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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Do You Like Yogurt?

 My Auntie LG brought this for me quite some time ago. She know that I love yogurt.

Mamarazzi kept delaying making the yogurt till she noticed the date. Yikes!

 Finally yogurt making in progress.

 The next morning...jeng~jeng~jeng~...looks like "Taufu Fa" already. Auntie LG said once looks like "Taufu Fa" means it's ready.

Not bad ya for first attempt.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Marche', The Curve Mutiara Damansara.

Moooooo....been wanting to visit this restaurant since before I was born. Nah...Mamarazzi..not me. Finally managed to makan here on Teacher's Day.

Happy Teacher's Day Auntie Little Bird. Errr...going to give me free creative writing lesson or not when I grow up?

 WOW! There is a small Play Land here!


 Hmm...this place is really like a big market. Lotsa greens, fish and meat here.

We were given these two cards to order or food. Must not loose it or else would be charged RM200 for each card.

 Freshly brewed Ice Lemon Tea RM6.50. Mmm....not bad la.

 Mushroom soup and "Roti panjang" 

Wah lau eh...this mushroom soup is the BEST ! and the "roti panjang too.

 What else to eat ah?

 Eee....I spied something nice!

 Pizza....yum yum...taste good.

 What else? Bring it on!

Wedges and "roti sireh"? haiz...dunno why eat roti with sireh but the look not roti geh. 

Auntie Little Bird say it's not Roti with Sireh but it's called 'rosti', a Swiss language for shredded potatoes. Hentam aje la...

 Moo can guess whose one is it. Taste ordinary. 

 This is Chicken Chop. Also tasted ordinary.

 Caesar Salad with Beef Bacon. Mamarazzi said delicious. Auntie Little Bird said too much vinegar.

 Mr Smiley . Ordered by Papa

I got a free "Bayoon" from the girl at the door. Thankiu Jie Jie

Mamarazzi said will definitely come back for their "Roti Panjang" and Mushroom soup. Other choice of food does not suit her much coz mostly have cheese. Not much choice left for her.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-The Tale of The Mustard Seed by Enid Byton/Doctor Gave Me An UFO

This week, Mamarazzi told me the story of the Mustard Seed from Enid Blyton's story book. It was said that told the story of the Mustard Seed to show people how his Kingdom of love could grow.

There was once a man who took a mustard seed, the smallest seed of all and planted it in his field. Passerby thought it would grow into a small plant only. But this seed grew and grew into a tall tree where birds come and perch on it

This is how Jesus taught his Kingdom would grew from a small beginning into a great Kingdom which can fit everyone in.

Hmm... I wonder how many pots of Asam Vege Mamarazzi can make out of the big big mustard tree. But even if she make, I also cannot eat now. 

On medication.

My nose ran away for more than 2 weeks and kept coughing. Mamarazzi brought me to see doctor. Naughty her. She frighten me say bring me go jab jab. I happily went. Had good time playing "masak-masak" at the waiting room and chattering away with Mamarazzi.

When it was my turn,  I was very cautious. Reluctant to go in. Doctor gave me "Vitamin C" to tempt me sit next to her. I replied from the door "at home got".

Then she tempt me with a pressie. I didn't take. Cannot simply accept gifts from strangers.

Amazingly she got Pocoyo video in her computer. I was swayed a bit but I still stood by the door till Mamarazzi came and took me to sit on her lap next to the doctor.

Doctor lend me her Stick-A-Scoop to play with and I can hear my heart beating dup-dak-up-dak very fast.

 Soon it was over and doctor gave me this "pressie" . A colourful U.F.O. I took it cautiously and "cabut" out the door very fast till I forgot to say "thank you".

See! It can turn turn turn. When I came home, I baru remembered I never said "Thank you" to the doctor.

Mamarazzi cooked some porridge for me . I ate some before I took my medicine. Doctor gave me something for my "Ahhh Choooo nose", something for my cough and "enter-buy-ler-tic". Now my nose is home again but still cough cough a bit. Cannot eat Ice-cream.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Prawns Prawns and More Prawns

Papa borong-ed these home from Sorong. Wahh...very big leh.

Mamarazzi headache already on how to cook. Lucky there is a thing called "google" . Found some simple recipe.

Steamed prawns. Shredded ginger, egg white and some cooking wine. Steam for a few minutes.

Soya Sauce Prawns. Fried some minced garlic till golden brown. Throw in the prawns. Add some light soya sauce, some sugar to taste and some cooking wine.

 Yee......big big to eat ah?

 Like this?

Shell can eat ah?

