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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I Ate at Tony Roma, Sunway Pyramid for RM2-30 Only

We went to Tony Roma, Sunway Pyramid after watching "Rio".

 Brrrrr....very cold in the cinema. I need a hot drink. 

Lucky for me, Tony Roma having promotion. A cup of hot drink only cost 50sen! No joke leh. Cheaper than Mamak Stall. 

I forgot it start what time but it ends at 6 p.m. 

 While waiting for the drinks, I played with the kids games.
And also eat the leftover popcorn from the cinema

Mamarazzi also order this Onion Loaf which she got it FREE when she joined Tony Roma E-Club in Facebook.

I wonder what onion they used. Very tasty. Sweet.

Ta! Da! The cheapest bill ever... 4 hot drinks for RM2-30 only!


  1. Tony Roma again? RM2.30 only??? *Envy* :)

  2. oh.. that's really cheap for a meal!!

  3. hey thats nice!! RM2.30 for 4 drinks!! :O

  4. I heard so much about Tony Roma, everybody praising and praising but nobody ever wants to bring me there... Too expensive, is it? Cannot afford to belanja me, go there? :(

  5. wah, unbelievable!!! 4 cups of coffee and one onion loaf for only RM2.30~~ i also want to go there.. i think it should be the afternoon tea promotion 3pm-6pm right??

  6. I had been to TM only once..rather expensive.

  7. Unbelievable even a glass of warm water cost much more.

  8. For the ambience and company...good and cheap!

  9. Last time i also got free onion loaf by just flashing them FB page but the staff there seem like not aware of that promotion >.<

  10. Oh my....i love their onion loaf too... so delicious!!! but very filling.

    Wah....after the movie, still got leafover pop corns?? haha..

  11. Chloe's Mommy bill to as evidence.

  12. Cynthia

    Even Mamak is more expensive than that

  13. nylusmilk

    Kiasu punya pasal....That day not enough time else order the dessert too

  14. STP

    AIyo...not dont wanna bring you la but you in SIBU. Each time come KL was like "hot water against feet", very fast cabut balik Sibu.

    Come KL stay longer least 1 week. Can get to meet everyone and each day 5 meal go food hunting la

  15. SK

    Onion Loaf FOC one . Join tne e-club free gift.

    I think teatime promotion gua. I asked them in the FB but tarak reply

  16. Sharon

    Not bad la. Pricey a bit if without offer

  17. Wenn

    TM? Their food is a bit pricey if without promotions la.

  18. Kuik

    can lepak with your friend at TR :D

  19. Bananaz

    Yup....Secret Recipe charged us 50 for a glass of plain water

  20. Yee Ling

    Rugi la you didn't go :(

  21. Leona

    If happens to be teatime, and after shopping, it's a great place to hang out with girlfriends.

  22. Choi Yen

    The ones at Sunway Pyramid were very alert.

    Is the flash FB page thingy still ongoing? hmm...the onion loaf sedap la...

  23. mNhL

    Coz Papa bought two tubs of popcorns LOL

  24. Rolled eyes... you must be kidding me! So cheap... now I don't think I need to wait till Birthday to patron Tony liao!>_<(kiasu instinct)

  25. I'm shocked. So cheap! If join their FB got free voucher?

  26. ALice

    It's really cheap when they have promotion. That's why I "squat" at their FB looking for promotions. Otherwise, it's quite pricey for me.

  27. Mummy Gwen

    Hve to look for their promotion lo. Coz without promotion, for me the price is rather expensive if I were to go there often.

  28. So cheap. I'm joining the club now! Haha... thanks for the tip.

  29. Gus

    Ya..join the e-club and they will send up updates on any offers/promotions. Birthday they also give you birthday surprise.

  30. Thank you for stopping by my blog ;) and so its only fair that I stop and check your blog out and say HI !!! ;)

    I hope you have a wonderful day!


  31. Kirsten

    Thanks for dropping by :D

  32. Somehow, the onion rings are the must try here, I too seem to have it if at this outlet.

  33. Nava

    ya...wondering what onion they use. Very sweet.


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