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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Restaurant Sri Paandi , Petaling Jaya

 One fine afternoon, we had lunch here.

Hmm..not bad. They giving 4 types of vegetable and two types of Keropok instead of what usually found in others Banana Leaf Restaurant.

The fried chicken was quite good.

 Got the "yogurt" and the soup.

Best is eat with hands.

Food wise was good but had a bit of communication problem. Asked for Coconut water, one staff "wokay wokay" but it never arrived. After some time, asked again. A more knowledgeable staff then told us they do not serve coconut water.

Asked for bitter gourd also never arrived. Seems that some of the staffs might be new and can't understand much Bahasa or English.

Location : No 37, Jalan 11/4,46200 Petaling Jaya Tel : 03-79500576


  1. Ina Dey, smallkucing eating bananaz leaf rice leh!

  2. Thanks for the reviews! I found you on social moms!

    Heather Buen
    Dallas Single Mom Examiner!

  3. Yum...yum...long time, no Indian food liao. Sigh!

  4. Looks tempting..wanna eat!

  5. This has gotta be my favourite banana leaf rice place in town - I used to stay right behind the restaurant so only had to walk out for my afternoon tea or a late night supper. :D

  6. Nice :) eating with hands on a banana leaf...unfortunately in Miri there's only one shop serving rice on banana leaves.

    Enjoy your food small kucing! :D

  7. Should look for short term class for learning Hindu first before going there...

  8. yay banana leaf again??? sedap tak??

  9. Just wondering if you guys have been to Kavitha's in PJ Old Town?

    It's two stalls in the food court next to the PJ Old Town market. Don't ask me about the price cos usually someone else pay one :P


  10. Kucing took so much spicy food, don't berak tau !

  11. Looking at this reminded me that I have not been taking indian food for quite some time now.. so .. tomorrow??

  12. You should have tried the fried bitter gourd, awesome taste.

    Use to be our fav lunch when we were living at PJ, lunch time is the best, plenty of varieties.

  13. Pete

    Jom la...wanna go makan BLR or not?

  14. STP

    dont sigh la...come la...we go makan

  15. Prince and Princess Mum

    Must eat with hands wor

  16. Kenny

    Yikes...Not jelak ka always eating this?

  17. Puah Isah

    If you come to KL then must try out this shop lah

  18. Mars Mell-o

    sedap. Different shop mah

  19. Synical

    Nope never been there before. more shop to explore. Thanks :)

  20. Chria

    Berak la good. All the heatiness comes out

  21. Claire

    what happens tomorrow :p

  22. Nava

    Have tried to ask for that but the staffs like does not understand. Gave use the dried chili and the papadoms instead.

  23. Yum, my husband fave dine-out place, he used to stay nearby there!

  24. Alice

    Ya ka...hahaha...i think some years ago there is a "war" right? Sri Pandi vs Sri Paandi or something like that


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