Taste? finger licking good.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Big BookShop Moving Out Sale at Atria Damansara Jaya

It was Thursday. We were at McD again as Mamarazzi was chasing McD Mug. 

For me, I syok-syok play in McD Playland. That was until Mamarazzi said hurry hurry let's go.

Go where? She said Jie Jie Nylusmilk reminded her that Big Book Shop at Atria Damansara Jaya is having moving out sale until this Sunday.
Jie Jie was there and she saw the price were very cheap.

It seems that the sale had started since 20th May and will end 29th May 2011 (11 a.m. to 9p.m.)

Apa lagi...Mamarazzi's kiasu's mode "ON" la. That was how my PlayLand time was cut short.

I am now a "pro" in these types of warehouse sale hunting. 

Once we arrived, I went and grabbed 3 empty baskets. Gave 1 basket to Papa, 1 basket for Mamarazzi and 1 basket for myself. Off we went "hunting".

I saw there were quite a lot of children books. Most are on 50% discount. This Noddy hardcover book cost was RM15. After discount was RM7.50 only

 This Roary book was RM16-90 before 50% discount.

Then this press press book was RM12-90 before 50% discount.

Can you guess how much is this? RM6-90 before 50% discount!!!

This White Board set was RM24-90 before discount. She saw the 50% discount sign hanging there and was thinking 50% discount is really worth the buy. 

But when she went to the counter to pay for it, she found that there was only 20% discount. The 50% discount was for Dictionary placed next to the Kiddy White Board. 

She thought "what!! RM20 for this???" but then she bought it anyway since I like it very much.

Papa also bought these balloons and sticks for me. 

The stick was RM2  a packet. The balloon was RM3-90 per packet before 20% discount.

For herself, she "borong" these books. After discount was RM6 each.

 These were RM 7-50 each after discount. It's simply fantastic!!!

Cham...Auntie Claire is going to cry if she sees the Tilly Bagshawe book cost RM7-50 only.

 These four Hardcover books were RM19-90 each before 50% discount. 

 Same goes for these two paperbacks! 

 This was the most "expensive" book of the lot. RM29-90. After discount it was RM14-45 only!! Hardcover some more.

 Then Mamarazzi saw these two cook books. Very interesting. RM8 each.

We got RM10 voucher coz we purchase above RM150. Too bad can't use this voucher at this sale. Only can use at their outlet.

The cashier said this voucher is valid for 3 months from date of issue. 

Then Mamarazzi query the cashier why the Date of Issue is 21st May 2011 instead of 26th May 2011??? Either the fella don't understand or pretend not to understand. He kept saying "valid for 3 months".

I think you can guess which of the above I "Opening Ceremony" first when I arrived home. 

Hey, there are still 3 more days for you to go and grab books for your kids and books for yourself. Saw there are a lot of kids books, recipe books, fictions and magazine.

Happy hunting!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Picnic at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur

Want some 100 Plus? Half way riding, I beh tahan already. The sun was up and hot. I pulled Mamarazzi to buy 100 Plus for me.

Everyone adjourned for a picnic.

Terror! Spurn of the moment thing also managed to masak so much food.

Sausages, cocktail sausages, ham, big prawns, bread, tuna, scrambled eggs, bihun and Auntie Little Bird tapau-ed Nasi Lemak.

Mamarazzi said this is one of the best Nasi Lemak in KL which she have ever tasted *hint hint to auntie Little Bird*

Auntie Chee Yee's sausages are the most popular food on the picnic. more thing is there are a lot of "hamsup" ants around the picnic ground. One went into Mamarazzi's bra and bite her while another bite Auntie Little Bird at her ...ahem...ahem...*censored*.

I guess Taman Tasik Titiwangsa would be a great place to have Bollywood dancing. Vast area and a lot of trees. 

I sure had fun playing with Jie Jie Lynn, Kor Kor Adrian and Di Di Hao.

Then Papa and Mamarazzi saw something very sweet.

A red Dragon Fly circling a plant and finally settled one the tip of a bloom.

Then I play "I Spy" with Papa. 

I spied also spied boats. Boating! Here we come!

Very fast pack up and clean up the rubbish. Can't be a litterbug leh.

Poor Papa. He was not feeling well after my horse riding session. Felt like going to faint. Must be kena the sun too much and did not drink enough of water.

Papa stayed in the car while Mamarazzi and me went down with the gang for boating. disappointing. We have just "missed the boat". 

The rides ends at 12pm and only starts at 2.30pm to 5.30pm.

Hmmm.....How sad... Can see, cannot ride.

Must come here again next time. Have yet to explore the children playground, the go-kart or is it radio control car area, badminton court, tennis court and dunno what else they have here. Nice place.
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