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Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Children's Life of Christ- The Wonderful Story Teller

Mamarazzi read till Chapter 18 of The Children's Life of Christ  by Enid Blyton. By this time, Jesus live a full life. He is busy with preaching and healing people. And when he is tired, he goes away to pray by himself

By this time, there are some people who dislike him because people are listening to what Jesus had said. They tried to disrupt his preaching and find faults with what he had said.But Jesus ignore them . He kept thinking of new and effective ways to get his message across. Ways that is easily understood by the people.

With this, Jesus start to made up stories to teach people and these wonderful tales are what we call Parables. Each tales have meaning and these tales are easily understood by people and they love it very much

One day, Jesus was walking down the street of Capernaum and went to the lake there. People saw him and they followed. 
Jesus saw that it's hard to tell story at the shore and he called out to Peter to bring his boat to the shore. Jesus got onto the boat and tell stories from there. Yes, how the people loves his stories.

I also prefer story that is easy to understand instead of long winded speech.

 Like this Pirate Ship Adventure book

It's 3D book. Ya got lotsa word but with the 3D picture I can use my imagination

 I can "travel" without even leaving the house.

Mamarazzi got this book at a great discount from BookXcess. This book was offer on the World Book Day promotion at 50% discount. On top of that Mamarazzi also got extra 10% for purchases above RM150. End up this book is less than RM10. Not bad.


  1. Yes, HE taught using parables so that it can be easily understand by the people then.

  2. Nice book...

  3. Occasionally i will go look at kids books, find quite interesting, hehe...

  4. That's a fantastic buy for just rm10! Books at such a good deal inspires me.

  5. For less than RM10, good buy I think

  6. Jesus words are a reminder for us on what is right and wrong.

  7. Hello mamarazzi how are you =D

  8. Chris

    Yes...much easier than sermon

  9. Sharon

    Brings us back in time :D

  10. Mom2kiddos

    yes, very worth while

  11. Isaac

    Lucky caught their discount.

  12. Nava

    Hmm..if only it's that easy to follow

  13. Mars Mell-o

    Busy and also very sleepy :(


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