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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Chicken Cuisine Noodle House, Subang Permai

Mamarazzi "kempunan" wanna have Curry Laksa the other day but lazy to go all the way to OUG for Ah Loy Curry Laksa. Then she thought of Mommy Ling's recommendation on this shop which is nearby our place. 

Mamarazz's bowl of curry noodle. Wow! the smell was heavenly..not that it had gone to heaven and become basi but rather it smell great. According to Mamarazzi, it's very tasty too. There are cockles and chicken meat in the bowl of curry noodle.

As for me, I can't take spicy food but I wanted to have noodle too. Mamarazzi ordered a bowl of Wantan Noodle for me.

Oh my....the soup is really special. Not your normal soup. It's boiled with the Chinese white lobak(Chinese Radish)  making the soup smell and taste very good.

I see Papa's bowl of Dried Wantan Noodle also looks great

Love the look of the Char Siew(BBQ Pork)

Apart from that Mamarazzi also ordered a bowl of Yong Tau Foo. The soup also made of the white Lobak. Good to the last drop.

We would definitely visit this shop again. Staffs were friendly and the shop were clean.

Here is the address just in case you would like to drop by to have a taste too.
Address : Jalan Pekan Subang near Subang Permai, Section U6, Shah Alam . Tel : 012-9345969 Mr Alan


  1. I thought at subang permai USJ hehe rupanya shah alam =D

  2. Personally love the service there. When i bring the kids along, the staff will bring over the extra bowls for them...

  3. nice presentation of the noodles.

  4. Hi!

    This really does look yummy. Wish I could taste it so I'd know if we had the same taste buds! I just love all the different food you have on here!

    Hope your day has been good,



  5. All I don't mind having. Looks o.k.

  6. A bowl of wantan mee for me too pls, keke...

  7. Like the bowl they used to served the wantan noodle soup. The noodles also look delicious. But so far away from my home ;(

  8. So nice to know you all had a nice time eating. My daughter Aya loves wantan soup, she often make them herself whenever she has the crave for it. Not many malay eatieries serve wantan :)

  9. Mars Mell-o

    Haha...behind Subang Airport

  10. Yee Ling

    Thanks for the recommendation. Service real good and the food taste great

  11. Lexie

    You must fly and visiting Msia some day soon

  12. mNhL

    Hope they will open a branch at your part of the country

  13. Puan Isah

    Old Town Kopitiam(halal have very delicios Wantan

  14. The curry laksa looks so spicy and tasty, another one of our fav among everybody at home.

  15. how come mamarazzi always "kepunan" something one?? hahaha!! eih, i like that YTF lor, so nice, and somemore lobak soup, wow, rarely seen leh, must be very sweet and yummy..

  16. Chamz.... drooling.... tomorrow must eat curry laksa. :)

  17. Nava

    Yup, hard to find these kind of curry. THey gave extra sambal paste to go with the noodles too

  18. SK

    That is what so special. The soup they use Lobak to boil. Very "heong" and sweet.

  19. I have never been to this Noodle house in Subang Permai even I am so near to it. There is a Nyonya laksa that is very good in USJ 2. They served it with roast pork and clams and it very delicious. In fact, the food from every store there are delicious and it is worth a trip there. I like to go to places with good service, I will definitely check this place out.

  20. Veron

    I saw the magic word "roast prok" drooling already...

    Yes, the service at this place was very good

  21. Chee Yee

    Come la subang permai. LOL...after that can go explore Beggar Chicken at Ijok. Nice family trip :p


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