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Friday, 27 May 2011

Big BookShop Moving Out Sale at Atria Damansara Jaya

It was Thursday. We were at McD again as Mamarazzi was chasing McD Mug. 

For me, I syok-syok play in McD Playland. That was until Mamarazzi said hurry hurry let's go.

Go where? She said Jie Jie Nylusmilk reminded her that Big Book Shop at Atria Damansara Jaya is having moving out sale until this Sunday.
Jie Jie was there and she saw the price were very cheap.

It seems that the sale had started since 20th May and will end 29th May 2011 (11 a.m. to 9p.m.)

Apa lagi...Mamarazzi's kiasu's mode "ON" la. That was how my PlayLand time was cut short.

I am now a "pro" in these types of warehouse sale hunting. 

Once we arrived, I went and grabbed 3 empty baskets. Gave 1 basket to Papa, 1 basket for Mamarazzi and 1 basket for myself. Off we went "hunting".

I saw there were quite a lot of children books. Most are on 50% discount. This Noddy hardcover book cost was RM15. After discount was RM7.50 only

 This Roary book was RM16-90 before 50% discount.

Then this press press book was RM12-90 before 50% discount.

Can you guess how much is this? RM6-90 before 50% discount!!!

This White Board set was RM24-90 before discount. She saw the 50% discount sign hanging there and was thinking 50% discount is really worth the buy. 

But when she went to the counter to pay for it, she found that there was only 20% discount. The 50% discount was for Dictionary placed next to the Kiddy White Board. 

She thought "what!! RM20 for this???" but then she bought it anyway since I like it very much.

Papa also bought these balloons and sticks for me. 

The stick was RM2  a packet. The balloon was RM3-90 per packet before 20% discount.

For herself, she "borong" these books. After discount was RM6 each.

 These were RM 7-50 each after discount. It's simply fantastic!!!

Cham...Auntie Claire is going to cry if she sees the Tilly Bagshawe book cost RM7-50 only.

 These four Hardcover books were RM19-90 each before 50% discount. 

 Same goes for these two paperbacks! 

 This was the most "expensive" book of the lot. RM29-90. After discount it was RM14-45 only!! Hardcover some more.

 Then Mamarazzi saw these two cook books. Very interesting. RM8 each.

We got RM10 voucher coz we purchase above RM150. Too bad can't use this voucher at this sale. Only can use at their outlet.

The cashier said this voucher is valid for 3 months from date of issue. 

Then Mamarazzi query the cashier why the Date of Issue is 21st May 2011 instead of 26th May 2011??? Either the fella don't understand or pretend not to understand. He kept saying "valid for 3 months".

I think you can guess which of the above I "Opening Ceremony" first when I arrived home. 

Hey, there are still 3 more days for you to go and grab books for your kids and books for yourself. Saw there are a lot of kids books, recipe books, fictions and magazine.

Happy hunting!


  1. Interesting! Boleh makan rojak after patron the sale too!^^

  2. Ooh how fun. What great deals you got! I heart books on sale.

    Hip Chick's Guide to PMS, Pregnancy and Babies

  3. ALice

    By the time Mamarazzi finish book hunting, the Rojak Man also tapau-ed and wen home already :(

    You going this weekend? If yes, make sure go early

  4. its really good to start little kucing hooked on books from young.. that's what my parents gave me when I was youg. And I'm thankful to them, it really improved my grasp of the English language.

  5. Noddy still alive kah? Was already around when I was a kid...

  6. Aiyar, I can't go early... Sat going to Tropicana City to ParenThots' craft workshop, Sunday my anak's school got carnival!>_<

    Big Book Shop, tolonglah, leave some good books for me!!!!

  7. Uncle Pete wants Lau Fu Tze books, got or not?

  8. Singapore only just started the McD mug yday...

  9. oh, there is still Big Book Shop here?? i thot all have closed down already, hahaha.. anyway, congratulations on burning your pockets for the books again~~ :p

  10. I think Mamarazzi's loot is much more interesting. Hehehe. Btw, Mamarazzi, you make few more trips to BX and this kind of book sales, you can get an eBook reader already! Come get an eBook reader and join me and Clef. :)

  11. Do you know where are they moving to? Aiseh... less one reason to go to Atria now. We used to borong lots of books from there before we knew the existence of BX.

  12. ooohh....very tempting to go there. My saliva drip already!

  13. *tam sum hau* 7.50 only??? gosh, i bought it for 30rm over!! that is why i dont want to read it first.. keep first.. hahaha...

  14. Being into books, I can imagine what a great joy it must been for you.

    Its good btw to have such reading habit.

  15. I was also there Thursday... around 6 something. Went to the baju warehouse sale upstairs, but didn't get anything.

    Came downstairs and bought a couple of books. Can't complain, since they're half price.

    I bought Russell Brand's Booky Wook 2 and some trivia book about weddings, haha.

  16. lol you betul-betul borong... good good :P

    ps. the big bookshop will be there until july before they relocate to usj taipan, subang jaya.

  17. Isaac

    Cheapest entertainment :p

  18. ALice


    happy hunting. Do post up your hoard soon. Cham lo...if Mamarazzi saw she she gatal again

  19. Pete

    how u know ah? Mamarazzi saw some LFT at one corner! But tarak buy since it's chinese

  20. Sharon

    LOL 6 weeks chasing McD

  21. SK

    this one also moving out. Now left 3 branches.

  22. Chee Yee

    haiz...u got hint hint to the boss la

  23. Chloe's Mommy

    Don't know wor...But know there are 3 outlet left, Taipan, Amapang duno park or point and one more forgotten where

  24. Claire

    ya lor RM15 half price is RM7-50 lo...

  25. Nava

    If have time drop by there la since it's worth buying

  26. Synical

    6 sometime we left already. Very good buy.

  27. nylusmilk that ah.. cheh why they so early do moving out sale?

    Thanks a lot wor for the info..if onot i also malas to go LOL


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