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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Finnegan’s Pub @ Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur

We went for Set Lunch(RM13++) at Finnegan's Pub, MidValley. There were 4 sets to choose from. Should have been 5 but that day they did not have Set 4.

Very worthwhile as they have free flow of soft drinks, soup, salad and finger food. eyes see...kiasu mode "ON".

 Not bad. But towards the end, soup was rather peppery.

 Got salad and some fried stuffs

 Colesaw and fried stuffs.

 Anak bapak...feed Papa.


 Guiness Stout or Coke?'s coke.
 The Salad.

Chicken Chop consist of quarter chicken. Having this alone might not be enough for Mamarazzi but add with the Soup, Salad and the fried food, it's ample enough.

 Lamb Chop. Portion rather big. Papa said tasted okay.

Auntie Florence and Uncle Patrick's two plates of Pork Piccatta. Ahem....portion is adequate for small eater. Big eater like Mamarazzi would need at least two portion.

Service very good. There were only one waitress manning the whole outlet at that time and there were 4 or 5 table occupied. Despite that, she managed to serve us quite fast and with a smile. Thumbs up to her.


  1. I thought Finnegan Pub just for drinking beer only, got set meal like that also ah?... aiseh man, must try next time :-)


  2. Aha!!! Back in business! Hooray!!!!

    Finnegan in Mid Valley? I thought it's in Changkat Bukit Bintang? And before that, it was at Sultan Ismail, round the corner - the other end of McD's block... Irish pub. Food looks good...

  3. Eh... free flow ah? Auntie here kiasu mode on liao~

  4. see already i know that is a coke lah!! first of all there is no foam, secondly there's a straw - so impossible to be a guiness lor, haahaahaa!! BTW, you all didn't have beer??

  5. Oo, the set meals quite affordable there. But the chicken in the chicken chop looks rather small?

  6. The name Finnegan Pub sound like drinking place to me.

    Before reading your post, just by the title, I thought Small Kucing is going for a drink. heheheheeh..

  7. I'll stuff myself with salad n soft drink if the mains is such a small portion>.<

  8. hey, we also went for western food yesterday.. lunch meal in San Franscisco Steak House.. :)

  9. I only go to this place for Yam Seng and after that finger food to get a bit sober.

  10. RM13++ for set meal with free flow of so many stuff is so worth it (: Gotta try it!

  11. how's de salad? it seems good to me.

  12. Dora

    Yes, they have meal too. The portion were rather small but the free flow salad and soup can cover the meal

  13. STP

    Now there are many branches already

  14. Auntie Cleff

    Only free flow drinks, soup, salad and finger food

  15. SK time must ask the Jie Jie to shake the coke till have foam first.

    Hah? Beer ah? Tak mau la

  16. Isaac

    Yup the food portion was rather small. But free flow of other things. Can cover the tummy with Salad and finger food.

  17. Jenny

    Yup it's a drinking place but the have set meals too

  18. Choi Yen

    LOL that was what we did :p

  19. Nava

    Looks like they have set meal too though portion rather small. But cant complain as the price was cheap

  20. Hilda

    ya though the portion small but price also cheap la. For small eaters is good or for those on diet

  21. Yee Ling

    The salad was fresh. Nice.

  22. Just went to Finnegan's Midvalley to ask, they no longer have this set lunch promo :(

    1. It had been two years. Guess the promo would have changed. Mbe they have other promo?

  23. Just visited Finnegan's Midvalley and they no longer carry the Set Lunch promo :(


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