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Monday, 4 April 2011

Secret Recipe, Damansara Utama.

Recently Papa's car made noise again. At first the sound was "krung krung krung". Then on the day which we have a lot of things to do the sound changed to "KRANG KRANG KRANG". Very loud sound.  Like a metal rod being dragged along the road.

Haiz...don't know why. One thing after another. One expenses after another. Where to find more money? Pick from the tree or rob a bank?

That is how we end up at Secret Recipe. It's near the Workshop. The good news was we can get the car back within the same day. The bad can guess la.

We were in time for their Lunch promotion which consist of on main course of your choice and Ice Lemon Tea at RM15++.

Mamarazzi had Hot Lemon Tea. She was not feeling that well. She was sure she snap a photo of the lemon Tea but the photo seems to have "disappear". What a jinx.

Papa had something something Green Tea. I had a taste. Taste like milk.

Papa ordered Spaghetti.

He gave me. At first I refused and said "it's so dirty" coz I saw the dark color meat on top. I thought it's ahem ahem...

But the Papa pick out the noodle for me. Slurrrrppp...errr...not bad la. But the ones Papa made tastier.

Mamarazzi ordered Kids Meal for me. Mini Burgers. 

I sure had fun with my Kids Meal. I love the alphabet fries. I had two burgers, Papa had one and Mamarazzi had one as she didn't have much appetite.

I sure would love to have more of the alphabet fries. It's so yummy. 

Oh ya..when payment that time, we baru realised the plain water is not free. They charge 50sens a cup. Mamarazzi had a few cups of warm water as she was feeling chilly.

Don't worry. Mamarazzi is all better now. It was an onset of sore-throat.


  1. Hope you feel better by now, a speedy recovery and drink more H20 ya!

    The green tea drink looks nice leh... ROTFL at the poop poop on the spaghetti, you are such an incredibly imaginative boy!^-^

  2. wor...kesian mamarazi kurang sihat, need to take good care of her lor....and remind her to rest more and drink lots of fluids ya...

  3. for secret recipe, i will order their set, or else by default always the meatball spaghetti.. haha~~ :p

  4. om nom nom nom. more yummy food for your little boy. Omg I envy him so much. So young yet already get to enjoy life with Secret recipt, etc. XD hehe

  5. Oh haven't been to Secret Recipe for a long time! Too bad for you papa's car... :( Sure spend lots of $$$ every time go workshop

  6. Secret Recipe baru jer buka kat shopping centre dekat rumah I a few months ago.. best giler! Easy access to delicious cakes, etc BUT most importantly bila bila masa jer nak makan Nasi Lemak / Roti Canai, Secret Recipe 5 minit jer! Yayyy.

    PS get well soon k? xoxo

  7. I don't know Secret Recipe serves alphabet fries. Amanda loves their cheesy carbonara.

  8. hope u r feeling better now.

    so long did not eat in secret recipe. must find one day .....

  9. Thought how come SmallKucing's Papa's stomach make such strange krung krang noises when hungry..haha.

  10. Alice

    Much better already. Kena sore throat.

    biasa i love noodle leh but I see that noodle I cant help start to imagine hahahaha

  11. Angel Bear

    Thanks, Mamarazzi kena sore-throat. Much better already

  12. SOmewhere in Singapore

    I am 3 years old :D

  13. SK

    Set is much cheaper. But too bad tarak comes with toys :p *kiasu mode*.

    The 3pm tea time promo also very attractive. Buy 1 puece of cake get free drinks

  14. Isaac

    I bet your kids will be the same too when you have them :D

  15. Lenglui Witch

    SR environment was comfy lo. Nice place to wait while the Car is being fixed. Yup $$$ fly.

    Mamarazzi say when I grow up ask me open workshop wor. That's where the big money is from.

  16. Kimberly

    Uiks? Your side of the SR have roti canai ah? Taste like Msia punya or not?

  17. Caca

    Yup got alphabet Fries. Yummy.

  18. So cute the kids set! I love their americano cheesecake the most. :)

  19. The kids meal is fantastic, never knew this existed, probably my daughter was growing up, Secret Recipe was not in the picture.

    Am sure your boy must have enjoyed all the alphabets.

  20. Hey there!

    Wow, that is a tasty looking plate of Spaghetti! I could really have some right now. I will have Spaghetti first thing after my enrollment tomorrow!

    Hope the Mama Kucing gets better!

  21. :( These days semua pakai money... auntie's car oso buat hal oso

  22. Hi SK, sorry read about the car. I'm guessing its the exhaust pipe loose or rusted thru?
    Not sure what car you have, but I can imagine what you paid.
    Cars are like people, ha ha...sometimes have hiccups.
    Love the pics here. That boy of yours learning to live to eat, ha ha.
    Have a nice day.

  23. In Ipoh, the best cakes is still secret recipe.. other than that, starbucks and coffee bean.. very difficult to find good pastries here..

  24. Re Snowalk, no lar, the winter jacket wasn't smelly since they dried it under the hot sun!

    My boy actually scared of the super thick alien looking winter jacket, he was alright after I put him on his own jacket. (You can bring Joshua's from home)and my girl love the place to bits!^-^

  25. wow spaghetti!!! nak..nak..nak =D

  26. Hope your are ok!

    Eh, not morning sickness ah?

  27. Nava

    Now many restaurant is coming up with fancy kids meals

  28. Half Crazy

    Did you get to eat the spaghetti?

  29. Uncle Lee

    Guess it's the sound of $$ flying out...LOL

  30. Alice Law

    Ohh goody then e will go and kaypoh. I was scared the jacket smelly aje LOL

  31. Pete

    ish...not morning sickness la


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