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Monday, 9 May 2011

Teatime at Woolley Food Court, Ipoh

It was raining cats and dogs. Very hard to drive and to see the road. Mamarazzi immediately sent S.O.S to Auntie Claire to ask where is a good place to have a nice cup of coffee.

Auntie Claire suggested Woolley and she invited us to drop by her house to wait for the rain to subside. 

Well, since we were near Woolley, we opt to stop at Woolley instead. Moreover, we already troubled Auntie Claire so much. 

 Mamarazzi cup of hot coffee. Can see the "smoke" or not?

She got to eat her favourite Prawns Noodle. Fuiyo...this stall prawn noodle really sedap leh. A lot of ingredient and the prawns were big. The soup very tasty. Boiled long enough. Price was reasonable. I think it was around RM4-50.

Papa wanted to have Chee Cheong Fun. Unfortunately both Chee Cheong Fun Stalls there were not selling Chee Cheong Fun that day. 

Hence he opt of beef Keoy Teow Soup. Very tasty. It makes me real hungry and Mamarazzi went and ordered a bowl of the same for me. I walloped everything except the beef.

Auntie Florence had wanted to have Ipoh Hor Fun but the stall also not open. She opt for this noodle instead. She said taste not bad.

Mamarazzi ordered Fruit Rojak to be shared with everyone. Hmm...taste so-so. Still love the one behind Atria the best.

Papa wanted to have this. Mamarazzi went and order medium size portion. Hmm..rather expensive at RM7. However, it's fresh and nicely done.

 Don't want...full full already. Don't wanna eat any more.

Tummy full full ..happy...I sleep all the way back to K.L. Nice short getaway


  1. Woolley.. hehe. Such a cute name for a food court. I wonder what is it named after

  2. my husband loves Woolley food court..

  3. OOhh a weekend getaway to Ipoh?? nice!! I still remember Woolley food court.. used to love the bubur cha cha there. I wonder if they're still selling those now...

  4. I'm missing home from reading this post of yours. My parents home is just next to Woolley and we would go and eat curry mee from that prawn mee stall whenever we are back. You didn't try the curry mee ah? Ho liao eh!!

  5. All look so yummy, love the kerang, esp eaten with sambal belacan, really power one.

  6. Happy Mother's Day! Saw the burn wounds- I had a small scar because of the oven and that hurt so much. I could imagine his pain..and manly haha!

    Food looks really good! Will go look for them when I visit Ipoh.

  7. Finding food in Ipoh is so easy cos every corner also got good food, right?

  8. oh...prawn noodle....where i can find it??

  9. Nice, nice... Food looks good. stop! Sibu!! I guarantee you will not regret it. Come!

  10. Woolley is an easy name to say & remember nothing to do with that A-go-go song in the 60s? haha. Always by pass Ipoh while on my way to Penang. Dunno why rushing up and down for what without stopping Ipoh? BTW where is Woolley located?

  11. Dear Bananz,,

    No need to rush lah,,, you rush north, also no come to see me,therefore, rush also no good right, next time go slow slow, drop by Ipoh go see Woolley, drop by Penang,come and see me..

  12. Ipoh loaded with good food ya. Wah... your prawn mee makes me craving for one.

  13. Makan-makan in Ipoh very fun and very full, right?

  14. awhh rojak, me long time didnt roajak le nak sikit boleh ? =P

  15. wahhh.. really.. woolley is so near my house but i rarely go there.. maybe fedup liow.. .

  16. Wah, your anak's sleep pose so yeng(chun lar)! behind Atria got nice fruit rajak meh? Gonna serbu there this weekend liao, am a big fan of fruit rojak!

    The kopi so gau, sure nice one lar!

  17. a cup of nice coffee watching the rain is really an enjoyment, but provided you are not in a rush lah~~ :p

  18. Isaac

    LOL...that one have to ask Ipoh mali people lo

  19. Lenglui Witch

    aiya..that day didnt see wor

  20. mom2kiddos

    wa...lucky you. Must have eat there till jelak

  21. Yi Lin

    haiz...ya lor...dont how can tahan :(

  22. Chloe's Mommy

    good food every where and nearby

  23. Kuik

    Ipoh. Woolley Food Court

  24. STP

    Hope so hope so...see got cheap tix fly there or not

  25. Bananaz

    alamak...where ah...located near Auntie Claire's house. Exact place I dont know how to describe wor

  26. Eugene

    true true...drop by Ipoh can see Claire

  27. mNhL

    Cannnot kebuluran in Ipoh

  28. Mars Mell-o

    The rojak so so aje. Try the ones behind Atria. Sedap

  29. Alice

    Behind Atria got Rojak. Very sedap. You go see this blog

  30. SK

    cannot rush to anywhere coz the rain was really heavy. Might as well sit and enjoy the Kopi O lo. Memang nice and warm. Add with the Prawn noodles...wah yat lau!


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