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Monday, 16 May 2011

Goat Milk Hunting, Sg Buloh

Papa bought me two bottles of Goat Milk from Vita Care Pharmacy the other day as mentioned by Mamarazzi here.

Since I was not adverse to taking Goat Milk, Mamarazzi decide to get the instruction on how to go to the Farm from Mommy Ling.

Vrooom! Vroom! we went hunting. Mommy Ling's instructions were pretty clear but Mamarazzi's eyes too big. Over shot the destination and had to turn back. Lucky Papa's eyes were sharper.

Pretty soon we arrived at the Farm. Big big banner and signboard announce that they have fresh goat meat and milk for sale. Not only Goat Milk...they even have Horse Milk!!! Didn't buy that

Apa lagi, Mamarazzi "borong" again. RM5 per bottle which size around 200ml but the man gave Mamarazzi RM1 discount for each bottle since she borong a lot.

Gosh! Big bird seems to be following me everywhere. In this "ulu" place they also have Big Bird(Ostrich). Heard they have ostrich and horse riding activities but Mamarazzi did not double confirm with the man.

Cobra and what is that? Iguana? I wonder what they are for. Is it for milk? Cobra & Iguana milk??? Iguana got milk ka?

Hello, "Deer". You are cute but you are also pretty smelly. Time to take bath.

Relatives to Big Bird . Smaller size.

Wah...these horsey really big and tall. Must be able to run very fast. I wonder when would they have horse riding activities. Maybe weekends ah? 

Got a brochures from them but it was not mentioned. The brochure did mention that they do offer catering service for function, providing fresh goat/cow meat, animal hotel and etc.

For further information, you may contact them at 03-6156 9383/ email : Their address is Sg Buloh Farm, Lot 115-F, Kg Melayu Sg Buloh, 47000 Sg Buloh, Selangor. GPS: 30' 13' 08"N 101' 34' 33E.

Beh tahan. Drink one bottle first.

Yawn! why is it after drinking Goat Milk my tum tum felt so full....sleepy....

The result of Mamarazzi's "kiasu-ness". The man said if the milk is put into freezer, they can stand for 6months whereas if kept in fridge, it would have to be consumed within 48 hours


  1. Wow goat milk, somemore buy so many bottles O_O does it taste the same like cow's milk? hehe

  2. many! Better buy goat and take home. Muahahaha!!!

  3. Does goat milk taste good? It must be excited for smallkucing to visit the farm & see those wild animals :-)


  4. Bekk...Bekk!! Hahhaha..aiks, dont know they are selling horse milk too. I heard horse milk lagi uuummmmphhh!! LOL!!!

  5. i never like the smell of it..

  6. Haven't tried goat milk before.. em. Same taste?

  7. smallkucing likes goat's milk ah? You bought so many bottles of milk!

  8. You know,that day happened in Penang, one uncle selling goat milk,,, health officer came and said the milk milk tainted already,, so be careful when taking goat milk,ya,,

    see this milk milk got past the test or not..........

  9. Wah, the goat place looks like a farm-cum-mini zoo! LOL, the stock of goat milk you kept in your freezer looks like as if you are preparing for curfew or emergency (darurat)! ^_^ Btw, I'm impressed that Small Kucing can accept goat milk's taste. I think if I give it to Juan Or, straightaway he will reject becos I have tried giving him the free sample Karihome milk which has only very light goaty smell to it...that also he already cannot tahan the smell. So in the end, I have to finish up the Karihome.

  10. Horse milk I want, can run fast and win marathon...LOL!

  11. OMG Mamarazzi borong so many bottles!!! Erm SK really love milk. LOL!

  12. Have heard about goat's milk but never tried before.

    Nice adventure you had with seeing the animals.

  13. How did you like the milk? Looks like you had a great day, love the pics!

    Following you from VoiceBoks!~Lisa
    I am all a twitter about life

  14. Wow, goat milk craze! We used to buy goat milk from UM, tht time(4 years back) only selling RM3 per bottle, now you found great bargain liao... so many years still selling at RM4!

  15. wah, really borong a lot of the milk!!! can finish within 48 hours meh?? aiyoh~~

  16. We cannot stand goat milk, no thank you hehe. The Nubian one in Vitacare costs about the same price, right? But then, the ones in the farm is fresher, I guess. Got mini zoo also :)

  17. Wow, you boronged so many bottles! And what a quaint place - it's like a farm cum mini zoo.

  18. Hilda

    Similar to cow milk but these have a bit of goat smell

  19. STP

    Buy the goat home put where?

  20. Dora

    Yes, it's like a mini zoo

  21. Yee Ling

    Ya ...saw the signboard say got horse milk too but tarak ask them the price

  22. Isaac

    Taste the same but got goat smell

  23. Mummy Gwen

    Goat milk cow milk, all wollaped

  24. Alice

    yes, it's like a mini zoo. Borong more get discount mah. Some more the man said put in freezer can tahan up to 6months

  25. Pete

    You have got the address. Go and borong :p

  26. Chee Yee milk one day cannot sleep leh

  27. Nava

    Taste same like cow milk but have slight goat smell

  28. Lisa

    Yup, I like it very much.

    Thanks for dropping by . Do come again

  29. Alice

    Normal price is RM5 but since we borong, the man sell to us RM4

  30. SK

    Cannot finish that much within 48 hours la. The man said can keep in freezer for 6 months mah.

  31. Chloe's Mommy

    It's cheaper by RM1 if we borong from the farm

  32. If you need a FRESH goat's milk near Shah Alam, Subang or Klang, drop a call to Ahmad 016-211 3035 :)


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