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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Prawns Prawns and More Prawns

Papa borong-ed these home from Sorong. Wahh...very big leh.

Mamarazzi headache already on how to cook. Lucky there is a thing called "google" . Found some simple recipe.

Steamed prawns. Shredded ginger, egg white and some cooking wine. Steam for a few minutes.

Soya Sauce Prawns. Fried some minced garlic till golden brown. Throw in the prawns. Add some light soya sauce, some sugar to taste and some cooking wine.

 Yee......big big to eat ah?

 Like this?

Shell can eat ah?

Taste? finger licking good.


  1. Ooooo....that must have cost a fortune! Can try my recipe...very nice.Add cheese even better!

  2. Mama so pandai!! can cook in two different styles now! hey mama, can open one makan blog?? think about it!

  3. I wanna try your team prawn, love every savoury dish with wine!^^

  4. I really love fresh big prawns like these.. Best eaten steamed, or grilled like yours, because they're so fresh, the taste really sweet!

  5. The look on joshua face says it all


  6. Wah!so many big prawns ah!This coming dumpling festival,sure those big prawns will be very expensive one oh! I think the next dish your mama going to make should be "mabuk udang" right?

  7. Seems like your cooking skills is becoming better and better, looking forward to more yummy recipes.

  8. Wah, nice big prawns....I thought Kota D'sara banjir.....tangkap there....he he he...

  9. i am alergic to prawns but...who cares =p

    anyway, try marmite prawns or masak asam pedas...yummm.....

  10. Ooooooooooohhhhh love steam prawns.

  11. SK likes prawn? Too bad auntie's children do not really fancy prawn. :(

  12. STP

    Mamarazzi did. Sedap. Will sort the photos and post about it

  13. Claire

    tak pandai...Google aje. Too many blogs cannot handle la.

  14. Alice

    mamarazzi paling pandai is steam steam and steam LOL

  15. Pete

    Kenot tangkap la...kodok got la over there

  16. Angel Bear

    Allergic nevermind..keep medicine in hand enough

  17. Chee Yee

    Anything also wallop one


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