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Friday, 20 May 2011

Play-A-Sound Kids Books at BookXcess

Vroom! vroom! Go BookXcess to pick up Mamarazzi's online orders.  

BookXcess very naughty wor. Tuesday evening load up so many lovely Play-a-Sound books in their Facebook. At RM9-90 only some more!

But before that, have to stop and makan first.

Makan at the shop next to Hot Value Mart. While waiting for the food to arrive, Mamarazzi pop over to Hot value Mart and spotted a Good Buy.

Ta! Da! Winnie The Pooh's Thinking Spot Books Box Set at RM11-90. Left only one box. Mamarazzi wanted to grab more also tarak already.

There are 5 books in this box. Book 8 to 12.

She saw there are a few odd books of the same in Hot Value Mart selling at RM2-90 each. Maybe the box was damaged and the store decided to sell the books individually.

After makan, we head off to BookXcess' Customer Service Counter and collected these. 

Nah...Mamarazzi did not went crazy and "borong" so many copies of the same books. Not all are mine. Some are for friends who tumpang us to buy.

For herself, Mamarazzi bought these

She spotted this book at the front door of BookXcess.

At first she was reluctant to buy as she still have one more Neil Gaiman book yet to read. But when she flipped through it she discovered a magic word that made he buy this book. 

And that word was...JODI PICOULT...Yes, one of the short stories in the book is written by Jodi Picoult. Mamarazzi is a fan of her books.

Then we went to the counter to pay. The Kor Kor punch in the purchase and told Mamarazzi short of RM6, she can get 10% discount. He offered to hold the purchse for Mamarazzi while she search for more books. Haiz...what else...kiasu mode started. 

Browse around and found these two coloring books. Nope, not for me coz she bought for me already last week.

Mamarazzi bought SpongeBob and Mickey Mouse Colouring & Stickers books for me last week. RM3-90 each.
 In the middle of the book are two pages of colourful stickers. many books. Which one to start first?

I love the most is Dora The Explorer book. It's small. Fit my hand just nice and it have only 4 cardboard pages. Not too long. Suits me coz if the story is too long, I get bored.


  1. Zzzzzzzz......!!!! LOL!!!

  2. wow..a library of books!

  3. 2.90each? super duper dai leh..

  4. wah....borong book with play a sound one, which i saw at those big book stores are selling for almost 20++

  5. wah wah.. you can have a room for library liao...

  6. Wahhhhh... ur mamarazzi naik gila again~! Borong so much!

  7. LOL Mamarazzi cannot come out from BX without getting something for herself. :)

  8. STP

    wake up....the shop got sell nice kari mee and prawn mee

  9. Prince and Princess Mom

    Ya lo...thought wanna buy more sets but tarak already

  10. Yee Ling

    That's why la...biasa saw at those bigger bookshop very mahal

  11. Cyn

    Tarak room. All habis baca masuk storeroom

  12. Auntie Cleff

    Cakap orang. If you go there sure you also borong like mad. Kiasu cheap leh. RM9-90 wor...small also small la..tak kisah

  13. Chee Yee

    and this time langsung tarak browse around leh...just pop in collect and pay...if browse around duno what will happen lo...

    BX naughty lo...every day load photos ..kasi Mamarazzi drool.

  14. Great hobby in reading and some of those sold are worth the price.

  15. Smallkucing loves to read ah? Rly great! Toss with Jiejie hahaha LOL Almost drowned in confusion before I read the next paragraph, I thought you 'borong' that same Dora and Thomas books for smallkucing only hahaha I never have that kind of book with sound here >< My parents don't want our house to be noisy haha

  16. HOw many pages ya those play a sound books? Seeing Joshua so happy holding it I also tempted to buy liao!>_<

  17. ALice

    4 pages . If yoy want u better email them fast.

  18. Isaac

    when you have kids you sure will go crazy with these

  19. Angie

    LOL....ya it's a it noisy but I only read during day time.

  20. Mamarazzi must have a big library at home or how to sort out the books?...


  21. Wah the deals sound really good......must really check it out when I m back in kl

  22. Deal sounds good. Shd really check out this place next time I m back in kl. I love books too

  23. Dora

    all book read are "tapau-ed min big plastic bag

  24. Joshua's Mummy

    If you want, you can email them at and order online. They do delivery to outstation and overseas customers

  25. So many books! Maybe I can go there next time to get Megan some books as well, since it's so cheap (:

  26. Hilda

    If you are back in your home town now, you can browse thru their FB and select the books you wanted. Then e-mail them at and they will post the books to you. Postage kena sendiri bayar la.


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