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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Visited By "Ah Longs"

Last weekend, a few "Ah Longs" and "Ex-Ah Long" paid Mamarazzi a visit.

Scared fast bring them out to our usual makan place and feed them. Hungry "Ah Longs" are very dangerous. Better stuff them up with food.

 We had Stir Fried Kai Lan with Roast Pork. Not bad.

 Nyonya Steamed Fish

 Lala Soup

 And Crabs with Salted Eggs. 

The Waiter forgot to bring Hammer for the Crabs. I quickly asked him to bring. Wah..the man was shockedto see me asking for Hammer.

Cheh! he didn't know I am expert in eating Crabs meh?

I got friendly with that man and he gave me a Lolipop and an "Elephant".
 Eee...What is this?? black colour geh....


Delicious! I like it so much that I finished off Mamarazzi bowl of sweet dessert too.

At the end of the lunch there was a fight. 

It was a fight for the Bill. The "Ah Longs" won of course. 

No worries la..they are the good "Ah Longs". They won't chase hutang using unsavory methods punya. They are Mamarazzi's ex-colleagues. Got licence punya.

The person who made the effort to organised the "Ah Longs" visit is the same person who baked this beautiful cake.

Mamarazzi have been drooling at her cooking and cakes for quite some time. Now, finally get to have a taste.

It's a Honey Dew something something cake. Taste very delicious. Just nice. Not too sweet.

You wanna know who baked this? Then click here

Thank you very much PMT, SYK, LWK3 and yang tak dapat hadir LT7 & YSY5.

That afternoon, Papa also brought home a tasty Durian Cake by Auntie Cynthia. Smell very nice. Sorry ya the photo did not turn out nice. Thank you very much ya, Auntie Cynthia for the cake.

P/s: Auntie Cleff, don't cry. We tarak order "Sotong"


  1. Love your recipes. I want to try it.

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  2. the kai lan makes me drool....haiya....

  3. nice of your mama's friends. Gosh! That steamed nyonya fish looks so heavenly! Yum!

  4. the clam soup is very nice woh.. and then that dessert is Michael Jackson lah, not meh?? wah, the cake looks so yummy, i also want to have a piece.. :p

  5. i wana baham the crab!! Anyway, Happy Birthday to Mammarazzi again.

  6. Wah so many cakes? Whose birthday?

  7. My fren always joke with the mamak fella that I am Ah Long, because I always collect cheques for investment. The Mamak fella damm scared, ha ha ha!

  8. happy belated birthday to you.

    Both homebaked cakes are so valuable. Better than buying outside ya ! U r so lucky !

  9. So kind of those "ah longs" who did not tuntut hutang but belanja you instead! That birthday meal looks good :)

  10. Wah, this Ah Long makan outing is so good one! At the end of the day all the Ah Longs come out to fight for the bill! ^_^ If like that, I also want to join leh, but I'll sit behind and watch them fight! Hehehehe! Btw, Happy Birthday to Mamarazzi!

  11. Hahaha!Perhaps "Ah Longs" will return somedays ask for more foods! i wish i could taste the Durian Cake next time, must be friend friend with this Cynthia.

  12. wah, cake with thick cream, I like!!!

  13. The lala looks so inviting as too the cake.

  14. Rajee

    Thanks for dropping by. will hop to your blog soon

  15. Angel Bear

    You like Kai Lan? ...if with ikan masin lagi syok

  16. STP

    see bila we can come makan again la

  17. SK

    Pete's MJ is with taufu fah wor...this one with soya bean

  18. Yee Ling

    Next round makan we order crabs ok

  19. Pete

    LOL....good makan free or not?

  20. wow..2 cakes in one day.. u really got many nice friends, mama!!

  21. Chloe's Mummy

    Hahahaha...these ah longs terbalik ones

  22. Choi Yen

    all masuk tum tum already

  23. Nava

    The Lala tasty but portion quite small

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  25. Hah! This time no sotong, lucky! Else auntie will boohoo! LOLOL~!

  26. So many crabbing session, jeles jeles. Crabs and lala look good, my favourite.

  27. Camelia

    Thanks for dropping by. Will visit your blog soon

  28. Auntie Cleff

    ;aaa..gila sotong again?

  29. Annie

    LOL...mamarazzi gila crabs

  30. OMG Drooling at that honey dew cake!

  31. Chee Yee

    Hehehe...go her blog and read la. She write in chinese


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