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Monday, 23 May 2011

Teh Tarik Place, Tesco Setia Alam

Too high! Too high! aim lower. Am down here! 

Mamarazzi ordered Mi Goreng tak mau pedas tak mau cili for me. Am so hungry.

My Mi Goreng

Bee boo bee boo...who put cili in my Mi Goreng!!! hot ah hot ah...

 Hmmmm....dun wanna friend you already!

This round no more cili right? wash the Kuali clean clean ah....I can't take spicy food.

Nasi Goreng Kampung. Papa said it's very nice coz fried with Kangkung.

Total bill comes up to RM18++ for a hot Kopi O, Ribena Lime with Ice, Nasi Goreng Kampung and Mi Goreng

Service was fast and good.


  1. kesian...terbakar mulut aaa...?

  2. didn't try the teh tarik?

  3. Tak mau pedas ar >< nvm, slowly learn how to makan pedas.. :P

  4. so what did small kucing eat? kesian.

  5. aiyo... cepat cepat drink warm water next time... poor boy... must start to learn take spicy food liao...

  6. mee goreng with limau very yummy.. =D

  7. Mee goreng looks nice. Yum!!! Nasi goreng not really... Wahh! Not cheap or...

  8. Same goes to all the mamak stalls. Everytime ask them don't put chilies in mee goreng, they will put....

  9. i think at empire mall also have this cafe, right?

  10. My boy oso like small kucing, no cili, no pedas, cannot take hot and spicy.. I usually order something non-spicy too for myself just in case if his food comes spicy, can swap with him. Hahaha..

  11. oh dear!really kesian Joshua.Last time i ordered one Yong Zhou Fried Rice at The Store,Seri Petaling for my sons. Don't know why this type of rice of spicy one? Me myself also can't stand the spicy rice oh!

  12. Anegl Bear

    Fire Truck to the rescue!

  13. mNhL

    the man finally replace a new one lo

  14. Cynthia

    haiz....already pesan no cili ..degil betul that man

  15. haha.. cute "narration" by the kid :P

  16. Hi SK, ha ha, love your humour. I have never heard or ate nasi goreng kampong before. But sure looks nice.
    I guess when I balek kampong got a lot to try out.
    You boy looks cute.
    Love the pics here.
    Hoi! When you going to give him a bay sister or brother? About time.
    Don't wait too long....
    Have a great week.

  17. I quite agree with you on the taste of Tesco's food, have tried their Puchong outlet and lovely taste.

  18. eih, i like nasi goreng kampung with just kangkung and ikan bilis lor.. but they only have one outlet right??

  19. Poor Joshua... ask mama and papa to come ipoh and eat non spicy food.. cos auntie here also doesnt take hot hot one....

  20. Yo cool as cucumber haha. Wow seeing smoking coming from the tongue..kesian!

  21. Uncle Lee

    Bila naik balik kampung. Better make a list what to makan here

  22. Nava

    Havent makan at Puchong branch yet

  23. Mee goreng normally thy put cili one, gonna specify I reckon! Luckily Joshua a cili padi, little cili sure sap sap sui for him!;D

  24. Alice

    told the guy already many times "Tak mau cili, tak mau pedas". He angguk angguk. Guess maybe the wok they use still have a bit of cili from previous dish gua


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