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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Samseng Eats Durian

These few weeks, there are so many post about Durians. I also wanna post about my makan durian with Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence lah.

We went to tapau mixed rice from Restaurant Maxis in Subang Perdana. Auntie Florence saw got durian stall. She missed eating durian.

Thought of buying some durians but didn't bring plastic containers. The durians stall here normally do not have styrofoam box.

Mamarazzi ask the Taukeh of the Mixed Rice Stall in Restaurant Maxis to sell 3 styrofoam containers to us. He said no need to say sell. He can give free of charge and he did.

The Durian stall owner recognised Mamarazzi. They used to have open stall near the Tuesday Pasar Malam at Kota Damansara. The old place was "chup" by other people this year. Hence they shifted to Subang Perdana.

Gave this biji of durian Free for us to eat there. 

Ngap...ngap ..ngap...samseng style of eating durian. Cekik pinggang some more.

Oi! apa pandang-pandang! Never saw people eat durian like this ka?

Okay lo then I eat like this can or not? 

Uncle Patrick end up buying 3 biji of durian. They give one more biji of durian for RM1 to round up to RM50. 
The Styrofoam containers not enough to put in 3 durians. We end up bringing home two unopened durians. 

We love bitter tasting durians. Taste memang bitter but when we arrived home, we discovered got two strips not that ripe. Even the extra durian ganti which he throw in for RM1 also not much taste. Looks like someone will kena scolding from Mamarazzi lor...


  1. i don't like durian and anything to do with durian.. so you are training small kucing to be Durian King in the future?? haha.. :D

  2. durians....*drool*...angelbear will fly to KL again next week... =p

  3. Wah, memang ada gaya anakrazzi kau ni!

    Yalor, my husband also prefer bitter sweet durian, he claimed those sweet durians are all tipu one, bitter sweet baru ada OUM! =_=

  4. Not a fan of durian...but love durian desserts. The bitter durians are the authentic original ones. All our durians here are that type - from the jungle, growing wild. None of the kacukan ones...

  5. Eat so much durians... Later pang sai got durian smell :p

  6. I can eat durian until I get sick! My Quaylo said the taste is okay but he hated the after effect... don't burp in an enclosed area! YIK!!! but, that won't stop me from eating durian lor... LOL!

  7. Haha Makan durian pun ada style!

    Hope to buy durian this weekend. Hehe

  8. Worse thing is an unripe durian. Hai....

    Small kucing is one TRUE MALAYSIAN.

  9. Don't you dare burp while posting...can smell you half a mile away haha. Would love durians from the the fruit itself and not so much from styrofoam box.

  10. want to eat Durian lah but recently hot weather seem like not very "ngam" eat Durian wor, later heat come up!

  11. Me me...bitter durian too! Have u heard of 'fu kua'(bittergourd) durian. I havent try before but it's heavenly bitter...LOL!!

  12. wow durian...ho sik mo?? hehe ngo dou oi sik lau lin le, nak sikit !!!

  13. I love durian especially bitter and sweet type too. Yum..yum.

  14. Feel so envious seeing smallkucing savouring the durian. My Chloe won't even smell it! She will run far far away when she sees one :(

  15. u r menggoda-ing me!! gosh, tomorrow lunch must go and buy a few lah!

  16.'s durian season now ah. Indonesian durian not nice at all. I'm salivating already. Gwen is also a durian lover.

  17. Looks like your son is enjoying the durians.

  18. Looks like I got to bodek hb buys some durian soon. Hehe.

  19. LOL, Small Kucing looks very cute with the cekik pinggang style of eating! OOohh....I love those bitter sweet type of durians too and preferably with the small retarded looking seed type.

  20. SK

    Too bad Durian King without Orchard LOL

  21. Alice Law

    Eh...memang bitter one taste nicer la...yuuuuummmm

  22. STP

    Mamarazzi had durian bukit once before...wah lau eh....really stinks.

    Mamarazzi not fond of durian dessert coz most made in shop too sweet and fake.

    Preferred original durian....LOL

  23. Chris

    That is black forest durian cake LOL

  24. Che-Cheh

    Better get it fast.Durian season will be ending soon

  25. Ann

    Ya two strip not ripe...rugi

  26. Bananaz

    Blurp while posting never mind. Blurp in the car with air-cond on, die.

    Mamarazzi lazy to carry the whole durian home la. Ask them put in container easier.

  27. Choi Yen

    Drink a lot of coconut water and 100 plus lor

  28. Yee Ling

    Got fu kua durian meh? Never heard wor...will go and survey for it hahahaha

  29. Mars Mell-o

    Of course ho sik :D

  30. Shenny's Mommy

    Bitter sweet is the best!

  31. Chloe's Mommy

    I tasted durian when I was not 1 year old leh...yummm

  32. Claire

    That day Mamarazzi drooling at your durian post leh

  33. Mummy Gwen

    Yes durian season now...come back fast fast...maybe your rashes is due to not eating enough of durian leh...come back and eat

  34. Chee Yee

    Someone still owe you a bunch of durians right? :p

  35. Alice

    Ya lor ya lor...the bitter ones and the small seeds ones...yummmm


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