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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Happy Birthday Auntie Florence & Juan Or/ Makan-Makan at Restaurant LYJ Again

Hiya! We had an early celebration for Auntie Florence's birthday at Restaurant LYJ, Kampung Baru Sg Buloh.  
We were there around 11.45a.m(without reservation again). Luckily, only 5 tables were occupied. By the time we finished lunch, there were a queue waiting for table. 

Nevertheless we still had to wait quite awhile for someone to take the orders. Guess, the staffs were getting ready for a hectic day.

 We had the Paku Vegetable. RM15.

Salted Eggs Prawns (RM29 for 300gm). 

At first Mamarazzi thought wanna order steamed Prawns to taste the sweetness of the prawns but the Captain said Salted Eggs Prawn is their "Chiu Pai Dish" and this way of cooking is already good enough.

Well, the prawn was indeed tasty.

 Had Claypot Taufu (RM14). 

Then we saw them bringing out the BBQ Pork. It look so juicy and tempting. Knowing Auntie Florence love of BBQ Pork, we ordered a plate of these. This plate of BBQ Pork cost RM18.

The meat and fat were evenly layered. Bad news for those who preferred lean meat as they only have these layered meat. Papa would love this.

Pork Knuckle(RM48). They don't have Stewed Pork Knuckle. They only have this, "Hung Siew Chu Sau".

Wah lau eh! This dish seems to fascinating to everyone. Even a man from the next table pop over and snapped a photograph of it. *Horrified* I thought Mamarazzi ganas when snapping photos, mana tau there are those who were more "ganas". At least Mamarazzi snap photos of food at own table.

We overheard some patrons asking the waiter/waitress what dish was this.

There were plenty of leftover for this dish. We "tapau" home to be made into Pork bone porridge. Yum yum...

Happy Birthday Auntie Florence and thank you very much Auntie Siew!

Happy Birthday Juan Or and may you have a great day with your love ones.


  1. more food pix....the char siew really looks good owh....

  2. the price quite expensive but then celebrating birthdays ok lah.. the char siew looks very nice woh..

  3. wow never waste food and make full use ya. I'm sure your pork bone soup would taste delicious judging from the size of the bone!

  4. Ooo... LYJ again ah? This round service better ah? last round was not exactly satisfactory worr... bagusla... at least got improvement.

  5. Ah! Sg Buloh! I wanna go! Next time I go KL, must take me there...

  6. Hung siew pork knuckle...hmmm must try one day. hope the meat is not too dry.

  7. YUMMY...can't wait for my next visit to LYJ too.

  8. Nice birthday celebration!~

    Yummy food!~

  9. The claypot tauhu seems very delicious. Quite a bit of restaurants at this area to makan-makan and popular too.

  10. Oh YUM! The succulent pork bone knuckles!!!

  11. Wah, so early makan lunch liao....

  12. Happy Birthday to the Big and Small.. what does LYJ stands for.. ok, never mind, just take me there next time!

  13. OMG I'm drooling over those pork dishes... sob sob someone cannot eat pork. >.<

  14. very soon this restaurant will be 'strike out' if we go too often la.. just like YH... but I love the paku veg la... how how?

  15. Oh Yeah! I can leave a comment. Looks like blogger is working again. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Hugs!

  16. Angel Bear

    Memang taste good but a bit pricey la...haiz..oink oink price increased so much lately

  17. SK

    The char siew was nice.

    KL price lo eventhough its in a kampung.

  18. Isaac

    Porridge weather...nice to make oink oink porridge

  19. AUntie Cleff

    Boleh la....go there to celebrate birthday ok la...if makan biasa we can go to ahem ahem la...sotong!

  20. Katherine

    Yay! same have been down for two days.

  21. Ann

    Once in awhile is okay la...But have to make reservatuon else haiz......

  22. Prince and Princess Mum

    Yup :D

  23. Nava

    Yes, have yet to explore all

  24. Alice

    Hahaha...yup....nice to make porridge

  25. Chee Yee

    who? We can still order la.

  26. Cyn

    How? easy. D.I.Y the paku vege la

  27. Yee Ling

    Very huge portion for the knuckle


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