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Friday, 13 May 2011

I Saw Batman Call Sign Again

Last month after dinner with The Balik Kampung Gang, I saw the Batman Call Sign again. I know now , where there is light, there is FUN! 

Manage to persuade Papa to bring me to the FUNFAIR.


Price increased leh...used to be 1 token RM1. Now 1 token cost RM2. And most rides need 2 tokens. Hmmm....RM4 per ride..quite expensive.

I wanted to play cars. Mamarazzi saw there were only two kids in the Bumper Car Rides so we went on the rides

The 1st round the two kor kor bumped us a few times.

On 2nd round, Mamarazzi told them not to hit us. They were very nice and avoided our car.'s fun.

 In fact it was so much fun that I "inadvertently" bumped one of the Kor Kor. 

Then I went for a less challenging ride pulak. Not "syok". Nobody play with me.

 I saw the Rubber Duckie Game and I insisted in playing.

 Cedok punya cedok...

Got myself a SpongeBob Key chain. Happy. Agree to go home at last. 

The next day I asked Papa to bring me there some more but Mamarazzi said raining, Funfair not open. The very next week, the Funfair packed up and left. Guess, not much business ..expensive.


  1. angelbear no like rides in funfair..especially anything that relates to screaming, heights and pusing2.....i remember one guy bring me out for a date that time, bawa angelbear go makan...then suddenly he so gatal want to go funfair in the city....poor angelbear had to keep her stomach from spray all the ppl down there with her dinner... =/

  2. wow.. RM4 per ride is expensive.. guess coz that no business.. next time we go Genting ok...

  3. Hey play bumper car has to bump people baru syiok mar. Hehehe. Anyway, RM4 for a ride is expensive. Normally those rides inside those games shop in the shopping complex is around RM1 - RM2 only.

  4. Congratulations are driving!!!!

  5. Whoaaaa.. Batman kah? The funfair there tarak Robin and Catwoman ah?

  6. How much you spent, get the key chain. Go buy from shop RM2 only... Hehehehehe!!!! My daughter last time like that lah -spent fortune at Genting or Sunway to collect tabs for her to exchange for prizes. Can buy cheap cheap at souvenir shop.

  7. Ermm soli to say mammarazi seems more excited than Joshua ?? LOL

  8. congratulations out drivers....mamarazzi on driving!!!!

  9. Fun fair nowadays no fun liao! he he he!

  10. Never brought Chloe to this kind of fun fair before. RM4 per ride is expensive lo... Go Genting, RM25 can play from morning to night, more "dai" :)

  11. Auntie Cleff

    Catwoman want part time jor or not? hehehe....Can become very sexy catwoman

  12. STP that lor go funfair

  13. Pete

    Fun for the kids but not for parents pocket :p

  14. Angel Bear

    Adoi...why la that guy like time i wanna tackle a girl i wont bring to funfair.

  15. Cynthia

    Ya ajak the whole gang go Genting

  16. LG

    Ya lo and no need road tax and insrance punya


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