fish into this "plate". It's not heated with candles like normal restaurant. Saw there were some sort of charcoal burning at the bottom of the "plate".

Papa had plain white rice while Mamarazzi and me shared a big plate of crab meat fried rice. Mamarazzi was truly surprised to find big chunk of crabs meat in the fried rice. She had expected that they would just chuck in some crab meat rolls or something artificial. 

Yes! Thumbs up to this fried rice.

 Last but not least, Kerabu Mango. Also super yummy. Mamarazzi can't finish this alone so she tapau-ed it home for the next day meal. It was still tasty.

We would definitely go back to this restaurant again. Meal not that pricey. Total bill comes to around RM80. Worth it especially with the delicious fish.

Here is the address just in case you would like to have a try No.1, Grd Floor Jalan Puteri 2/5, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong. Tel: 603 - 8060 5630. Located opposite of BB Ho Steamboat


  1. I believe the pork ribs are very nice too! Throw some over pls. Lol

  2. Yum! Yum! Thai, I like! Nyonya, Malay, Indonesian, Indian...all I like!

  3. Wow, those food were certainly a lot! but worth RM80 :)

  4. this really make me drooling but recently quite heaty, can't take Thai food :(

  5. time u come again, we go to Bercham coffeeshop to eat... very nice thai food.. wife is a thai.. so she cooks all authentic thai dishes but then the place is coffeeshop only lar..

  6. Simple walk in also can end up in a nice place with good food. Not bad leh :)

  7. goodness, plenty of food and my kind too, from the tom yam and the kerabu, anything spicy I will surely grab.

  8. the tomyum is indeed very yummy and really stimulates my saliva drooling, hahahaha!! :D

  9. I so enjoy visiting your blog! Your pictures are so inviting, and I feel like we just had a visit:-)

    ~RJ, the HOPE Coach

  10. hot soup? I thought the one at kajang or sungai chua very famous? I went there once, i like.

    Oh..thai food, look very good lei.

  11. OMG......everything so delicious!!! Drooling for the pork ribs!

  12. Babi....i want i want..Thai babi is nice especially their char siew.

  13. Mars Mell-o

    especially the fish...ymmmm

  14. Isaac

    Only left the bones round la

  15. Choi Yen

    Drink coconut wter lo

  16. Claire

    coffee shop pun coffee shop la as long as got nice food :D

  17. Chloe's Mommy

    Lucky lor. We got walk in other shops before. Some got food that taste good to us some fail lo

  18. Nava

    Time to drop by this shop then :D

  19. SK

    Ya...Mamarazzi google it seems that they have one shop in Cheras

  20. Ronae

    Thanks. Hope to entice you to visit Malaysia :D

  21. Annie

    Now it seems that Puchong also have a branh of Hot Soup Restaurant

  22. mNhL

    everything also drooling leh?

  23. Yee Ling

    hahaha..oink oink :p


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