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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Mamarazzi's Humpty Dumpty Dumplings

Mamarazzi read STP's post on dumpling and can't help drooling over that post. It's just so hard to find nice dumplings out there and it's very expensive too.

That's why Mamarazzi dragged Papa and me up one fine morning to go pasar to hunt for the ingredients for the dumplings.

Haiyo! This Mamarazzi really teruk. She bought everything EXCEPT the most important thing of all..Can you guess what it was? The Dumpling SKIN. *pengsan*

Got some minced meat and chunks of prawns

 Chopped mushroom, shredded carrot, water crest nuts and  "smelly leaves"(Corianders)

Some shredded black fungus. Put everything together. Add a bit of salt and cornflour. Mix well.

 And wrap it all up.

Throw into boiling water for awhile. Take out and put into boiled soup and it's ready to eat. 

Papa said the dumpling taste okay but the soup not nice as its from those cubes. Looks like back to the drawing board. much do you think Mamarazzi can charge for these dumplings if Mamarazzi successfully make the soup and if she were to open stall?


  1. how abt using chicken stock or pork for soup base?

  2. Goreng one nicer leh....

  3. lil cute bot look's so serious in this picture :D

  4. Maybe next time can boil some meat in the soup, then the hubby will say "Yummy soup!" Hehe

  5. That looks super delicious, and with so many great ingredients. Now you’re making me crave dumplings!

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  6. Why need cubes? The flavour from the dumplings more than enough liao lor.... Very nice and sweet - no need for msg even!

  7. Oh Kathy, just how could you do that! haha.... Next time, try the jiao zi skin (white in colour) ~ taste much better than then wanton skin. I just tried one packet last week and going to get another packet soon. Really yummy without the 'gan sui'. Hope you're haivng a great day.
    Blessings, Kristy

  8. Ur Humpty Dumpty Dumplings looks good to me!

  9. Maybe ur mamarazzi wana try the fried version one day...hehehhehe. auntie cleff sure like it

  10. Tsk tsk tsk, this paparazzi, must puji til mamarazzi's hidung kembang ma... liddat oni she will syok syok cook more next time.

  11. I think can charge RM5 to RM6 per medium sized bowl of dumplings since the dumplings got prawn meat and black fungus - expensive items.

  12. Wow! Great effort! Looked so good and yummy but may be add some "choy sum" would be better. :)

  13. Outside where got such much ingredients one!I like this lah!Normally i would made the soup by fried the ikan bilis and pour water to bring it boils, for me taste ok.

  14. Angel Bear

    Mamarazzi malas mah...that's why lol.....used the cubes lo :p

    Next round must use stock

  15. Mars Mell-o

    LOL...pasal makan mah :p

  16. DP

    The dumplings tasted ok-ok. Not salty enough

  17. STP

    Mamarazzi cook always not salty enough ask Auntie Little Bird. Each time eat must add soya sauce

  18. Kristy

    where to buy? Paar got sell ka?

  19. アンゼエリン

    Drooling yet?

  20. Yee Ling

    Ya lor Papa also like fried one. But Mamarazzi lazy to fry

  21. Auntie Cleff

    like bihun is it? LOL

  22. Inspired Momx1

    Didnt buy Choy sum but got the lettuce leaves

  23. Wai Kitt

    Mamarazzi malas lor round wanna try with lobak soup

  24. hey...looks hoe liow la... as for the soup, maybe u can put in some bones? hehehe...

  25. wah, look also i think it's very yummy lor, you put so many ingredients in it, wow!! but then seems like you kena complained, next time cook your own soup to make it perfect!! :O)

  26. As long everyone at home were happy with the dumplings, its worth a million.

  27. Ehhh... your dumpling very gau wor, full of filling... can refridge and reheat for another day or so kar, excellent food for mom like me, lol!

  28. Claire

    Mamarazzi is planning to do that next round :P

  29. SK


    next time need to think about soup :p

  30. ALice

    Can refridge it provided not put inot the skin yet. Once wrapped, it easy to go stale though in the fridge

  31. Looks good... bursting with "liu".

  32. Chloe's Mommy

    taste still kurang a bit la...will try again

  33. Have you tried dumplings and roast ducks? They are the famous and traditional Beijing dieshes. And also bird's nest soup? Its a delicacy in China.

    Enjoy your days~~~



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